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5 Common Old Car Parts You Can Easily Reuse

old car parts

All of us find ourselves with an old beater here and there. You've loved a car for too many years to count, but the time comes when it won't run.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

You don't just want to junk it, though, and now you're looking for ways to put some of those old parts to use. Whether you want to sell them or keep them around for a time when they could be of use, there's got to be a part or two that can be salvaged from your old car.

We will go through some of the most useful old car parts that you can hang on to for later use.

old car parts

5 Common Old Car Parts You Can Reuse

Let's cover some parts that you can recycle if need be, too. Whether you have the knowledge to remove and reuse these parts yet, it'll be nice to know what you might do given the right tools and understanding.

As you'll see, knowing which common old car parts to reuse or recycle can do a big service to your community's environment. Car parts, especially tires, contribute to pollution and excessive waste.

Further, essentials like batteries and engine oil can be toxic to the environment if not disposed of thoughtfully. So, we'll go over some must-know information for the entry-level mechanic, home-fixer, or a person trying to repurpose their old, beloved vehicle.

Some of these might seem unusual, but keep an open mind and let's begin!

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1. Auto Glass

Have a cracked windshield? Instead of throwing out that old auto glass, you can take it in to be recycled. Many of us were told that glass was something best thrown away, but technology has advanced to a point where glass is easily recyclable.

If you're lucky, you might even find a facility that'll give you decent money for your old or damaged auto glass.

2. Water Pumps

Water pumps crucial components that often go forgotten. They're important, and they don't break down easily, meaning that you can remove the water pump from your beater and be relatively confident that it'll find a new life in another car.

Granted that your new car suits it, you shouldn't rule out your old water pump if you're looking for parts. If you need a new pump, though, many shops will take old pumps as a deposit on the part you're buying.

Even if you can't reuse the piece, it still holds value so don't rule it out.

how to sell a car for parts

3. Transmissions and Engines

Engines are often the most expensive thing to replace. They're also a little difficult to rework and replace.

If you have the knowledge, though, it's entirely possible that engine troubles can be managed without a full replacement. It's also likely that you can reuse an old engine or transmission.

Sizing and installation can be a little tricky, but that old engine can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. So, if you have a similar vehicle, don't rule out reusing the engine or transmission of your old vehicle.

Repurposed and repaired engines can even be more efficient than originals. While you may not do all the work yourself, consider taking the parts into a mechanic who could bring them back to life.

It'll save you money.

4. Engine Oil

Engine oil doesn't go away; it gets dirty and can't be used. As a result, it's essential that you dispose of your engine oil properly.

Many of us don't change our own oil, but it's likely that you do if you're thinking about removing and reusing old car parts. So, as you start down the path of working on and maintaining your own vehicles, don't improperly dispose of your oil.

When you put oil down the drain or pour it out in the soil, you can contribute to a lot of contamination and damage to water tables, contaminated streams, and rivers. These are real issues that can negatively affect the human and wildlife populations of your area.

When cleaned, engine oil can even be reused. It's crucial that you take your old engine oil to the proper collection center or speak with your mechanic about options for disposal.

old car parts

5. Scrap Metal, Batteries, Tires

Scrap metal can typically be melted down and turned into something useful again. Consider bringing your old metal parts to a junkyard where you might make a pretty penny.

Think about calling ahead, though, to make sure that you can dispose of or sell your specific parts at the local scrapyard. Common sellable items are door handles and rims.

Batteries are another component that is recyclable. In fact, almost 99 percent of car batteries are recycled in the United States. States have regulations requiring that shops recycle their batteries.

Batteries contain toxic materials that can be released and harm the environment. If you're unsure of where to recycle your car battery, speak with your mechanic.

Finally, the disposal of tires is a real issue in the United States. Each year, roughly 60 million tires are improperly disposed of. Burning tires is toxic for the air, soil, and water. Too many tires end up burnt or left on the side of the road.

Considering that tires contribute to a significant portion of the waste in America, it's important that you take old tires to a tire dealer or recycling center. Recycled tires are repurposed into rubberized asphalt that lines the country's roads.

Seem Like More Work Than It's Worth?

Instead of salvaging your old car parts, you might just want to put the job into someone else's hands. If this sounds like something you'd rather do, you're in luck.

You can sell your old beater and take out all the hassles of picking your vehicle apart and driving to various places to sell or recycle parts. Contact us or explore our site to learn more about getting some cash for your beater.

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