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2020 Explorer Transmission Problems: Hard Shifts Could Be an Issue!

2020 Explorer Transmission Problems

People who own 2020 Ford Explorers have reported a wide range of 2020 Explorer transmission problems, including hard shifting, jerking, and the need for total transmission replacement. It’s clear that the transmission has turned into one of the worst features found in the 2020 Ford Explorer.


In reality, the 2020 Ford Explorer hasn’t even been available for that long at this point. But unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped more than a few 2020 Explorer transmission problems from popping up. There are actually quite a few 2020 Ford Explorer owners who have taken to CarComplaints.com and VehicleHistory.com to complain about the transmission issues they’ve faced before reaching the 10,000 or 20,000-mile mark.


If you haven’t had to deal with any 2020 Explorer transmission problems just yet, you should consider yourself lucky. You should also keep your eyes peeled for problems since they could be taking a toll on you any day now. Learn more about the 2020 Ford Explorer and the various transmission problems that often come along with it below.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

An Overview of the 2020 Ford Explorer

Before Ford released the 2020 Explorer to the world, they overhauled the look and feel of it and gave it the biggest redesign that they’d given to an Explorer in about a decade. This helped to build a lot of buzz up around the 2020 Explorer and had everyone eagerly anticipating its release.


Once the 2020 Explorer officially hit the streets, that anticipation turned into excitement for a lot of the features found in the SUV. People loved the improved handling that the 2020 Explorer provided. They also loved things like the:

  • Large, spacious cabin
  • Standard safety and technological features
  • Added cargo space
  • Powerful engines

One thing that a lot of early 2020 Explorer owners most definitely didn’t like, though, was the extensive list of transmission problems. If you read through the consumer reviews that 2020 Explorer owners left for the SUV on VehicleHistory.com, you’ll find that people reported experiencing lots and lots of 2020 Explorer transmission problems.

The Transmission Found in the 2020 Ford Explorer

The people who purchased some of the first 2020 Explorers were able to choose from a few different engines for it. There was a turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost base engine capable of producing 300 horsepower. But there was also a turbocharged 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine capable of producing 365 horsepower and a hybrid powertrain with a 3.3-liter V6 engine coupled with an electric motor.


But regardless of which engine people decided to go with, all 2020 Ford Explorers came equipped with 10-speed automatic transmissions. And it’s these transmissions that started to force people to go toe-to-toe with 2020 Explorer transmission problems almost as soon as they started to drive around in their new Explorers. They’ve also become very common in many used 2020 Explorers over the last year.

The Most Common 2020 Explorer Transmission Issues

The good news for anyone who either owns a 2020 Explorer or is thinking about buying one sometime soon is that there haven’t been that many 2020 Explorer transmission problems reported since the SUV first came out. But there are some potentially troubling trends that have started to appear in terms of the transmission issues in 2020 Explorers.


This suggests that we could see a whole host of other 2020 Explorer transmission problems pop up in the not-too-distant future. It might not be long before almost everyone who drives around in a 2020 Explorer on a daily basis needs to have some kind of work done to their SUV. Keep reading to find out more about some of the potential problems you might face in a 2020 Explorer.

1. Hard Shifts

Of all the different 2020 Explorer transmission problems that we’re going to discuss here, this one is easily the most prevalent. One 2020 Explorer owner after another has complained about the hard shifting that seems to come standard when you drive in this particular SUV.


One upset 2020 Explorer owner took to CarComplaints.com to sound off on this issue. They wrote: “Hard transmission shifts on my 2020 Explorer at under 10,000 miles…Every time it shifts, you would spill a drink if you were holding it.” They suggested that their dealer told them this issue might be tied to a problem with their transmission oil cooler line.


A 2020 Explorer owner expressed a similar complaint on VehicleHistory.com. They wrote: “Transmission was shifting weirdly. Returned it to the shop and they replaced the transmission oil cooler line…I feel like I am driving a 20-year-old car with a worn transmission.”


They later added: “Please save yourself…and don’t buy this car.”

How Can I Fix This 2020 Explorer Transmission Problem?

As both of the 2020 Explorer owners that we just mentioned said in their complaints, the hard shifting that you’ll find in some 2020 Explorers is most likely due to an issue with the transmission cooler line. This is a relatively quick and easy fix that should cost less than $300.


But the bigger issue here is that this problem seems to set in for many 2020 Explorer owners almost as soon as they pull off the lot. The problem also doesn’t seem to go away completely once the transmission cooler line is replaced. Many people say that the hard shifting issue continues to linger and that Ford dealers don’t appear to know how to eliminate it altogether.

2. Unpredictable Jerking

As if the hard shifting in 2020 Explorer wasn’t enough, there are also lots of 2020 Explorer owners who have experienced issues with their transmissions jerking. This is another big problem because it could eventually lead to a 2020 Explorer driver being involved in a bad accident if they’re not careful.


Just like with the hard shifting issue, the jerking for many 2020 Explorer owners has started shortly after they purchased their SUVs. One unlucky 2020 Explorer owner said that they had barely put any tread on their tires when their transmission began showing signs of trouble.


This 2020 Explorer owner went on VehicleHistory.com and wrote: “The transmission jerks and is having problems with less than 5K miles on it…This vehicle looks good but is actually terrible after having it for 7 months. I want to get out of it already. Waste of money!”

How Can I Fix This 2020 Explorer Transmission Problem?

If you notice that your 2020 Explorer’s transmission is jerking on you, the best course of action to take is usually to try and have the transmission fluid in it flushed. A transmission fluid flush will only run you about $200 at most dealerships, and that should clear up the problem.


But you should know that a jerking transmission can also be a sign of a more serious problem that could call for you to make costly repairs. You’re going to want to have a mechanic do a little more digging around if a transmission fluid flush doesn’t do the trick—and that could end up costing you a pretty penny if you’re not careful!

3. Dead Transmission

When you feel your transmission hard shifting or jerking, it’s obviously not going to be ideal. These are two of the most frustrating 2020 Explorer transmission problems. But this next problem that we’re going to touch on is the worst issue of the bunch!


There are, unfortunately, a whole lot of 2020 Explorer owners who have reported their transmissions dying on them and having to be replaced. They’re jumped on sites like VehicleHistory.com and said things like:

  • “Avoid this mistake. Transmission failed at 6,700 miles”
  • “Horrible. Less than 6K miles and the transmission goes out! Left me stranded.”
  • “They’re telling me the transmission is shot and I’m out of a truck for two months until parts come in. Ford, what is it your company is gonna do to rectify this serious problem?”

As of right now, it doesn’t feel like Ford has a clear-cut solution for dealing with these 2020 Explorer transmission problems. But it’s clearly something that should be a concern for anyone who has a 2020 Explorer.

How Can I Fix This 2020 Explorer Transmission Problem?

The only thing that you’re going to be able to do if you have a 2020 Explorer with a dead transmission in it is replace it. You should be able to have Ford put a new transmission into your old one’s place under warranty.


But what is going to happen if the transmission in your 2020 Explorer dies on you down the line when your warranty is no longer valid? You could be staring down the barrel of a $5,000+ bill before long!


If the transmission in your 2020 Explorer goes on you and you don’t have a warranty to cover transmission replacement, you’ll find yourself in a tough spot. You’ll either have to replace the transmission or possibly get rid of your car and buy a new one.

More Common 2020 Explorer Problems

Ideally, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any of the 2020 Explorer transmission problems that we just broke down for you. Many 2020 Explorer owners are yet to see any signs of them.


But even if you don’t have any trouble with your 2020 Explorer’s transmission, there are also going to be some other 2020 Explorer problems that will need to be on your radar. Just like the transmission troubles, they could also force you to make expensive repairs to your SUV in the future.


Here are some of the most common 2020 Explorer problems:

  • Trouble with the braking system
  • Electrical issues that affect some of the safety features like pre-collision assist and blind spot detection
  • Loud sloshing sounds coming from the fuel tank
  • Failure in the steering system

All of these problems have made some people wary when it comes to buying a 2020 Explorer. You might want to think twice about doing it. You might also want to think twice before keeping a 2020 Explorer if you’ve started to experience even minor issues with it.

2020 Ford Explorer Recalls

After hearing about all of the different 2020 Explorer problems that exist, you shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that there have been a handful of recalls that Ford has put out for the SUV. In fact, there have been almost a dozen of them in total.


Check out some of the recalls for the 2020 Explorer that you should know about below:

  • Ford has discovered that the protective sleeve placed on the vapor fuel line in the 2020 Explorer may chafe with the plastic liquid fuel line and cause a leak. They have offered to install longer protective sleeves to stop this from happening
  • Ford has found that some of the seatbelts in the rear center seat in the 2020 Explorer might not be assembled properly. They have said that they will replace these assemblies free of charge
  • Ford has seen that the air conditioning pulley in the 2020 Explorer might rub right through the wiring harness insulation and come into direct contact with the unfused battery positive wire and cause a short circuit. They have agreed to add tie straps to the wire hardness to prevent this from occurring

Thus far, there have not been any recalls issued because of the 2020 Explorer transmission problems. But that could change in the future, which is why you should keep an eye on the list of recalls for the SUV.

Should You Pay to Have 2020 Explorer Transmission Problems Fixed?

If you’re a big fan of the 2020 Explorer and everything that it brings to the table, you might be able to overlook the different 2020 Explorer transmission problems. You might pay to have them fixed and be on your way.


But the big issue with each of these problems is that they seem to set in early in many 2020 Explorers—and they don’t seem to go away in a hurry! This could leave you trying to fix 2020 Explorer transmission problems over and over again. It could lead to you becoming very frustrated before long.


Rather than fighting an uphill battle with the transmission troubles in 2020 Explorers, you should consider selling your SUV and moving on to a different one. Cash Cars Buyer will gladly buy your 2020 Explorer from you and assume any of the risk associated with buying an SUV with a shaky transmission in it.


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