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10 Transmission Problems You Cannot Ignore

transmission problems

The transmission repair market is set to grow to 233.7 billion by 2022. The transmission is a significant part of the operation of your car, and this leads to transmission problems being a common problem.

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You might have transmission problems and not even realize it. Ignoring them will lead to major damage and expensive repairs.

So save yourself a lot of money and headache and read through this list of signs that you have transmission problems.

transmission problems

1. Can't Switch Gears

If you're driving and your car struggles to switch gears, then it's most likely a transmission problem. This can be caused by low transmission fluid. Or if you just had the fluid changed, the wrong type of fluid could have been put in.

2. Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from your car is never good. If you've ruled out other possible burning smells, it could be the transmission overheating. If your transmission fluid is old or burning, then you'll smell it.

You'll need to have the fluid replaced and find the cause of the overheating. When your transmission fluid gets contaminated with debris and sludge, you risk it breaking down. This breaking down process is what then causes your transmission to overheat, which then causes the burning smell.

Vibration When Braking

3. Noises When in Neutral

Your car shouldn't make a lot of noise when it's in neutral. This is when there should be no strain on the engine, so if there are strange noises, there's a problem.

At best, you'll find out that you need to replace the oil. At worst, you'll face a costly repair because that noise was mechanical wear of the transmission components.

4. Gear Slippage

You expect your car to switch from one gear to the next securely. It's alarming and unnerving when your transmission switches into the next gear, but then randomly and impulsively slips out of place. It's even more jarring when it then moves back into place.

Having this happen while you're on the road, driving is hazardous. Your car is performing in unpredictable ways. Pressing on the gas while your car slips in and out of gear can cause the vehicle to lurch and potentially hit someone. If you need to maneuver while the transmission is slipped out, there's no power going to the wheels.

transmission problems

5. The Clutch Drags

Your clutch is what allows your transmission to switch from one gear to the next. The clutch disk needs to disengage from the flywheel when you press on the clutch in the car. Or the car should automatically have this motion happen when driving.

If the clutch fails to disengage, then it will drag. This will cause grinding of the gears.

6. Fluid Leaking

Fluid should never leak from your car, from the transmission or anywhere else. It's a closed system, unlike your engine oil that is open. The fluid in your transmission should never leak.

Luckily, leaking transmission fluid is one of the easiest to identify. If you see bright red or green fluid under your car, take a whiff, transmission fluid is sweet-smelling.

transmission problems

7. Check Engine Light on

The check engine light on your dash isn't there to just look pretty. This little light can indicate several things, one of which is a problem with your transmission. If the check engine light comes on in your car, take it in to get checked.

Keep in mind that for some cars, there's a separate light for the engine and the transmission. If your check engine light comes on, you still need to get it addressed, but it probably isn't your transmission. If the transmission light comes on, you need to have it diagnosed by a professional.

8. Grinding and Shaking

This is a problem that happens in automatic transmissions more often than manual. You'll feel a grinding or shaking happen when the car tries to switch gears.

That grinding you're feeling could be the transmission struggling to shift into gear. So instead of a smooth transition, the gear grinds a bit first. This will wear down the teeth on the gear and cause your car to not run.

9. Humming Sounds

If you hear a weird humming or whining sound, this is a sign that something is wrong with your transmission. These sounds may be tricky to notice, identify, or single out. The best method is to periodically turn down the radio and really listen to your vehicle.

If you hear a sound that you've never heard before, then get concerned. It's best to have your car checked out and describe the sound that you're hearing.

Symptoms of engine tapping
Symptoms of engine tapping

10. No Response

If your car isn't changing gears, then your transmission isn't working. This issue tends to happen most often when you try to shift the car from park to drive. It could be that your car leaked, and you didn't notice; now, your transmission has no fluid and won't shift.

Another possible cause is that the computer system has a glitch. It could be sending a faulty signal or no signal at all. A third possibility is that the shift cables are broken or disconnected.

Your mechanic will work their way through your vehicle to locate the problem.

Address your Transmission Problems

If you experience any of these problems, then you need to have your transmission problems addressed ASAP. If you choose to ignore them, you're asking for bigger problems later on.

Eventually, your transmission will break down totally, and it'll need replacement. The cost of replacement may not be worth it, and then you'll face replacing the entire car. If the transmission problems aren't worth fixing on your vehicle, then contact us today, and we'll give you cash for your car.

Contact our team today and find out what your is worth.

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