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5 Warning Dashboard Lights Never to Ignore

As you use your vehicle more and more, the car undergoes its typical wear and tear, as with anything that's used over time.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

However, sometimes there are some incidents that happen with your car that aren't chalked up to the normal wear and tear. No… these are much more serious.

While everyone's guilty of shrugging off a dashboard light or two during their time, there are certain ones that should never be ignored. Unless, of course, you enjoy being stuck on the side of the highway with no help.

Here are 5 such dashboard lights that you need to be aware of and hustle to the nearest shop as soon as they come on.

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1. Battery Alert

As soon as the battery light comes on to your dashboard, it's a sign that things are going to turn south very shortly.

When shining, the battery light indicates that your car's battery is having trouble charging. That means that your car is relying solely on the current power the battery has left in it; once that's up, your car will stop functioning.

This could be for any number of reasons…

First off, and most likely, your battery is old and needs to be replaced. While it's never convenient and costs around $50-$150 to replace, it is a quick fix.

Secondly, if the battery light comes on and stays on while you're in transit, it means that there's a problem with the alternator belt.

Lastly, there could be a bad case of corrosion that's gathered on your battery's terminals and can be the lead cause of your batter not starting or properly charging.

If your car is making slow cranking when you turn the ignition, it's a good indication that corrosion is your lead cause.

No matter what the problem ends up being, any dilemma to your battery should be checked out immediately by a professional.

Car Battery Date Code

2. Engine Warning Alert

This one is obvious, but the engine warning light is probably the dashboard light you can least afford to ignore.

Anytime that yellow light comes on in the shape of an engine, take it to your trusted auto mechanic as soon as possible.

The problem is that an engine warning light can mean several different problems could be going on. Once one thing starts to go on your engine, so does everything else… it comes in waves.

Common issues may be that your oxygen sensor needs to be swapped out, your catalytic converter may need upgrading, perhaps your spark plugs need to be exchanged.

It could also be as simple as your gas cap is loose or unplugged from the car.

You'll never know until you have it checked out… do that right away!

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3. Antilock Brake Alert

You may have never known this, but your brakes stop your tires in a certain way to keep you from skidding when you hit them too quickly.

Most people naturally slam on the brakes as hard as they can, the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) stops the wheels from entirely stopping and thus keeping its traction enough to stop the car from swiveling.

When the ABS light comes on in your dashboard, it means there's an issue with the system that needs to be addressed.

Should you choose to ignore this light, you'll be susceptible to skidding off the road the next time you need to slam on your brakes and avoid hitting something. Seeing as that's not something you want to leave to chance, it's better to get fixed ASAP.

4. Oil Alert

Having clean motor oil is essential for the health of your car's engine, it keeps all of the gears and assets of your engine cooled down and stops the pieces from grinding together.

Contrary to popular belief, that oil light on your dashboard isn't just a friendly reminder to change the oil in your car whenever it's convenient.

It means there's a legitimate issue with the oil in your car. It may mean that your car is either completely out of oil or that there's a problem with the oil pressure in your engine.

Either way, it means oil isn't reaching the essential parts of your car engine. That means that the gears and pumps in the engine are rubbing up against each other without a lubricant.

If you choose to ignore that, you'll have to pay to replace your engine entirely at some point. Which may bring you to find a company that will give you cash for your car.

If your engine oil turns black

5. Airbag Indicator

Depending on the severity of the crash, the only thing stopping your head from hitting the dashboard is your car's airbags.

If your airbag light comes on, it means there's a problem with one of the airbags within your car's system.

Should you choose to ignore that, they won't go off properly (or possibly at all) at the time that you need them most.

Be preventative about this and get your airbags checked right away.

Don't Ignore Your Dashboard Lights Any Longer

Simply put, not prioritizing the warning that your dashboard lights are giving you means you're jeopardizing your safety in the future.

That may mean your car stops working entirely and lead to a difficult decision on what to do with it far sooner than you were expecting.

Maybe your car has just reached the point of no return already, and it's making more sense to consider selling it.

If that's your situation, be sure to check out this article on how to get the best price for your car.

Receive an instant offer right away by giving us more information on your vehicle via our online quote page. We look forward to servicing you further!

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