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Where Do I Sell My Car?

Where Does My Junk Car Go After I Sell It?

When it comes to selling your car, you have choices. From selling your vehicle online, to attracting a private buyer, you can definitely sell that gently used, damaged, totaled or wrecked vehicle. But it becomes a matter of selling it to the right person, and making a profit from the sale. So, what do you do? 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️


For that question of “Where Do I Sell My Car?” The answer is: Cash Cars Buyer! With over a decade of junk car buying experience, we offer fair market value, as well as a host of “FEE-FREE” services. You’ll be able to sell your car and see money in a matter of days, not weeks! Just begin the process of entering your junk car’s information. Once done, you’ll see an instant offer on your car, in a matter of minutes! 


We Buy All Makes and Models! Sell Your Car Fast!  

Whether you have a great old SUV that you no longer drive, or a broken-down van that is on its last wheel, we will purchase it and pay you fair market value for it. You can count on us to be: 

  • Fair- we pay fair market value on all cars! 
  • Honest- forget the games, schemes and scams. We aren’t about that life! 
  • Experienced- we’ve been buying cars for over ten years now! 
  • Helpful- Whether you are not sure what documents to have ready, or need to know what you need to sign, we can assist! 

So, get an instant offer on your car and know exactly what your car is worth! 


What Is the Best Site to Sell A Car?

When it comes to selling a car, you have to get with the online culture we live in. Just about everything can be sold and bought online, and a car is no exception. So, what are some of the best sites where you can sell a car? Let’s check out a few! 


Craigslist is a site that charges a $5.00 fee to list a car for sale. You will also have to take the time to take and upload clear and sharp photos. And don’t forget the description you have to write about your car. Finally, be sure that potential buyers can reach you. Whether it be through email or a phone, you have to have a way folks can ask you about the car. 

Car Gurus 

Car Gurus offers paperwork assistance, verified buyers and other services that help car buyers sell their cars. And although the listing is free, you will need to pay a fee of $99 when the vehicle sells.

Facebook Marketplace 

According to Facebook: “You can use your phone to list your own vehicle for sale on Marketplace. To make it easy for people to find your listing, you can include details like the year, make, model, transmission, mileage and vehicle type. Once your vehicle is listed on Marketplace, people can message you to learn more about it.”  You also have the potential to reach local as well as regional buyers too. 


Cash Cars Buyer! 

For the best and fastest way to sell your car, the choice is a simple one: Cash Cars Buyer! Think of having the buyer “built right in”! You can visit our website, and receive a FREE online instant offer on your vehicle, in a matter of minutes! Forget the fees too, because we are “FEE-FREE”! You never have to pay us anything, to list your car with us! 

We also offer FREE car removal too!  Just obtain your offer, and let’s get that car sold FAST! 

We buy: 

  • Classic cars 
  • Cars that no longer run 
  • Vans that are sitting on two or three wheels
  • SUVs, trucks and hatchbacks that have rust for days and more! 

No matter the condition, year, make or model, you are entitled to receive an instant offer and sell your car quickly, efficiently and conveniently! 

Where I Can Sell My Car Fast?

Cash Cars Buyer is the safest, quickest, most effective as well as efficient way to sell your car fast. We'll give you money for your used, damaged, totaled or wrecked car. Whether you have a car that is close to being new, running or not. We'll work to determine fair market of your car, based on its year, make, model and condition. You won’t find a better service than ours! 


Where Can I Sell My Car for Best Price?

Whether it’s a junk car, or a car that once belonged to a loved one who has passed, you can confidently sell your car, knowing that you will receive a fair price, coupled with FREE services! 

Selling a car or getting rid of a wrecked vehicle shouldn’t be a time-consuming task or even a major expense. And you shouldn’t be stuck with an old clunker due to financial strain. Cash Cars Buyer is the best place to junk your old clunker, of that great used car – quickly and easily. We take away the hassle and haggling that you may get at other places. 

Additionally, our final offers are guaranteed and as good as etched in stone. They won’t change and you’ll know exactly what you will receive once it’s time to pay you!  With our advanced system or fair market pricing, we are able to ensure that every offer is accurate as well as fair, to you as well as us. And if you like what you see, we’ll come to your home, appraise your car and pay you on the spot—all in the next 24-72 hours! 


Getting 500 For My Car – “Is this Possible?” 

Seeking $500 for your junk car? You may receive that as well as more.  With our state-of-the-art pricing tools, we are able to view the full merit of call cars, ensuring the best possible offer for YOU, no matter when you are ready to sell! 

When wanting $500 for your junk car, it’s important to look at the full condition of your car. You may want to ask yourself questions such as: 

  • What’s the year, make and model of my car? 
  • How much does my car weigh? 
  • What is the current price of scrap metal
  • Does my car run? 
  • How much damage does my car have? 
  • Do I have the title to my car? 

The better your car’s condition, the closer you are, to getting that $500. Click here to see where you stand, regarding your car’s value. Then, call us so that we can make an appointment to come and pick up your ride, FAST! 

How We Buy Cars for FAST Money, Nationwide

Instead of working with local junk yards, private buyers, or even scrap yards Cash Cars Buyer, has a network of car buying agents, all over the country. This allows us immediate access to the latest computer systems and networks. Additionally, we can get to you in a matter of hours to days – not weeks or months. 


You can count on us to deliver prompt, courteous service. From the “Big Apple” to the “Great Lakes” and the West, we can visit your location, appraise your car and pay you right then and there! 


Lots of times, junkyards will buy your car, but your bottom line is very little. Unfortunately, lots of junkyards use methods and tactics to scare as well as scam sellers. You may receive one offer on your car early on, but that offer is lessened by hundreds, later. This “bait and switch” scheme is “alive and well.” 


Additionally, selling to a dealership may prove to be difficult too. As you attempt to “jump through” hoops, you may find that you made no money, selling your vehicle. 


Private buyers may say they are interested in your car. But when it comes to buying it, they may change their minds, leaving your hopes dashed, and that old car still sitting in your driveway. 


Cash Cars Buyer, formed, to take the guesswork, hassles, frustration, stress and price-haggling out of selling an old, used, or junk car. We have such a “fine-tuned’ method of buying cars, that you’ll wonder why you even called around to anyone or anywhere else! 


Sell Your Car to The Experienced Buyers! 

Sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, a licensed, bonded and insured car buying company, that is interested in treating you fairly and respectfully! 

“Do You Buy Classic Cars?” & FAQ 

I have a great used car but no longer drive. Will you buy it?
We sure will! For that great used car, there is an offer to be made! Click here to get your quote now! 


I lost the title to my car. Will you still buy it? 

We sure will! In many cases, not having the title to your car is not a problem. We buy cars with no title- and we just may buy yours! So, in this instance of the lost title, we ask that you have both your car registration as well as picture ID for the sale of your vehicle. Click here to obtain your instant offer on your car, NOW! 


Do you buy classic cars? 

Keeping up a classic car can be expensive. So, once you decide that it’s time you part ways with that old vintage ride, obtain your offer on it, then call us, so that we can arrange for its pickup and your payout! 


Why are you the best choice for selling my car online? 

Think of having a buyer, “built right in”! There’s no need for you to post an ad, and hope that someone will see your car online. Visit our website to receive a FREE offer, online! You can even read the latest and greatest automotive news too


For that “Where Do I Sell My Car?” problem, let Cash Cars Buyer be the solution. We offer fair market value on all makes and models, as well as a host of “FEE-FREE” services! CLICK HERE to get a FREE online quote for your car and let us turn that old car into cool cash, FAST

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