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Where Can I Get a Free Car Battery Test in Los Angeles, CA? Test That Car Battery Regularly! 

Where Can I Get a Free Car Battery Test in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you have an SUV, sedan or even a pickup truck- you need a good working battery for your vehicle. With that battery, comes the need for a battery test. Thankfully, there are several places in Los Angeles that provide a free vehicle battery test. While we offered you the best methods for selling your car in California, we’re now ready to offer you some great places you can get a free car battery test in L.A! 

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The Best Vehicle Battery Brands for 2021 – Where Can I Get a Free Car Battery Test in Los Angeles, CA

As a vehicle owner, there are times in which you can cut corners. But when it comes to buying a vehicle, you certainly don’t want to skimp on quality. So, what are some of the best car battery brands for 2021? Check out some of our picks and see if you agree! 

Optima 8004-003

Seen by industry experts as one of the best car batteries ever made, the Optima 8004-003 offers owners sustainability, endurance and high performance. Why is this battery so awesome in the eyes of many? This particular battery is known to offer power to a vehicle in little to no time. The battery also features 800 cranking amps for dead or even cold batteries. The battery is also best for any kind of vehicle- including SUV, motorbikes, sedans, crossovers and the like. Although it comes with some great qualities, it is worth noting that it comes with a charger in ranges between 13.8V and 15V. Known for giving you up to about 13 hours of power, the batteries also come with an alternator too! 


XS Power High Output D6500

The D6500 is a high output battery, that is a part of the XS Series from the XS Power battery line. While this battery offers 12V alongside 3900 amperages, the battery also features a terminal bolt, M6. If you’re looking for safety, then this battery is a sure thing. The battery is also tightly sealed as well as spill proof.  Regardless of the mounting design that your vehicle may have, you can mount this D6500 vehicle battery in a variety of positions. Another plus of this battery? It’s is very resistant to road bumps and vibrations. 



If you’re in need of a vehicle battery that’s maintenance free and offers spill-proof technology, then turn your sights to the ACDelco ACDB24R. This battery also features valve regulated technology as well as a gas recombinant and valve regulated technology. You can also find   calcium positive as well as negative plates in this battery too. While some of the cons of this particular brand of vehicle battery include non-resistance to vibrations and tiny non-standard terminals, the battery does indeed deliver three times better a life cycle, compared to its conventional counterparts. 


“Alright-So, Where Can I get a Free Vehicle Battery Test in Los Angeles, CA?” 

Check out a few places that offer a free battery test in L.A! 

O'Reilly Auto Parts Los Angeles, CA #3058, 7224 Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90044

Known for amazing car care and the best car parts, you can obtain a free car battery test at this O'Reilly Auto Parts. Their battery testing is not only free, but complete, comprehensive and detailed.  So, you will know what kind of shape your battery is in, in no time! Vehicle battery testing is a fast as well as straightforward procedure at O'Reilly. The experts there can perform your battery test in their store or in the parking lot with an O’Reilly Parts Professional. Afterward, you will be able to determine if your vehicle’s battery is bad. And if it is, no worries. You’ll have your pick of some quality brands to replace it with. You can call (323) 750-2372 for more information, or you can just click here


AutoZone Auto Parts Los Angeles #5220, 162 S Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004 

Not only can you receive a quality and free battery test at this AutoZone on Vermont Avenue, but if your car battery needs a charge, you can get it here too. Known for stellar service and amazing car care, your L.A. AutoZone also offers a large selection of new car batteries, from some of the most amazing vehicle battery companies. AutoZone also offers windshield wipers, motor oil and even curbside pickup. You can call (213) 736-0472, or just click here to get more information! 

Full Service Automotive 1787 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Looking for a fast and easy free car battery test that will tell you whether or not you need a new car battery? Then look no further than Full Service Automotive. Located on Highland Avenue, they offer free battery testing, as well as a host of other battery-related services. With complete auto care under one roof, you can work with the experienced techs at Full Service Automotive, and get your car running again in no time. Call (323) 462-2764 for more information. Or you can click here to read their reviews and find out more! 

The only way to prevent unwanted vehicle battery debacles and surprises, is to have that car battery tested regularly. There’s nothing worse than being stranded with a car battery that fails to work. Your car battery is perhaps one of the most overlooked vehicle components ever. The battery offers your vehicle the power and juice it needs, to get up and running, after you stick your key into that ignition, or crank it up with your key fob. If you don’t have a fully functional car battery, then you’re not going anywhere! Just about everything from your lights to the engine in your vehicle, is dependent on that vehicle battery. 

“How Long Should my Car Battery Last?” 

Typically, most car batteries can last for up to three years. But there are some car batteries that have been known to last in a car much longer- up to six years- before requiring a replacement. 

“How Do I Know My Battery Needs to be Replaced?” – Where Can I Get a Free Car Battery Test in Los Angeles, CA

Check out some signs that it may be time to replace your battery. 

  1. You have to keep removing corrosion around the terminals. 
  2. You have a difficult time starting your car. 
  3. The vehicle battery’s case has morphed into a different shape than its conventional “box” look. 

So, get that battery tested ASAP- and keep your vehicle in working order! 

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