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What Is the Boost Button In An Electric Vehicle, And What Does It Do?

What Is the Boost Button In An Electric Vehicle

If you're new to the world of electric vehicles, you might wonder what the boost button in an electric vehicle and what does it do? This button gives your car a jolt of speed and power for a couple of seconds, but you have to use this button at the right time during certain conditions on the road.

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Electric vehicles are spreading the public roads nationwide. These vehicles are great innovations that brought tons of new technologies to the automobile industry that we've never seen before.

There are many things to learn about electric vehicles, and not everyone knows the ins and outs of these vehicles. So every day, we learn about new techniques and how to utilize the best technologies added to these vehicles as much as possible.

The boost button is one of the coolest features added to certain electric vehicles. So, what is this boost button, and what does it do in electric vehicles?

This article will provide all the details to help you get familiar with this button and identify the perfect and ideal situations where you can use it to take full advantage of it.

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What is the boost button in an electric car, and what does it do?

Interestingly, boost buttons are not new to electric vehicles. They've been around for a long time, and some car brands have these buttons to provide additional boosts of energy and cool feature to these vehicles. Typically, you'll see the boost button in specific performance cars like the Hyundai Elantra and.

The idea of a boost button is to give your car an additional jolt of speed and energy to help your vehicle run faster for a few seconds. Remember that this button does not last forever, so you must enjoy these seconds and use them at the right time before your vehicle is again prepared for another energy boost.

According to experts, the boost button will provide you with the required extra energy for up to 10 seconds only. However, the performance of the boost button might be different from one vehicle and one brown to another.

For example, if you engage the boost button in a regular electric vehicle, you'll still get some energy, but this boost in energy will not be as big and as good as the sport electric vehicles.

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Does the boost button Impact the electric car range?

Before we answer this question, we must understand the car range in general. Typically, electric vehicles ride and run for a specific distance depending on how much charge is in the battery.

After you run out of charge, you are the eligible vehicle will stop; therefore, you have to consider the electric charge as how much gasoline you have in your normal gasoline vehicle.

Therefore, as a driver, you understand what the electric car range or distance is your vehicle can run without needing a second charge.

When we hear about the boost button, the first thing that comes into mind is that the button will utilize most of the energy, and it will significantly impact your electric vehicle range. But, interesting Lee, automotive experts found that there is no huge difference in your vehicle range when you use the boost button.

It's simply because manufacturers understand the challenge in car range and do not provide you with a continuous boost that could kill the range; instead, it allows your car to take some time until it's ready again to provide this boost.

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Do all EVs have a boost button?

No. Not all electric vehicles have that boost button. According to experts, the only vehicle with the boost button is the 2023 Genesis GV 60. Interestingly, this vehicle is considered a luxury car which is not something we would expect to have a boost button. Still, it seems like the company is planning to surpass all competitors with this great energy boost addition.

In this vehicle, by engaging the boost button, drivers can go from 429 horsepower up to 483! This is a massive increase in energy, and it means a lot to your vehicle's horsepower when you engage this button. According to experts, by utilizing this boost button, the 2023 genesis G V60 can match the energy provided by the Tesla model 3.

Although only one vehicle is equipped with this button, we expect to see more and more as other competitors notice this create features and add to their vehicles in the coming years.

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How can I find the boost button in my EV?

You can find a boost button on the steering wheel, typically next to your right thumb, if you've never seen a boost button.

Did you know that gasoline vehicles also have a boost button?! Yes! You also can find this boost button on the right side of your steering wheel.

Since drivers are familiar with the location of the boost button next to the driver's right thumb, we're expecting that future manufacturers who will incorporate their boost button will place it in the same location considering the familiarity.

When it's recommended to use the EV button?

The boost button sounds like a great idea and adds a ton of energy to your vehicle. However, are you recommended to use it at any time? Are there any things to consider before engaging this button? Let's take a look below at what automotive experts recommend:

1.    Highways

Typically, automotive experts recommend using the boost button only on the highways when the allowed speed is very high. This way, you're not going to be worried about going higher than the required speed limit, which gets you into problems.

You got understand the amount of energy you are Bruce button will add to your vehicle, and you must consider how much boost will give your car based on your current speed, so you don't go over the allowed speed limits even on the highways.

2.    Not in traffic

Even if you decide to enjoy the boost button on the highways, you got to pick your time and location. For example, if the highway is packed and there are many drivers everywhere, it might not be ideal to use this button because it could get you into major car crashes.

However, if you realize that your lane doesn't have many cars, you might consider using this button, but you must be careful about the other drivers who might change lanes and get to your lane.

3.    Not on city roads

Considering all that could go wrong when engaging the boost button, you never recommended using this button on city roads or when there are a lot of stop-and-go situations. If you decide to use it, there's a very high chance that you can get into a major car crash, which does not only impact your safety but also impacts other people's safety driving around you

Is it a good time to switch to an electric car?

Considering the great features that you will achieve from driving your electric vehicle, many people are wondering if it's the best time now to switch to an electric car or not.

There are several reasons why you should consider buying an electric car nowadays, including:

1.    Tax credits

The first thing you will enjoy is that when you purchase an analytic vehicle, there are tons of tax incentives that you can get when buying this vehicle. And then the day, you can claim a lot of money in your end-of-year tax returns.

We cannot find this everywhere, and you will not enjoy it if you're buying a gasoline car. However, keep in mind that you understand that not every electric vehicle is allowed for certain types of tax credits, and you get to research whether your favorite vehicle is included in the list.

2.    The inflation reduction act

In addition to the known electric vehicles that are qualified for tax credits, the new inflation reduction act signed a couple of days ago also encourages buying electric vehicles by increasing the pool of allowed cars for this tax incentive. If you don't already know, you might claim up to $7500 in your tax return for buying an electric car.

3.    California and Washington banning gasoline cars by 2035

Another important reason you should consider considering electric vehicles is the newly signed policy for banning gasoline car production in California and Washington by 2035.

While the date might sound too far, it's not because if you think about it now. Although you are planning to buy a new vehicle, chances are that you will keep it for over ten years. By that time, you'd better be familiar with the different types of electric vehicles and what to understand about them so you can use these ears to learn more about electric vehicles.

Remember that gasoline vehicles in California do not mean you cannot drive or buy a used car. It's only focusing on producing new gasoline vehicles, and it will typically require manufacturers to start producing electric vehicles by 2026, which is not too far from today.

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4.    Protect the environment

When you're planning to switch to an electric vehicle, you're doing a huge favor to the environment and to people living in its spirit by reducing the number of driven gasoline cars, reducing the amount of produced harmful emissions that typically makes the air quality very bad and kills people in certain areas.

Therefore, if it starts from one person at a time, we'll see a huge difference. Then, we can all work together to protect the environment and reduce the emissions produced by these automobile industries.

5.    Cool experience

The other thing to consider is that driving an electric vehicle will not be the same experience as driving a gasoline car. So, it looked at vehicles with great technologies that make your driving experience extremely fun.

Many upgrades are coming out, and things you can do through your phone to enjoy your car and be as connected as possible.

6.    Save money

Also, investing in an electric car might sound expensive at the beginning, but long term, experts confirmed that it's cheaper to own an electric car than a gasoline vehicle. When you're driving an electric car, you don't need to worry about expensive maintenance or frequent maintenance like leave oil changes or other types of things that you will need to do in your gasoline car but not in an electric vehicle.

That's why it is a wise investment and buying an electric vehicle and get as familiar as possible. However, we still recommend that you understand the mean pros and cons of each vehicle because every vehicle is different, and some of them might go bad and break faster than others which means it will take you some research to understand which perfect car you should choose for your own goals and needs.

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Final thoughts

Electric vehicles provide many great features that we've never seen before in any gasoline car. One of the coolest features introduced to the EVs is the boost button. Although gasoline cars have some boost buttons, the features and experience are extremely different from electric vehicles.

This article helped you understand what an electric car's boost button is and what it does. In addition, we highlighted the situations we should use this button and recommended some areas where you should not engage it.

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