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10 Tips When Charging Your EV: All You Need to Know

Tips When Charging Your EV

Here are the 10 tips when charging your EV:

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  1. Install charging apps
  2. Consider a portable charger
  3. Avoid peak hours
  4. Cool down your car
  5. Be part of an EV community platform
  6. Take care of the battery
  7. Store the EV charging equipment carefully
  8. Slow down
  9. Consider a home charging station
  10. Look for greener options

According to experts, by 2030, we're expecting to see about 125 million electric vehicles on public roads. More people are now switching to driving ballistic vehicles, and the federal government and the states are encouraging people to do so as soon as possible through many incentives.

With this trend in the electric vehicles market, we'll see more people looking for charging stations and charging their vehicles either in public stations or in their homes.

Since the electric vehicle market and the whole idea of charging a car is new to many people, there are many things that you might need to consider to get the most out of your charging time and prevent dealing with any unpleasant situations.

This article provides you with 10 tips when charging your EV. Read more details, and get ready for your new electric vehicle!

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10 tips when charging your EV

Things can be a little unclear if you're new to electric vehicles. One of the biggest challenges that many drivers face is the electric vehicle range which means that I'm your vehicle can run without needing a second charge.

The last thing you want to get involved in is when your electric vehicle runs out of charge, which stops immediately.

Learning about when to charge your electric vehicle is very important. However, not everyone is charging the electric vehicle properly, and there aren't many things that could go wrong, or you might be spending your charging time without getting the most out of the charge.

Also, many bad habits new drivers might use could impact their vehicle's charge and make them need to charge their cars more often.

Therefore, understanding tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your charging time is very important for any electric vehicle driver.

Let's take a closer look at the 10 tips when charging your EV according to automotive experts:

1.    Install charging apps

The first and most important thing to do as a new electric vehicle driver is to install what's known as the charging app.

These apps do not charge your car, but they're apps to help you find a charging station nearby.

You might not be very familiar with the charging stations in areas you don't live in, although you might know a couple of sessions around your neighborhood.

Therefore, downloading some of the trusted apps helps you find the nearest station and look for ideas and recommendations about stations that could provide you with free charging options.

The apps are getting smarter, and they also provide you with routes to get to the station without going through the traffic or burning so much energy from your vehicle.

There are tons of electric vehicle charging apps, which can be a little overwhelming, especially for new drivers. Therefore, we highly encourage you to read through each of their main pros and cons to make a final informed decision. In addition, some experts recommend having multiple charging apps on the phone in case any of them crash in certain locations, so you have a backup option.

2.    Consider a portable charger

Even if you're great at planning trips and determining your charging time, many experts recommend having a portable backup charger. This is because things could happen, and you might run into traffic where you need to use more charge than before. Also, the weather or the temperature might impact the battery charge, resulting in situations where you don't have enough charge to continue your trip.

Therefore, investing a little bit in a portable charger can be great. However, as we mentioned about the charging apps, there are many examples of portable chargers. Therefore, you need to spend some time researching which is the best for you, and you don't necessarily need to burn your budgets on the very expensive one.

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3.    Avoid peak hours

According to recent statistics, charging during peak hours is much more expensive than charging during regular hours. So, for example, you need to avoid driving the times between 8:00 and 11:00 AM and the time between 4:00 and 10:00 PM.

When driving in less traffic, you'll have more options for charging stations, but at the same time, you want to have to deal with a long waiting time for other people who are charging their vehicles.

Of course, that could not be the case every time, and you might not necessarily be able to charge outside of the peak hours, which is OK but try as much as you can to avoid charging during peak hours.

4.    Cool down your car

Did you know that temperature impacts your electric vehicle charge and range significantly? That's why automotive experts always recommend choosing your location for parking your electric vehicle

You don't want to park it in the middle of the sun where the temperature increases significantly. Try to find shaded areas or, as much as possible, try finding covered locations in and inside the garage or something else that helps you avoid exposing your electric vehicle to access temperature that's not needed.

5.    Be part of an EV community platform

Since we're all known to the world of electric vehicles, learning one or two things simultaneously helps us be more familiar and avoid problems. What's even more interesting is joining common electric vehicle community platforms.

These platforms are increasing significantly, and you can learn a ton from other people who are riding electric vehicles in your area and avoid some mistakes that they had to go through that cost them a lot of money and hassle paired

6.    Take care of the battery

Since you're driving the electric vehicle, the most important thing you must focus on is your battery carrot if the battery goes wrong, your vehicle will not charge enough, and even if you put it in the charger multiple times or for a long time if the battery doesn't hold the charge, you'll run through a lot of issues.

Therefore, you must follow their commendations in your vehicle owner's manual and perform regular inspections to ensure that your battery is not failing or is not about to fail.

If you confirm an early sign of some battery problems, you have to take care of it immediately to avoid expensive repairs.

Note that this can be extremely challenging during the current time in 2022, when there is a significant shortage in car parts replacements, and this might get you to wait four months until your electric vehicle is repaired.

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7.    Store the EV charging equipment carefully

You will be using the charging equipment continuously, so you must take care of anything that has to do with your electric vehicle. What are these things related to the charging system or anything else?

The charging equipment is not cheap; if you invest in a good one, it can be extremely expensive.

Try choosing the location to store this equipment and avoid placing them in areas exposed to wet conditions or rain events where they can go bad.

You might not necessarily need to put it in the trunk of your vehicle because it could add weight and probably stress your vehicle's battery. Therefore, you might want to find a good location in your garage or a clean area in your house.

8.    Slow down

Did you know that driving extremely fast might hurt your electric vehicle? It's recommended that you stay within the speed limit and avoid overstressing the electric vehicle as much as possible if you want to get the maximum charge. One of the best tips when charging your EV is to slow down.

Note that some vehicles are equipped with a certain boost button that allows your car a jolt of energy and speed for a couple of seconds.

The good thing about this speed button is that you don't have to worry about that car battery charge because it is designed in a way that does not consume a lot of energy and does not allow you to use it for more than 10 seconds continuously.

Slowing down helps protect your car's battery, but if it's not an option or you're driving at highway speed, you might not be able to slow down without causing some issues to their surrounding people. Therefore, choose the perfect time for slowing down depending on where you drive and who's around you.

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9.    Consider a home charging station

To charge your vehicle, finding a public charging station can be difficult; even if you find 1, it might be filled, or you might need to wait for a long time.

If an electric vehicle is your main commute option, you might consider installing a home charging system.

Home charging systems are not very expensive but also not very cheap. Also, your house might not be suitable for installing such systems, so you have to check with your local utility to confirm that you can't install such a charter.

The only drawback about home charging systems is that they're not very fast, which means it might take you the whole night until you fully charge your car, whereas it takes you about 30 minutes to fully charge your vehicle in the superchargers in the public areas.

Obviously, many people are comfortable with leaving their cars charging overnight and think it's over idea then going to a public charging station where they must spend a long time in an area they're unfamiliar with.

10.  Look for greener options

Finally, electric vehicles have many added features to make them as clean as possible. When we refer to clean, we mean that the vehicle relies on clean energy as much as possible, so you don't have to waste energy.

You might want to consider some of the solar panels on your house so you can use them as an energy source for your electric vehicle. This way, you don't have to worry about paying extra for electricity, and you can even use the same energy to power your house.

Companies are getting more creative about greener ideas, and you might want to consider exploring other options to go as green as possible when it comes to owning an electric vehicle.

You spent some time understanding these new options' main pros and cons before you implemented them. Sometimes things could be just prototypes or pilot studies for certain ideas that might not be the best for your electric vehicle.

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Tips when charging your EV: Final thoughts

Owning an electric car is a lot of fun. It provides many features you will never see in any regular gasoline car. Also, it helps to protect the environment and support the worldwide effort to tackle climate change.

The concept of electric vehicles might be new to many people, and the idea of charging a car can be extremely surprising.

This article provided some tips when charging your EV to help you avoid mistakes that people have made and to help you get the most out of your charging time.

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