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Turn Signal Relay – Everything You Need To Know

Turn Signal Relay

Oftentimes turn signals are one of the easiest systems in your car troubleshoot. If you are having issues with your turn signal relay, you will be able to notice right away. There are a few signs that will alert you about this problem. You will notice that your turn signal will either blink rapidly, go on without blinking, or it will do nothing at all. If you experience any of those, then you know there could be an issue with your turn signal relay. Troubleshooting your turn signals is also not difficult, but if you don’t want to investigate this problem on your own you can take your car to the local repair shop. A mechanic will be able to determine where the problem is coming from and fix the issue. 

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What Is The Turn Signal Relay?


The turn signal relay is the electrical system that dictates your car’s turn signal. If you think about your car’s turn signal, you know there has to be an electrical system to make the signal turn on and blink. This is all done by a system called the turn signal relay. The majority of turn signal lights are controlled by a flasher. This flasher is also known as a relay that is a part of the electrical system. This system controls when the light will flash on and off.


So, how exactly does this work? When you are driving your car and decide you need to turn right, you flick your right turn signal on. When you do this, the turn signal relay is notified and sents a signal to get the light flashing on and off. This notifies all of the cars around you that you are going to turn right. Additionally, each car has different needs so the turn signal relay has a diversity of different shapes, designs, and sizes. 


When your turn signal rapidly flashes or won’t flash at all, you know there is a problem. This problem could be coming from the turn signal relay. This is responsible for all of the electrical functions of your car’s turn signal. These flashes play a crucial role in the overall drivability of your vehicle, so then when they fail your safety could be compromised. It is important to know how to diagnose a problem with your turn signal relay and be aware of the symptoms of a failing relay. Once you have determined that you have a failing turn signal relay, you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible. 


How To Diagnose A Failing Turn Signal Relay


Turn signals do fail at times. There is typically an underlying factor as to why they stop working. One of the contributing factors could be from a failing turn signal relay. If you are trying to determine if the turn signal relay is the root of the problem, you will have to look at the whole electrical system. You will want to evaluate it to see if you see any parts cracked or broken. This could be contributing to the overall problem. You will want to make sure that the electrical system is properly set up and that nothing got disconnected. Additionally, you will want to make sure that a fuse didn’t blow out. Any minor problem within this electrical system could cause your turn signal to not work properly. 


Symptoms Of A Bad Turn Signal Relay


It is important to be aware of the symptoms of a bad turn signal relay. You will first know that you have a problem because your turn signal won’t work properly. When this happens, you know that the problem could be coming from your turn signal relay. If your turn signal stops working altogether, you will want to look at potential issues with your turn signal relay. Some of the symptoms you should be aware of are listed below:


Broken Flasher: It Is important to know that a broken flasher is the most popular symptom of a faulty turn signal relay. Why is this bad? This causes the lights to not turn on when you press the hazard light button. This is a very big problem because the purpose of your flashers is to alert other drivers that you have a problem and they need to go around you. If your flashers don’t work, then you can’t alert other drivers there is a problem. This is a very dangerous safety hazard.


It is also very dangerous when your turn signals aren’t working because you can’t alert other drivers of when you are turning as well as the direction you are turning. This could lead to some very dangerous accidents. Once you have determined that you have a faulty turn signal relay, you can use your owner’s manual to help you replace it with a new one. The good news is there is only one way to insert the relay so you can’t install it incorrectly. 


Other Lights Start Failing: Another common sign of a failing turn signal relay is all of your lights start failing. Sometimes your headlights, brake lights, or running lights will start to malfunction. This is correlated with your turn signal relay. If your other lights stop working, you should check out your turn signal relay because that could be the problem. You might be wondering why does this happen if the turn signal relay stops working properly? The reason for this is because these lights might connect through other lights in your car. So, if your turn signal isn’t working then the other lights might now work either. 


Turn Signal Relay Light Won’t Turn Off: Have you been noticing that your turn signal light stays on instead of flashing? If this has happened to you, then you most likely have a problem with your turn signal relay. Even though the light is on, it won’t flash so other drivers won’t know that you want to turn left or right. This is very dangerous and could lead to a bad car accident. The main cause of this problem is electrical issues with your turn signal relay. 


You should inspect your electrical system if you notice that your light won’t turn off. It could be a simple fix, but you first have to determine where the problem is coming from. You should check your turn signal relay system to see if anything looks abnormal or got disconnected. If the relay is completely broken then you will need to replace it. This can all be done by yourself with the car owner manual. Furthermore, if you don’t want to do this alone then you can have a mechanic fix the problem for you. 


How To Further Troubleshoot


So, let’s say you replaced your bad turn signal relay and your turn signals still are not working. You will need to do some further troubleshooting to determine what the exact problem is. There could be further issues with your electrical system. This problem can lead to frustration because it can be difficult to see where the electrical problem is coming from. Listed below are a few different things to check when you are trying to determine why your turn signals won’t work:


Check The Connections: You should always check all of the electrical connections when you are experiencing turn signal problems. There are turn signal housings in the back of your turn signals. There are different plugs that connect your taillights and your turn signals to the entire electrical system. The first thing you should do is unplug then and then plug them back in. This will reset them and also ensure they are plugged in properly. Sometimes you just need to renew this connection and they will start working again. This could be the simple fix to your turn signal problem. This system is very tricky and one small issue with the plugs could set off everything.


Check Random Fuses: You should always inspect all of the fuses when you are replacing your turn signal relay. There could be a blown-out fuse somewhere in the electrical system. This will cause the turn signals to not work. It might seem weird, but a bad circuit that deals with another system in your car could affect the turn signals electrical system as well. The electrical system needs to work for the turn signals to work. If one is unplugged or cracked then the entire system won’t work. Always inspect all of the electrical cords to see if there is any small issue with them. 


Look For Bad Grounds: Another thing you will want to check is the ground connection. You could have a bad ground connection that is causing your turn signals to not work properly. In many vehicles, these wires are brown or black. So, look for these brown or black wires within your electrical system and see if anything looks suspicious with them. You should also look to make sure they are plugged in correctly. Additionally, you need to make sure these wires are screwed the way they should be. You can always loosen and retighten the screws to ensure the ground connection is working properly. 


Turn Signal Relays Auto Replacement


Once you have determined that you have a problem with your turn signal relay, you will need to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. As mentioned above, this can lead to some bad car accidents and is very dangerous for everyone on the roads. Additionally, you don’t want to cause damage to any other parts of your car. If you let this problem persist for too long, other problems might occur. If this happens, you will see higher repair costs. 


You have a few options when it comes to replacing your turn signal relay. The first option is to replace this part on your own. You want to make sure you are knowledgeable about this type of replacement and confident in your abilities. The first thing you will need to do is purchase a new turn signal relay. Make sure it is the exact same one that is currently in your car. You want to make sure that you are putting the correct part in so your car will work properly when you have replaced it. 


Once you have purchased your new turn signal relay, you will need to locate the relay cluster. You might be wondering what does this mean? This is a point where a bunch of different electrical components come together. You will be able to determine where this cluster is by looking at your vehicle’s owner manual. Once you have located this, you need to take out the old turn signal relay and install the new one. The good news for you is that there is only one way to insert this relay into the system so you can’t install it incorrectly. It is not very difficult at all to replace your turn signal relay, but you still want to be confident in your abilities so you don’t ruin any other part of the system. 


The other option you have is to take your car in to a trusted mechanic. They will be able to diagnose the exact problem for you and give you a price estimate. A mechanic will know how to replace your turn signal relay so you don’t have to worry about reading your vehicle’s owner manual. You also won’t need to take anything apart on your own, they will be able to fix everything for you. If you are not confident in your abilities or just don’t want to hassle with fixing this on your own, then you should take your car to your local repair shop. 




Repairing your turn signal relay is not very difficult. In fact, you can perform this repair on your own with the right equipment. It is important to note that if you don’t want to repair this on your own you can also take your car to a mechanic. They will be able to perform this repair and fix your turn signal relay.


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