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Transmission Solenoid Cost: Everything You Need To Know

Transmission Solenoid Cost

The transmission solenoid is a key part of your transmission system and keeps your car working in optimal order. To keep your transmission operating at a high-performance level, you need to keep your transmission solenoids working well and determine the overall transmission solenoid replacement costs that you will have to pay. The average transmission solenoid replacement cost for one solenoid is between $15 and $100.

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What is the transmission solenoid?


The transmission solenoid is the electro-hydraulic valves that control the flow of the transmission fluid throughout the entire transmission system. They are in charge of opening and closing in relation to the electrical signals given from the vehicle’s transmission control unit, which pulls its data from various speed sensors that are located within the engine.


The transmission control unit is a device that controls the modern electronic automatic transmission and can be coupled with the semi-automatic transmission. This part is in charge of controlling the electronics in order to achieve better fuel economy, reduced engine emissions, and improved shifting feel for a smooth feel. The module is primarily targeted using high-end dual clutch transmission and automated manual transmission control. The working of the transmission control unit can affect the overall transmission solenoid cost. 


If you do not fix the transmission solenoid, then you might have to undergo transmission failure and pay for a transmission replacement. If you think your transmission is starting to fail, then you definitely need to get it fixed. The transmission system is essential for your car, and can make loud noises and sounds when it is failing.


The transmission is very important in keeping your car running. The transmission runs on fluid, and is necessary in order to keep your car working and on the roads. If you suspect that your transmission is beginning to fail, then you will need to get your car checked out so you can get a proper diagnosis. 

How a shift transmission solenoid works in an automatic transmission


In vehicles with an automatic transmission, the shift solenoid shifts the vehicle’s gears for you. The transmission within your car, specifically the transmission control unit, takes the information given from the engine, speed sensors, and other parts of your vehicle can determine the best time to shift gears in order to promote the most power, fuel efficiency, and the similar aspects of operation.


When the engine control unit determines that the automatic transmission should be shifted, it sends power to open the transmission solenoid so that the transmission fluid can flow into the engine body. This causes the vehicle’s torque converter to change the hydraulic fluid pressure enough so that it can shift the gears into the right setting. The transmission solenoid cost is important in the inner workings of your automatic transmission. 

Transmissoin Solenoid Warning Signs


As we know, the transmission solenoids are some of the automatic transmission’s most important components in your vehicle. If your automatic transmission is performing erratically and not behaving in the right way, then it could be a sign that your transmission’s solenoid is failing or has failed.


There are many reasons as to why one or more of your transmissions' solenoids can fail or get damaged over time. When the engine or the transmission control unit sends signals to the solenoids to shift in the necessary direction, these valves can open or close to allow or close the flow of the transmission fluid. The fluid that pressurizes your transmission clutches and bands allow it to change gears, and affect the transmission solenoid cost.

Erratic shifting


One of the most common signs of the transmission solenoid needing a replacement and determining the transmission solenoid cost is that your shifting is delayed or erratic. If you are dealing with a failed transmission solenoid, teh gearbox can skip gears or skip a gear, either going up or down, shift back and forth between the gears repeatedly, or get stuck in a gear and refuse to shift when you need it to.

Transmission not Downshifting


The next sign and symptom that your transmission solenoid needs replacing and involves you looking into the transmission solenoid cost, is that your transmission will not be able to downshift. If the transmission wont downshift, one of the transmission shift solenoids might have been stuck open or closed, preventing the transmission fluid from entering the transmission valve body which is necessary to pressurize the correct gear at the right time.

Severe Shifting Delay


The third and final sign that the transmission solenoid is not working correctly and is in need of a transmission solenoid replacement is a severe shifting delay or getting stuck in the neutral position. In order for an electronically controlled automatic transmission to shift gears correctly, the transmission solenoid must be able to regulate the fluid pressure so that the proper gear can be engaged.


If the shift solenoid is not receiving enough electrical current or is receiving too much electric current, or if the dirty transmission fluid has caused it to become stuck open or closed, the gear engagement might become difficult or delayed, and cause the transmission to act as if it is locked in the neutral position.


Since the transmission solenoids are connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, the electronic control unit will usually register the error code and turn on the check engine light if something goes wrong. If this happens and the transmission solenoid turns the light on, the transmission can go into the limp or fail safe mode. This means that the transmission will only engage in certain gears, usually in third or second gear, and limit the vehicle to that speed without completely turning it off. 


The first thing you should do if you notice the severe shifting delay due to the transmission solenoid replacement needing to occur is go to your local mechanic and have him look at the error codes using a diagnostic tool. Using this diagnostic scan tool, the technician can look at the source of the transmission solenoid’s problem. This could be as simple as bad ground or a failed transmission solenoid pack, which is a group of individual shifting transmission solenoids that might give an idea of how much you will pay for a transmission solenoid replacement cost.

When to get transmission solenoid replacement


If your transmission solenoid is malfunctioning, then you will generally be able to tell by the certain signs of the transmission solenoid. If your solenoid is malfunctioning, then you will most notably be experiencing changes in power, unexpected bursts of speed, poor gas mileage, problems with changing gears quickly and efficiently, and other issues that are directly related to the engine and transmission performance.


The performance of your vehicle is likely to be affected and negatively influenced substantially, and you may or may not be able to continue driving until the problem is fixed. This means that you need to get the transmission solenoid replacement cost done quickly and on time so that you can prevent further damage. 


You might also see the check engine light come on in your car on your dashboard, which could indicate a wide variety of problems. However, if you are already noticing the other signs of the transmission solenoid replacement, then you will be able to tie in the sign of the check engine light being illuminated with the other warning signs and diagnose the transmission solenoid replacement cost. 


Any problem with key parts of your vehicle, like theneinge or your transmission, need to be dealt with swiftly, since it has the potential to make your vehicle unsafe to drive, especially for a long period of time. It also has the potential to damage parts of your vehicle’s transmission and the engine, which are very expensive to replace, and can increase the overall transmission solenoid replacement cost. 

Transmission Solenoid Replacement Cost


In most cases, the solenoids are located on the inside of the oil pan of the engine and connected directly to the valve body. Depending on what kind of car you drive, like the make, model, and year, the technician or the mechanic that is working on your car might be able to replace just the singular transmission shift solenoid that is needing replacing.


However, in some cases, the solenoids come in multiple transmission solenoid unit packs. This means that if there is a problem with just one solenoid, the entire pack usually requires a transmission solenoid replacement and can enhance the overall transmission solenoid replacement cost. 


The job to replace the transmission solenoid generally takes between 2-4 hours, which can give you an idea of how much the labor cost will be. The sohp time is generally billed at around $60-$140 per hour, which means that it will be at least double this due to the shop time needed to replace the transmission solenoid.


The average cost to diagnose and replace just one transmission solenoid ranges between $150 and $400. Depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, you should expect to pay between $15 and $100 for a single transmission shift solenoid replacement cost. A pack of the transmission solenoid replacement can be between $50 to $300.


The transmission solenoid replacement cost for one single solenoid is between $15 and $100, while the pack is between $50 and $300, the labor between $120 and $400, and the total pack costing between $250 and $600 for the complete transmission solenoid replacement cost.


You can try to lower the overall transmission solenoid replacement cost by performing regular maintenance do repairs on your car.r this includes extending the life of the transmission shift solenoids by changing your transmission fluid during the recommended intervals it out by your mechanic or the manufacturer. This will clean out all of the dirt and the sludge that builds up within the tubes, and the fresh transmission fluid will keep the solenoids from sticking and lower the overall transmission solenoid replacement cost.

 Transmission Solenoid Replacement Cost Comparison


There are various replacement prices for transmission solenoids to determine how much you might pay at certain spots. There are various places that are popular for mechanical work in today’s world, like your own mechanic, Midas, Mr. Tire, NAPA, Walmart, and Amazon.


Your mechanic will generally give an average transmission solenoid replacement cost at between $520 and $685, while Midas will be a little bit cheaper, ranging between $515 and $672 and providing a 12 month warranty. 


Mr. Tire will run between $503 and $699, while NAPA will generally cost between $522 and $683. Walmart is much cheaper, but just charges for hte parts prices, running between $375 and $440. The last place you could go to just get the parts replacement is Amazon, ranging between $342 and $490. 

How To Save Money on Transmission Solenoid Replacement


If you are trying to save some money on the transmission solenoid replacement cost that you will have to pay in order to keep your transmission working correctly, you can try and do the transmission solenoid replacement on your own. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and enjoy working on cars, or you have the proper information, or you have the required tools that are necessary to perform the replacement, then you can try and undergo this transmission solenoid replacement on your own.


However, keep in mind some of the risk that will be apparent if you do it on your own. You will be dealing with expensive parts and phonetically dangerous components, and you need to be aware that if you mess up the replacement ,you could end up paying much more for the overall transmission solenoid replacement cost than you might have otherwise. 


You can cut your costs by other means, like by comparing the cost of the labor between various mechanic shops in your area, or comparing the parts costs from one mechanic to another mechanic. You can also do some work on your own and source the parts for yourself using certain websites or used part shops, and probably get a better deal than what the mechanic is offering you since they have to get the parts themselves. 

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