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Can I Trade in Car with Blown Engine? Is Short Answer Is Yes! Review Your Ultimate Guide Here! 

Can I Trade in Car with Blown Engine Is Short Answer Is Yes!

When it comes to engine repairs, costs can build up quickly, and many people end up getting rid of their vehicles with blown engines. If you are dealing with such a situation, you could sell your car or trade it in for a better vehicle. The question always remains, can I trade in car with blown engine? Our short answer is yes! But there are things to keep in mind when trading in your vehicle with a blown engine.

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Engine repairs are extremely high, and if the repair costs get close to the vehicle's worth, it's never worth putting a penny in fixing this vehicle, and your best option is to get rid of it immediately. Selling a car with a blown engine can be hard because no one would be interested in such a vehicle. However, many dealerships are willing to trade in your car and put the value towards your brand-new vehicle.

If you're looking for more details about this topic, the purpose of this article is to answer your question of can I trade in car with blown engine

Can I trade in car with blown engine: is your engine blown? 


Before moving forward and looking into your different options for trading in your vehicle with blown engine, it's very necessary and important to confirm that your vehicle's engine is already blown.

You might notice that there are some signs of a blown engine like:

  • Your vehicles oil level is continuously low
  • You're hearing loud noises coming from under your vehicle's hood
  • Your vehicle's engine overheats continuously

While that might be a sign for a blown vehicle's engine, it might not be true, and there could be other simple issues causing the problem. Your best but to confirm the source of the problem is to have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic who can definitely confirm whether your vehicle's engine is blown or not.

If you have confirmed that your vehicle's engine is blown out, your next step is to think about your different trading options in your car. 

Can I trade in car with blown engine: how does the process work? 


Our short answer is yes. There are plenty of dealerships interested in purchasing vehicles even if they have a problem with blown engine. 

Since dealerships never pay the offer you are looking for and always point out two significant problems in your vehicle to reduce the offer significantly; you need to do some homework before visiting your next dealership to get their appraisal. 

  • Check out your vehicle's actual value 


The first thing you need to understand is how much is your vehicle worth? Even if your vehicle's engine is completely damaged, you might be underestimating your vehicle's worth because there are many other components in your car that could be valuable.

You might be owning a car with high demand for repair parts, and therefore, many people would be looking into purchasing such a vehicle.

You can get your vehicle's worth information from online tools like Kelley Blue Book, where you could input information about your vehicle's type and condition.

If you want to get more accurate information, you can always have your vehicle inspect by your own professional mechanic, who could tell you a rough estimate about the minimum and maximum values your vehicle could ever make. 

By having a number in the back of your head, you can confidently negotiate the price with the dealership, and you can confirm whether you have a good deal or you're not paid well for your vehicle.

  • Take care of small repairs


When your vehicle's engine is blown out, it doesn't mean that everything is damaged. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to take care of small repairs to showcase that there are many working components in your car and having a blown engine is not the whole story.

You can simply clean up any dirt on your vehicle's carpets or fix a broken mirror. Some people might take it to the next level and wax their vehicles to make them look shiny and indicate that whatever is under the hood is taken care of. 

When you perform these repairs, you need to keep in mind the balance and a barrier between conserved small repairs and a lot of repairs. You don't want to spend so much money trying to fix a damaged transmission or any other major component because it will be worthless. 

  • Get at least three appraises


You might have a vehicle in mind that you're hoping to purchase, and it's considered your brand-new vehicle of dream. However, you must be patient, especially if you're trying to trade in a vehicle with a blown engine.

If the dealership feels that you're dying to get this brand new car and at the same time you're trying to trade in car with blown engine, they might take advantage of you and offer you a very low number.

Therefore, automotive experts suggest that you shop for at least three appraises from three different dealerships before making the final decision.

By getting three opinions, you can get a rough estimate about what really a dealership is willing to pay for you. 

What if I couldn't trade in car with blown engine?


If things didn't work out and you were not lucky enough to find a dealership that's willing to trade in your car with blown engine, you are at the right location!

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