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How to Sell A Car That Has Body Damage? The Ultimate Secret That No One Would Tell You! 

How to Sell A Car That Has Body Damage? The Ultimate Secret That No One Would Tell You! 

Selling a used vehicle can be challenging, and things get more complicated if you are looking for how to sell a car with body damage. While the process can be extremely hard, if you follow the proper steps from automotive experts, you can get what you need without any hassle.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

This article provides the results of our intensive review of all expert opinion to answer your question of how to sell a car with body damage. We listed all potential scenarios that you could follow and suggestions of the best scenario that will work for you. 

How to sell a car with body damage: a step by step guidance 


There's nothing more challenging than getting involved in a car accident and ending up with significant damages to your vehicle's body.

At this point, it seems like you made your mind and are looking for how to sell a car with body damage, and you're not considering revisiting vehicle repairs. However, we recommend that you take a step back and talk to your professional mechanic about the estimated repair costs. You might be able to get your vehicle fixed if the damages are external and can be repaired easily. 

However, if your professional mechanic confirmed that repair costs are getting extremely high and they might be beyond the vehicle's value, your decision is correct, and you should move forward with selling your vehicle. 

Before attempting to sell your vehicle with body damage, there are certain steps you need to follow to get the best results: 

  • Understand your car's worth after the body damage 


When a car gets involved in an accident, its value dropped significantly. While that's the case, you need to understand and evaluate your car's current value carefully.

You can get some rough estimates from online tools like Kelley Blue Book by inserting information about your vehicle's type and condition.

However, Kelley Blue Book doesn't understand the severity of the damages you have on your vehicle. Therefore, your best option is to have a professional mechanic who could inspect your vehicle and provide you with an estimate about the minimum and maximum values you could ask for. 

  • Check your buyer's options 

When selling a used vehicle, other than damaged cars, you have much more options, including using classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor, Facebook marketplace, or trading in your car with the dealership.

None of these mentioned methods will accept your vehicle with significant body damages, especially private buyers in most scenarios. If you were lucky enough and found someone interested in buying your car, even if it has these damages, you must be upfront with them and tell them all the details about where the damages are and what components were affected.

Otherwise, you will be just wasting your time and time, and once they come to see the vehicle, they will immediately get discouraged and never buy it. 

When dealing with significant car damages, you might end up with one best option that should work for you: selling your car to a junk car buyer. 

  • Get more than one quote

Whatever he or chosen method for selling your car, it's recommended that you get more than one offer.

For example, if you decided to sell your car to a junk car buyer, we recommend that you get in touch with at least three companies and receive their offers before making your final decision.

Once you have these offers, it's very important to make sure that the offers cover only the amount you will receive and there are no hidden fees you have to take care of like towing service or something.

Looking at the offers, you can check which one makes sense to you and go with the one that has less hassle even if it doesn't provide you with the maximum offer. 

How to sell a car with body damages to Cash Car Buyer? 


Cash cars buyer is one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in the nation. We're not going to provide you with the maximum cash-only, but also, we will provide you with free towing service despite your living location around the United States.

Our company has the top and highest reputations among competitors because we never change our offers at the pickup time. Whatever we promised you at the beginning of the process reflects the actual cash you will receive at the pickup time.

No hidden fees! We will not surprise you with any additional fees because we believe that customers must enjoy their cash payment and use it for their purposes instead of paying for additional hidden fees like tooling service or other stuff.

We chose to pay in cash for all customers because cash payments don't have any hassle compared to checks or phone call payments. 

If you're interested in our process, here's all that you need to do:

To get started, we will need you to get in touch with our team and provide us with information about your vehicle's type and condition. We understand that your vehicle has external damages but, we will need more details about its make, model, year, and severity of the damage.

We will then provide you with an instant offer reflecting the maximum cash for a vehicle you could ever make in your area. 

After that, it's your turn to review the offer and accept it if it makes sense to you.

We will then meet with you at the right time and location of your choice to remove your car safely and hand you the cash payment immediately and right on the spot! Before we remove the vehicle, we will ask you to check and take out any personal belongings, including your phones, laptops, clothes, or other valuable paperwork. 

Before leaving, we like to remind you that you need to cancel your vehicle registration and your insurance policy to prevent paying for a vehicle you no longer own. 

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