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Traction Control Switch Replacement Cost – This Quick Fix Is Less Than $100! 

Traction Control Switch Replacement Cost

The average price for a traction control switch replacement cost typically ranges between $80 and $90 for most makes, models, and years of vehicles. This fix’s total labor cost is between $38 and $48, while the cost of the parts is generally priced at around $43. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


As you can see, the total labor time and costs are quite low for this repair, meaning that you can generally bring your car to a mechanic and have the switch replaced within an hour. Just because this repair is simple and easy to do doesn’t mean you should ignore the traction control switch if you notice any issues. This part is crucial to the functioning of your anti-lock brake system and engine. 


Let’s address a traction control switch’s function, the symptoms of a faulty switch, and the replacement steps.

What is the traction control switch?

The traction control switch is typically a part that drivers have not heard of. Just because it is not discussed as much as the engine or transmission does not mean that it doesn’t have a crucial role in the inner workings of your vehicle, however. 


Traction control is a system that works together with the anti-lock braking system and the engine management system in your vehicle to keep your car firmly on the road during inclement weather conditions. Just like the name would imply, traction control ensures you can drive as safely as possible on wet or slippery roads.


The traction control helps provide a safer driving environment by preventing any wheel slippage or excess spinning motion due to over acceleration in wet conditions or high lateral acceleration, which would typically cause the car to move side to side while driving at high speeds. By paying the traction control switch replacement cost, you can continue driving safely on the road.


In some cars, there are more advanced safety and traction control systems. These high-tech systems incorporate parts of the transfer case and differentials to aid in directing specific amounts of power to certain wheels. Based on the current road conditions, you may need more power on your car’s left or right side to balance out the skidding and spinning on the opposite side.


In this case, the traction control is in charge of directing the proper ratio of power to each wheel to keep your car driving in a straight line. Most vehicles will have a switch to turn off the traction control system for when the roads clear and you don’t need the excess force on individual wheels. 


To best control your car, while driving in difficult conditions, the traction control switch is in charge of maneuvering the car appropriately. By paying the traction control switch replacement cost, you can ensure that your vehicle can handle tough weather and road conditions without worrying about your car’s ability.

How does the traction control switch operate? 

The traction control system works together with the anti-lock braking system to change and alter the wheel speed sensors based on the outdoor conditions. If the ABS control module notices any issues with the wheels operating at different speeds based on the road traction, the traction control system will have to slow down the wheels without traction.


If the traction control system finds that one or more of your car’s wheels are turning while the others are not, this then alerts the system to release the wheels that are sliding excessively. If you do not pay the traction control switch replacement cost, then the signals would not transfer, and the wheels would continue spinning in opposite directions.


Furthermore, most traction control systems work in tandem with the engine control module to lower the engine power to prevent the wheels from excessively skidding on the roads. If the wheels continue trying to turn at high speed due to the engine power being redirected to the local area, it can increase the risk of erratic driving and a potential crash.


Advanced traction control systems use the transfer case and the differentials to direct proper power levels to the front or back of the car, depending on which tires have the most traction and grip on the slippery road surface. When the traction control switch is turned off in your car, these functions will no longer work.


Suppose you do not pay the traction control switch replacement cost. In that case, your anti-lock braking system may not turn on during inclement weather, leading to a potentially dangerous situation that can cause the wheels to excessively skid and increase the risk of a crash. 

Symptoms of a Faulty Part

Since the traction control system is used together with the ABS system, any problems in the traction control switch or traction system will cause the anti-lock braking system to be disabled and work improperly. Just like any two parts or systems that work together, issues with one side will also cause longevity and durability issues with the counterpart.


However, the traction control switch failure will sometimes not show any symptoms to the driver or passengers. Even when you don’t notice any faults in the ABS system or the traction control, there might still be some damage in the safety mechanisms that can lead to a high traction control switch replacement cost.


If the traction control is disabled while driving, this renders the traction control switch useless. If this occurs, it will leave the traction control and the ABS system still active in the vehicle. This is generally the case if a mechanic is trying to troubleshoot any issues with the traction control switch.


However, suppose the traction control system is disabled for another reason. In that case, the car might need to be restarted to enable the traction control system to reboot and continue working even when the traction control switch is not functioning correctly. Therefore, paying for the traction control switch replacement cost ensures the ABS and traction safety system continue working properly. 

Can you drive with a Faulty Switch?

If the traction control switch is not working properly, this means the traction control system and the anti-lock braking system are deactivated. If you are driving in any sort of inclement weather or poor road conditions, having these safety systems inactive can lead to a much higher crash incidence. Furthermore, if the safety systems fail as the result of not replacing the traction control switch, this can cause the vehicle to underperform in emergency situations and tough weather. 


Suppose you notice that there are two safety system warning lights illuminated on your dashboard while driving. In that case, you need to bring your car immediately to a mechanic to get a quote for the traction control switch replacement cost. 

How do you diagnose an issue with the traction control switch? 

To best understand why you have to pay nearly $100 for a traction control switch replacement cost, you need to know the step to diagnosing and fixing the traction control switch. Diagnosing the traction control switch is simple, meaning that some drivers and all mechanics will be able to tell if something is wrong with the apparatus.


The first step for any technician or mechanic to do will be to press and hold the control switch to see if the system is turned off. If the system is just turned off due to a user error or a computer malfunction, this fix will only take 5 minutes to repair.


However, if this is not the root cause of the issue, the mechanic will have to run some diagnostic tests to determine why the safety system is not turning on. If the switch is determined to be at fault for the ABS system concerns, you will have to perform certain tasks on the switch to see how to fix the issue.


Testing the traction control switch typically involves removing the switch, leaving it electronically connected, and then back probing the connector to see if the electrical current is continuous through the system. If the electrical current breaks between transmission, the switch will have to be replaced. The next step is for the car owner to ask about the traction switch replacement cost. 

How do you replace the traction control switch?

Once you determine that you’ll have to pay for the traction control switch replacement cost, you may be curious as to how long the repair will take and the necessary steps to replace this safety mechanism. Replacement of the switch generally involves removing the switch from the panel it is currently located on.


For some cars, this may mean needing to remove the trim panel to access the mounting fasteners. In other cases, the total traction control switch replacement cost could be lower, since the mechanic may just have to pop the switch out of the housing with an interior pry tool. Once the switch is replaced, the mechanic will reinstall a trim panel and test the switch.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the total traction control switch replacement cost is quite low when compared to other files in your vehicle. Since this is the case, paying less than $100 to ensure your ABS system and traction control safety system are working is a small price to pay for keeping your vehicle safely on the road. If you let the problems linger for too long and ignore dashboard warning lights, the risk of a crash and severe damage will be much higher.

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