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Suspension Repair Cost – How Much Does It Cost to Replace The Suspension?

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The time has come for you to get a new suspension. There are many parts of a car that will need to be replaced or repaired over time, due to various reasons such as damage, environmental reasons, or just normal wear-and-tear. You might be wondering how much a repair of the suspension is going to set you back. You need to look at the cost to repair or replace the suspension, plus the labor cost that will be associated with taking your car to an auto mechanic. The average cost of a suspension repair is between $1,000-$5,000.

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What Is The Job of The Suspension?


The suspension is one of the most crucial components of a car working correctly. Many people assume that the horsepower, torque, engine, and style of the car are the most important parts of the vehicle, but the suspension is imperative to a safe and efficient car. The power generated by an engine is basically rendered useless if the driver can’t steer the car in the correct direction. This is why the suspension repair cost is almost obsolete since it is so imperative to driving a car.


The main job of the suspension is to increase the friction between the tires and the road, which enhances the grip and the steering control and ability. This ensures a good level of control and stability by the driver, and ensures that the drive is smooth and not jarring for the passengers. The roads we drive-in in the modern world can vary between locations. You might drive on a smooth road for a few miles, and then switch to a bumpy country road, and then back to a city road with numerous potholes. The ways in which the wheels interact with the material of the street is extremely important.


Without a structure to come between the wheel’s vertical energy and the frame, all of the wheel’s energy would be directly transferred to the frame, which would cause the wheels to lose contact with the road. A car’s suspension provides a solution to this problem and causes the car to run smoothly and safely.


What Are The Parts of the Suspension?


The suspension is composed of a few critical parts making up the overall structure. The frame is the load-carrying mechanism which supports the engine and body. The suspension system is the setup which absorbs the shock, maintains contact with the road, and supports the weight. The steering system is what lets the driver guide the vehicle while driving. The tires and the wheels are the parts of the car which make motion possible.


The smaller and more critical component of a car’s suspension is the springs. The springs today are typically one of four basic designs. The first design is the coil spring, which is the most common type, and compresses and expands to absorb motion. The second is a leaf spring, which consists of several layers. The third are torsion bars, which use twisting properties to act like coils. The fourth are air springs which use a cylindrical chamber to absorb wheel vibrations. The ability of coils to perform the desired jobs are critical to the suspension and would be potentially part of what needs to be repaired in a suspension repair.


What Are The Signs My Suspension Needs To Be Repaired?


There are usually tell-tale signs that something is wrong with your suspension – and you should look out for these signs, as it will give you a hint as to how much you may have to spend on your suspension repair cost.


First, your car may begin riding a bit roughly. This means that the smooth turns and easy braking and accelerating doesn’t occur anymore. Every bump in the road may cause more of a bounce than previously, which is a sign your suspension will need repair.


Second, you may feel the car drifting while you’re turning. This means that the shocks are no longer working properly to keep the car stable against gravity during the motion of a turn. If you feel this, you will need to take your vehicle to an auto body shop to begin your suspension repair.


Third, you may feel the body of your car jumping forward and downward when you apply your brakes. This effect can actually cause you to have less of a chance at stopping your car quickly when needed, which can have a higher incidence of an accident.


The next sign is uneven tire treads. If your tread is wearing down unevenly or on one side specifically, this is typically a sign that the suspension is no longer evenly holding your car. This puts an uneven amount of pressure on the tires, and the pressure is no longer evenly spread among the four points of contact, which requires a suspension repair.


The fifth sign that your suspension repair will need to occur is if your shocks are greasy or oily. This is a sign that the shocks can be leaking fluid and aren’t working optimally. Replacing just the shock absorbers can cost around $200-$1500 for the suspension repair cost. If you choose to do this method yourself, it will only cost you about $150-$250for the suspension repair cost.


The sixth sign that your suspension should be repaired is determined by a “bounce test.” You can easily do this by putting your car in park, and bouncing down on the front of the vehicle a few times. If your car continues to bounce after you release it, the suspension is wearing down. This will require you to take your car in for a suspension repair.


The last sign that your car will need a suspension repair are issues with the coils. The suspension spring coils are part of the shock absorption system which helps in giving everyone in the car a smooth ride. Despite it being rare that the coils wear out during the lifetime of a car, it can still happen. Suspension coils will need to be replaced in pairs if a replacement is necessary, and you may need to get your wheels aligned afterwards. Symptoms of this problem is the car leaning to one side and the coil spring being visibly damaged. The cost of this suspension repair can vary, but typically runs from around $1422 for a 2006 BMW 330Ci to $4290 for a 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500.

What Will The Mechanic Check When I Bring In My Car For An Evaluation of A Suspension Repair Cost?


The mechanic will typically have a checklist of items that he will evaluate when determining if your car needs to have a suspension replacement or suspension repair. He will check for uneven tires or wear on the treads. He will check for unbalanced tires to determine if the frame is lopsided. He will check all of the nuts and bolts for the required tightness. He may check the level of the fluid that is necessary for steering. He can then check for any damaged power steering belts. He will check for any wheel alignment issues. Lastly, he will check the shocks to see how they are holding up. His determination and evaluation of the aforementioned characteristics will determine how much you will spend on your suspension repair cost.


My Suspension Needs To Be Repaired or Replaced. What Factors Will Influence The Cost?


The key factors that will influence how much you’re going to have to pay for a suspension repair are the make and model of your car, how bad the damage is to your vehicle, the brand of parts used during replacement, and the specific garage and auto-mechanic you are using.


The make and model highly impacts the amount of money you will be spending on your suspension repair cost. If you’re driving a luxury call, you will spend more on your suspension repair. If you’re driving a budget car that has been through a lot in its lifetime, you will not be spending top dollar for your suspension repair. However, if you have an old car and it is showing rust underneath and is lacking in other departments, it can take the mechanic a long time to gain access and remove the older parts.


The second factor influencing the cost is the damage done to your suspension. When dealing with a suspension repair, the parts almost always need to be replaced in pairs. This is to keep the alignment the same. For example, you would need to replace both the left and right strut at the same time, which will drive up the repair replacement cost. This process keeps the balance and stability of the suspension, and prevents any older parts from negatively affecting the new part that you just purchased.


If you only balance one side, it will create an instability and the suspension repair will be for nothing. In addition, a suspension replacement means that you could possibly need to re-align your wheels, which drives up the suspension repair cost.


The third factor in determining the suspension repair cost is the brand of parts used in the process. During the replacement steps, your mechanic will usually be using one brand of parts. Ask your mechanic before he begins on the brand of parts he will be using, the estimate of the suspension repair cost, and the time you will have to wait. This will clear up any uncertainty and you can make sure that the suspension repair cost is within your budget.


Lastly, the garage and mechanic that you chose for this task influences your suspension repair cost. Repair costs typically have a lot of variation depending on who you use for your job. You should call a few different garages and ask for some estimates so you can guage who has the best qualifications and price for you, ensuring that you don’t pay too much for your suspension repair cost.


Parts of The Suspension That Can Be Repaired


Some of the suspension problems can be diagnosed via the methods we have already discussed, paying attention to the feel of your vehicle, and taking your car to a knowledgeable mechanic. The potential parts that may need to be replaced in order to fix your suspension and gain an accurate number for a suspension repair cost are the steering components, bushings, sway bar links, pitman arms, rack and pinion units, boots, shocks, and coil springs.


How Much Will It Cost To Replace Just My Shocks and Struts?


First off, we need to know why the shocks and struts are important. These parts play a huge role in the suspension system, affecting the way the car meets the road, preventing any dangerous swaying, limiting poor braking, and creating stability.


The average strut replacement cost is characterized by replacing both struts, since everything must be done in pairs. The cost is affected by the brand of struts you use, vehicle model, and the garage. Typically, you will be paying between $50-$900 to replace only a pair of struts. Labor costs for this job are usually $150-$300 for the pair of struts.


Parts Included In The Repair


The parts that need to be included in the suspension repair are the springs, shock absorbers, and the anti-sway bars. Typically, both sides of the suspension system should be replaced at the same time to prevent any stress placed on the new parts by the older parts still there.


What If My Suspension Repair Cost Is Very Expensive?


If your car suspension repair cost is too much for your current financial state, you have an option which can give you some quick money that you can start putting aside for your next vehicle. After all, replacing a suspension can cost upwards of $5,000 for some vehicles – not to mention the wheel alignment which can cost $20-$400.


If you are not financially able to pay for these high costs, you can always decide to turn your car in for some money, and scrap your car. Before doing this, you should remove any non-metal parts from your vehicle, such as an entertainment system, the seats, and any other personal items you have inside. This way you can sell these items separately for some more money. After you have removed all non-metal items, bring your car to CashCarsBuyer for a fair, trustworthy, and credible service.



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