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Muffler Repair Cost – How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Muffler?

Muffler Repair Cost

If you are dealing with a blown-out muffler, you might start to wonder how much it will cost to repair it. You might also start to question if it will be worth it to repair it. As your car starts to age, there is a strong possibility that your muffler needs to be repaired. You might be thinking about other repairs that will be necessary in the future. It is important to think about the future repairs you might have to make and the investment that will be. The average cost of a muffler repair is around $160 to $240.

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What Is A Muffler?


A muffler is located in the back of your car. It is designed to reduce the noise that your car engine makes by a significant amount. Without a muffler, your car would be very loud. Inside the muffler is a couple of tubes that are turned outward to cancel out some of the noise made from the engine.


This noise is created because of the different pressure amounts in the exhaust valve. There are pulses of high and low-pressure air that forms when the engine valve repeatedly opens and closes. This compressed-air travels through the muffler, which ultimately will lower the noise of the running engine.


For example, think about noise-canceling headphones. This muffler was created for the same type of concept. The exhaust gas enters the muffler through a chamber and is sent down a long tube. The tubes will create a sound wave that is opposite to the frequency created by the engine. This process ends up canceling the sound before the sounds are released through the actual muffler. If you did not have a muffler, you would hear the original noises your engine makes and everyone would know when you are coming down the road. The engine is very loud without a muffler.


Three Common Symptoms Of A Muffler Problem


Always listen to your car. If you hear your car making loud noises, there could be something wrong. You may have an issue with the muffler located in the back of your car. There are a few simple signs that you should look out for when it comes to mufflers blowing out.


  • Feeling A Vibration: If you are driving your car down your normal route and notice constant vibrations while driving, you should take your car into the shop for an exhaust inspection. If you can describe exactly what the vibrations feel like, your mechanic will be able to determine where the problem is coming from. Often there could be a hole in the exhaust pipe. These vibrations could cause a rumbling sound as well. If you notice a rumbling sound or your car shaking, this could be a sign of a blown-out muffler. You will want to get this fixed as soon as you notice there is a problem.


  • Decrease In Fuel Efficiency: Another symptom of a faulty muffler is a decrease in fuel mileage. The reason your gas mileage would go down if you have a muffler issue is because your motor has to work extra hard, which uses up more fuel. If you notice a drop in your fuel mileage, you might have an exhaust leak.


  • Increase In Exhaust Volume: If you notice any type of low rumbling noise this typically means you have a muffler problem. The noise will typically sound like it’s coming from underneath your car towards the back. This sound can also be compared to a boat being revved. That loud noise is not normal for a car to make. If you hear that, you give your muffler some attention. If you decide to ignore this repair, other issues can arise with your engine or exhaust system. Prolonging any issue could create more costly repairs for you in the future.


When Should A Muffler Be Replaced?


You should always be aware of any noises your car is making and then determine where the root problem is. The longer you wait to diagnose the problem, the more costly things will be for you in the future. If you don’t fix your muffler when there is a hole in it, more issues will arise in the future. Always replace your muffler as soon as you know there is a problem with it.


A hole in the muffler could be the cause of some very dangerous things such as:


  • Excessive noises inside the car that make the car rides much less enjoyable
  • Noises so loud that you could get fined in areas that have laws regarding vehicle noise levels
  • Overheating could happen and then lead to more damage inside the engine
  • Carbon Monoxide could leak into the cabin. This would be very bad because this is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that can be life-threatening to anyone inside the car.


If you are ever debating whether you should pay to replace your muffler, think about all of the bad problems that could arise by not fixing it. Some of these problems are very serious and life-threatening. You should always replace your muffler the moment you know there is an issue.


How To Replace A Muffler

There are many steps to follow when you try to replace a muffler. You need to fully understand every step so no other unexpected problems arise from the repair process. Listed below are the steps to follow when replacing a muffler.


  • First, you want to park your vehicle on a level surface so your measurements are all correct. Once you have moved your car to a level surface, replace the battery.


  • Next, you have to put your car up on jack stands you can get under the car easier. Once the car is up off the ground, spray the muffler clamps with fluid.


  • Use a socket wrench to loosen up the nuts holding the clamps. Once you have done this, you will be able to separate the muffler and the exhaust by sliding them apart. You also want to make sure to remove the muffler hangers from the rubber mounts.


  • Once you have detached the old muffler, place the new muffler onto the exhaust to ensure it fits properly. Make sure you put the new muffler hangers into the rubber mounts and apply exhaust sealant to the new pipes.


  • After the muffle is on the exhaust pipe, put the clamps back on to make sure they are secure and in place. You don’t want anything to move out of its proper place.


  • Once you have everything back in the correct place, start the engine and check the entire exhaust system for any leaks.


If your car sounds smooth and it is not vibrating like it used to, then you know you properly installed your new muffler. It is always smart to take your car for a short test driver on different roads to double-check it’s not making weird noises and everything was installed properly. Your engine’s efficiency should improve once you have a new muffler on because it won’t have to work nearly as hard.



Exhaust System Repair Cost


If you don’t replace your muffler worse problems will eventually occur with the exhaust system. Often if the muffler has rusted it most likely will make its way up the exhaust pipe. Replacing just the muffler can be a difficult task. If you have an older car, the muffler could be welded into the exhaust system. This means it is a lot easier to just replace the entire exhaust system. In fact, that might be your only option it the muffler is very rusty and you can’t separate the muffler from the exhaust system.



Muffler Cost Factors


The cost of mufflers can range from $160 to $240 depending on what needs to be replaced and how much labor is associated with it. Some muffler repairs will require fixing broken clamps as well. If you think you have exhaust problems, you should go get a free inspection. The longer you wait, the worse your problems will get. A mechanic will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong and give you a price estimate.


If your muffler only has small holes in it, there is an option to patch these holes up, but you will most likely have to replace the entire muffler eventually. Patching holes is typically a short-term solution. Most likely other holes will appear within a few months and then you will fall back into the same problem. Since patching holes is only a short-term solution, most mechanics will recommend that you replace the entire muffler.


Saving Money On A Muffler Replacement


Car repairs can get expensive. The cost can quickly add up depending on what needs to be done. There are a few different ways on how you can save a little bit on money on a muffler replacement. Listed below are some helpful tips:


  • Repair It Yourself: You can repair a muffler by yourself if you have the correct equipment needed for the repair. You will still need to pay for the parts, but you can save money on the cost of labor because you are doing it yourself. This is a great way to cut down on the repair cost. You might be able to purchase parts at a cheaper price on discounted websites as well. The repair shops typically upcharge the parts they install so the part itself is more expensive. One thing to keep in mind is to always read the product numbers to make sure you get the correct parts before installing them.


  • Warranty: Another option to save some money on a muffler repair is to use your new vehicle warranty.These typically last up to 60,000 miles so if you have a newer car, you might still be under warranty.


  • Coupons: Before taking your car into a repair shop always look online for any deals or coupons. Often larger shops will run different promotions on repairs or seasonal specials to make these repairs more affordable for everyone. This is a great way to try and save money on a muffler repair.


Lifespan Of A Muffler


There are a few different reasons why mufflers typically need to be replaced. These reasons include a muffler becoming clogged by certain objects or they just develop holes and rust due to age. Often they are replaced simply because of old age. The lifespan of a muffler varies a lot. On average they last about 10 years, but depending on different factors the total lifespan could be anywhere from 5-15 years. Certain weather conditions greatly impact the lifespan of a muffler. If a muffler is exposed to rain, snow, or salt, the lifespan will be shorter. These weather conditions ware down a muffler and cause it to rust quicker. This can also lead to holes forming quicker.




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