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Selling A Car With Mechanical Problems And Getting Top Dollar!

Selling A Car With Mechanical Problems And Getting Top Dollar!

You have a car that needs repairs. Your family mechanic gave it a good “look over” and found it has a blown engine. There’s also bad transmission too. You look at this car day after day and wonder who would buy it with all of the mechanical problems it has. What do you do? Who is the soul will give you money for this car that needs so much work?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

It’s often been said that “what’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. The same can be said for this car of yours, that doesn’t run.

So, if you’re facing a car without an engine and you spend days without hope, we’re here to tell you that you can still get money for your car!  Even though you have a vehicle with lots of mechanical problems you can still get money for it! Continue reading and find out how selling a car with mechanical problems can get you top dollar!

Some of the Most Common Car Problems

There’s nothing fun about owning a car that needs help. Whether your broken-down car has engine problems, no brakes, a terrible and non-reliable starter or some other issue, it’s a hassle to have a vehicle doesn’t run but manages to drive you crazy!

Let’s check out some of the most common car problems that can leave owners with a loss of faith for money.

  1. A Spitting & Sputtering Engine– A good running engine is one when the air and fuel properly mix and burn in the combustion chamber. For this to be successful, there is a series of fuel and ignition system components that work as a team. Whether it’s bad spark plugs, a dirty fuel injector or a vacuum leak, a bad engine tops our list of the most common car issues.
  2. A Dead Battery– We’ve all been there. It was a rainy night. You head to the drugstore for a snack and beverage. Once you get get back in your car, all you hear is just one click. You call the tow company and find that it’s the battery. It’s dead. And so is your great night. Enough said.
  3. Squeaking & Grinding Brakes- Every time you depress the brakes on your car, it sounds like some sort of farm animal crying for dear life. It’s your brakes. The pads are worn and it’s time to replace them. Ugh.
  4. Broken Starter- Turning the key to your car is easy as one, two, three. Or is it? Remember that time you went to turn the key in the ignition and the car was trying to “turn over” but wouldn’t? You call the mechanic and find you need a new starter. Not fun.
  5. Overheating-That temperature gauge on your front panel is to the top and won’t come back down. Now, comes the smoke from the hood. You stop and once you open the hood, all of this smoke escapes. Your car overheated and so have you!

Even with all of the issues your car has, it can still be worth a good chunk of change!

With Mechanical Problems

How to Sell a Car That Needs Repairs

You have a car and in the eyes of many, it’s a piece of junk! But hold on there. That car is still worth money. So, how can you sell your car that needs some major work and still get come cash?

  1. Assess your car. Instead of taking time to kick your car, take the time to get the particulars of your car. Just because it needs major work, doesn’t mean that all of the parts on the car are garbage. Have a mechanic inspect your car and provide you with a list of parts that are in good, fair and poor condition.
  2. Make a list and categorize parts. Once you have a mechanic look at your car, you can create a chart with sections of “good”, “fair” and “poor”. Then, list the parts and their condition that fall into the respective category.
  3. Do your research! Once you have your list of parts that are good, fair and poor on your car, go online and do the research. Find out what those good working parts are worth and begin your game plan for selling and getting money!

Selling a Car Without an Engine

Selling a car without an engine may appear to be a challenge, but hold on before you drive off! For your question of “Who Buys Cars with No Engine?”, you could find yourself pleasantly surprised!

Did you know that you can still make money off of that car with no engine? “Drive on down” below and find out how you can still sell a car with engine problems!

  1. Get with a specialist. Contact a top-notch and reputable mechanic. Let him or her know that your car has no engine and then find out what your car is worth.
  2. Sell Your Car. Once you have the worth of your car, put it up for sale. Whether you’re selling your car online or privately, let perspective buyers know that your car has no engine. You may want to highlight other elements and parts of your car that still work. You can even put in the title of your ad that your car has no engine. Again, just because it has no engine, doesn’t mean that you’ll have no money for it!

How To Sell A Car That Needs Work On Facebook

We are in an era of the “Facebook Days.” In fact, according to data , Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users!  So, if you’re thinking of selling your car that needs work on Facebook, you just may find that you’ll have cash fast!  Check out some tips to have a successful sale!

  1. Be honest. You want to be honest within your Facebook community. You may even post a picture of the car and put in the title of that ad, “Needs Work”. Lots of people fix up cars for a hobby or even a living.
  2. Be detailed. Once you have posted that you have a car that needs work, tell perspective buyers what specifically needs work on the car. Does your car need a new starter? Is your car needing new brakes? Do you have a transmission that’s’ on life support? Be honest and detailed about what on the car needs work.
  3. Keep your price competitive. Once you have a mechanic’s diagnosis of your car and you’re ready to sell on Facebook, keep your price for the car competitive.

How To Sell A Car In Poor Condition Privately

How To Sell A Car In Poor Condition Privately

Thinking of selling that non running car privately? Looking to sell that car that needs an engine on your own? You can do it and here are some tips to help!

  1. Buy and post bright and big “for sale” signs. You want to get rid of the car with the mechanical issues fast, so what better way, than to draw attention to it? Purchase “for sale” signs that show you have a car to sell! On the signs, you may want to write “needs work”. This phrase is “music” to a car repair hobbyist’s ear!
  2. Be honest with your perspective buyer. Once you have your signs and folks know you have a car for sale, you will get some cars. So, be honest with buyers. Let buyers know that it needs work. Share with him or her what works on the car, but also share what doesn’t.
  3. Be firm with your price if that is your intent. You have set a price for your car that is the price you want. You've done your research. So, if you are firm, then be firm.
  4. If you are willing to negotiate, then negotiate! If your car with no engine needs to go fast, you may want to be negotiable about the price. As the car seller, you are in control of the sale and you have the final say as to what you will sell the car for!

Can I Sell A Car That Is Not Running?

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