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Everything to Know About Selling Car with Engine Problems

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What do you need to do to get into selling a car with engine problems? Selling cars can be quite beneficial especially when you get the payment in full cash. However, you must also take into account how much is selling a car with engine problems worth. Aside from asking how you can sell your car with a bad engine, you may also ask “Who would buy a car with damages?” In this guide, you will be introduced to different car buyers, how much your car is worth (yes, it’s worth something even with a problematic engine), and many more. Read on to find out what’s in it for you.

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First of all, the engine is considered one of the most fundamental components of any vehicle. It would be a miracle if your car can move with a blown engine. Furthermore, if your car gets to start even with a damaged engine, you should not risk driving it. The problem with your vehicle will get worse over time and it is dangerous to drive. If you have already had your vehicle checked and you are a hundred percent sure it has engine problems, you may then decide what to do with your vehicle. You may try to repair it or replace the damaged engine which costs between 4,000 to 5,000 dollars. The cost varies depending on the engine housed inside your car. But if you don’t mind letting go of your car, you may try selling it.

If it is your first time selling a car with engine problems, you may have anxieties and that is justifiable. You need to find car buyers that are reliable and will pay you right. The following sections will also give you tips on how you will protect yourself and your car ownership when you try selling a car with engine problems privately. This article is your comprehensive guide to sell your vehicle to the right dealer and get what your car is worth.

How much is a car with a bad engine worth?

Several factors would determine the price of the vehicle you will be selling. It is a no-brainer that well-maintained cars sell for higher prices. You should take into consideration how car buyers’ businesses work. Cars that they buy will automatically be repaired to sell them again. If you are selling a car with engine problems, chances are, its worth will depreciate. As you have learned from the beginning of this comprehensive guide, the engine is a very important part of your vehicle. Since it is fundamental for any vehicle to work properly and optimally, it costs much when repaired or replaced. Selling a car with engine problems may also require a lot of waiting on potential buyers with lower pay for the vehicle.


The cost for a new engine varies depending on the cylinders in your vehicle. A new engine costs around 4,000 to 7,000 dollars. Repair costs may also be worth more than the actual price of the vehicle itself so buyers are understandably more meticulous when buying cars with blown engines.


Luckily, you can also look through the web for used cars buyers. The challenge is finding reputable dealers and buyers who will buy your car at the price that is right for you and not too costly for them. This way, everyone wins the negotiation. When selling a car with engine problems, time is a great factor. If you are selling your car privately, your car may get into a worse condition since you stall repairing it or replacing the damaged parts. Cash Cars Buyer can give you an offer for your car in 24 hours even when it is damaged. This way, you are not likely to waste your time waiting for someone who will buy your vehicle. If you need fast cash, this may be the right option for you. Simply contact them and if you like their offer, make it official and sell your car.

What do I need to do when selling my car privately?

The first thing that must concern you is increasing the value of your car. Since selling a second-hand car is also a type of business, you must have all the needed documents for the buyers to be assured of the car’s performance and more importantly its certificate of registration.

There are a few things you must look into before sending the word out to the prospective people that you want to sell your car to.


You must meet the requirements of your clients. If you ever plan on selling a car with engine problems, you are naturally at a disadvantage in the business. Most car buyers avoid buying cars with damaged engines as much as possible. However, there are still various factors that can perhaps make them change their minds. Car buyers usually consider the overall feature of the car and pick the car that works best for them and their circumstances. If you sell your car to a family, they would most likely want a car that is more spacious while other buyers keep an eye on the performance of the car as a whole. The key would be finding the right clients for your car.


Selling a car with engine problems or just slight issues can pose a real challenge. It could take much time before you can find a buyer that will agree to your terms and is the perfect match for your car. However, there is no need to fret since people buy cars for functionality. Therefore, there will always be someone looking for a car like yours. This guide will provide you with a few of the steps that you must take to achieve a smooth transaction.


  1. Know how much your car is worth

Deciding the price of your car can be a bit tricky if you try selling a car with engine problems. Though this may be the case, there are still ways to evaluate your car’s value. Your car’s appraisal value will greatly depend on its model, make, the year it was released, car mileage, trim, depreciation, and lastly its inner and outer features. Searching online can also help you know your car’s value. There are sites online that can convert your car’s value for you depending on your car’s condition as well as if you are selling a car with engine problems.


  1. Prepare your car to be on sale

Keep in mind that first impressions matter when it comes to shopping for a car. Nevertheless, if you are selling a car with engine problems, be honest with the buyers about the car’s issues. They might be able to reconsider if you turn them to other beneficial features of the vehicle. Car buyers pay specific attention to the efficiency of the car and the functionality of the car’s features. They give much importance to safety and their comfortability when it comes to driving. Owning a vehicle is a long-term investment so it is only right that your clients will be looking for a car that will be able to serve their demands in the long term.


  1. Post an Ad online

One of the most important steps is to get the word out there. You need people to know that you are going to sell your car or else there will be no transaction with you and car buyers. If you want a more private way of selling your car, you can also try networking. You can list the specific people you have in mind that might be interested in buying a second-hand car. In case you are selling a car with engine problems, you must include it in the information for your ad. Make sure to communicate well with prospective buyers.


  1. Keep a record of all transactions

Since you are selling your car privately, it is expected of you to be responsible for all transactions. Unlike at a dealership where they handle the job for you, private affairs such as selling a car with engine problems will need systematic operation with the paperwork. Make sure that all the affairs are legal.


  1. Do a test drive

You can do a test drive to make sure that the car functions properly. Test drives are done by dealers even for new cars, so you can also apply it when selling a car privately. Doing a test drive can ensure the car buyer’s comfortable driving.


Will CarMax buy a car with engine problems?

Yes. CarMax does buy cars with engine issues. CarMax is a popular pre-owned or used car retailer based in the United States. It offers several car services condensed into two: CarMax Sales Operations and CarMax Auto Finance. If you want to try selling a car with engine problems to CarMax, you must first find the nearest CarMax office in your area. Once you’re done with your research, you may also try contacting them to confirm your transaction. You cannot negotiate with CarMax on the price your vehicle will be bought.


So, what is the deal with CarMax? CarMax will buy vehicles with bad transmissions. They will buy cars with damaged engines. However, you need to note that you won't necessarily get paid the best price for selling a car with engine problems.


You may wonder if you have other options other than CarMax. Well, definitely yes. Cash Cars Buyer buys used cars for “top dollar”. The best part is you can ask them to get your car towed for free. If you decide to transact with Cash Cars Buyer, you need to contact them. Make sure to tell them detailed information about your vehicle and don't forget to mention issues you have with your car. The staff will determine how much your car is worth and will make an offer. If you want to decline the offer, no need not worry. Cash Cars Buyer has a transparent system so you will not wait too long to know if you want the cash or you want to keep your vehicle. You can easily contact Cash Cars Buyer through their website.


How do you avoid getting scammed when selling a car?

Scams are circulating car businesses anywhere and everywhere. For this reason, you must always be attentive to avoid scams when selling your car. Selling a car makes decent money and it is a business that can be taken advantage of by scammers. There is no guarantee that any transaction will be perfectly successful and without any risks of fraud. Guard yourself against scams with these few suggestions:


  1. Filter the people you transact with

If you plan on selling your car privately, you will be the one to find people who are interested in buying your car. You can reach people through networking meaning you contact them on your own or you can post an ad and let them contact you first through the information on the ad. Beware of fake identity. You can then gain more information about your customer and only entertain those who are legitimately buying your car.


  1. Meet in person

Make sure to meet in person as much as you can. There are cases when the person you are negotiating with is too far to make the deal with. Contacting can be done online, however, the actual selling must be done on a face-to-face basis to ensure a safe transaction.


  1. Only take certified checks or cash

Dealing with fake check scams can be a handful so you must always be mindful about this fraud. There are ways you can spot a check scam however, it is safer to only receive cash. Certified checks are also reliable methods of payment since the bank will be the one to directly inform you and confirm that the account holder (the buyer) has enough money on their account to make the payment. You must not take risks on checks that pose a red flag such as checks sent via email. You must always verify the payments that you receive and keep records for those payments.


All in all, selling a car with engine problems comes with some hassle. If you want to save yourself from waiting on potential buyers who won’t even pay you for what your vehicle’s worth, the best option will be to find a reputable dealer. There are many used car buyers out there. In this article, you also learned how to protect yourself from falling for scams or schemes most common when selling your vehicle privately. Now that you’ve read this comprehensive guide, you won’t need to wonder anymore if you can sell your car with issues. Have confidence that you will be able to sell your car to the right dealer for the right price.


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