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How to Sell a Car with Engine Problems

Sell a Car with Engine Problems

Selling a car can be a hassle, but when your vehicle is not exactly perfect, it can be even more of a challenge. Minor problems such as a broken tail light or a sensor issue can be an easy fix for a new buyer and even something the seller might easily fix prior to the sale, but when the engine is compromised, the sale becomes even more difficult. However, it is still possible. Here are some tips on selling a car with engine problems.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Be Honest

If you know what the engine problem is, always tell a prospective buyer. Depending on what the overall value of the car is, versus what you are selling it for, the costs of putting in a new engine can equal out. Buyers value honesty and when you sell a car with known engine problems, without being honest, your reputation can suffer. Even if you are only selling one car, you do not want to get a reputation for selling dishonestly as buyers can blast your name on social media avenues ruining your reputation in your area. Even if you do not know what the exact engine trouble is, tell the new buyer the symptoms of what is going on anyway. Honesty is always the best policy.

Sell as Mechanic’s Special

Social media is one of the best places to sell any vehicle these days. It receives maximum exposure without you having to find a physical location to sell your car. You will find that some buyers are looking for a perfectly running car, but often, you will also find buyers that want a project to work on. Engine problems are not always a negative to these people and the car can be sold as a mechanic’s special. This means you are notably selling the vehicle with problems to someone who can fix it with ease. People just getting into a career as a mechanic may value the ability to work on a vehicle to practice their skills.

Sell it for Parts

Cars do not always have to be sold as a whole. Often buyers are looking for parts to fix up another vehicle and used parts can be difficult to find depending on the make and model of the car. Selling your car for parts can be tricky, but can also be very profitable. Some buyers may even want to purchase the entire car to have backup parts available for another vehicle. Certain salvage yards will purchase cars with engine issues just to have an extra supply of car parts available for sale. You often sell the vehicle at a deep discount, but if you fail to sell it to an individual, this is an excellent back up option.

Do Not Overprice the Vehicle

Understand what your vehicle is worth without engine problems and price it according to how much it will take to fix the car. Paying attention to the market for your area and the overall value of the vehicle will help you determine a fare price for the car. Higher end, luxury models sell easier even if they have engine problems simply due to their resale value. Lower end or more common brands can be more difficult to sell, but still very possible.

Price with Negotiation in Mind

Never sell yourself short when you know the value of your vehicle. Buyers can try to take advantage of a seller who is selling a troubled car by low balling the price. It is important to price your vehicle appropriately, but also allow for some negotiation to take place. Keep a bottom dollar in mind and do not allow potential buyers to go below that price. You are selling the car and the right buyer will come along as long as you are patient. Never let the buyer make you feel like they are your only option for a sale.

Detail Everything

Gaining a sale is all about the details. As stated previously, many buyers are looking for potential project cars, but selling the car is all in how you present the details. List any and all new parts you have recently added to the car and have receipts on hand. Keep all maintenance receipts as well to prove how well the vehicle was taken care of.

Get it Checked Out by a Mechanic

Selling your car, even with engine problems is possible, but unless you are a mechanic, you might not realize the exact cause of the issue. The key is to get the car checked out by a qualified mechanic. It can be difficult to diagnose the exact cause of the engine problems, but it will be essential to help you sell your car. Buyers understand they are taking a risk when buying a used car, but having a real quote from a mechanic on what it will cost to fix the car can be a serious help to your sale.

Some Companies Buy Broken Cars

Selling to a junkyard or salvage yard can keep you from getting a quality price for the car. These entities are great for selling in a pinch, but there is a better option. Some companies specialize in broken cars. These companies often offer a much more competitive price and buy the car fully understanding that it has a certain problems. Again, the make, model, and overall value of the vehicle will be taken into consideration, so always know what you are selling and what it is worth.

Every car has a potential buyer and where you may think that your vehicle with engine problems is impossible to sell, it really is not. Today’s buyers are not always looking for the bottom dollar bargain, but a car with true value. The rarer the car, the easier it can be to sell, but rarity is not the only factor a buyer will consider. Your car has value, even with engine problems, so take the time and do your research. Never settle for less than what your car is worth.


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