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Selling A Car To A Relative: A Step By Step Process

Selling A Car To A Relative

If you're planning for selling a car to a relative, here is a step-by-step process:

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  • Step #1: understand the value of your car
  • Step #2: prepare your car for sale
  • Step #3: create a bill of sale
  • Step #4: have a test drive
  • Step #5: prepare for a negotiation
  • Step #6: close the sale

Congratulations on finding the buyer for your vehicle! Was your relative convinced to purchase your vehicle? What's next? What paperwork is needed? How to finalize the sale without any complications?

This article will help you understand the step-by-step process of selling a car to a relative. In addition, it helps you throughout the process if you have no experience before selling a vehicle. Read on for more details!

Selling a car to a relative: a step by step process

Selling a car to a relative is a very good idea, and it saves you a ton of effort and hassle throughout the car-selling process. You don't have to worry about listing your car on classified websites or dealing with strangers visiting your private property to check on your vehicle.

While the best thing about selling your car to a relative is convenience, there are some items you must take care of, especially if you still need to gain experience. Those related to the paperwork are the most critical ones.

Let's take a closer look at the step-by-step process of selling a car to a relative:

1.    Step #1: understand the value of your car

Before you even discuss with your relative about selling your vehicle, you have to have a good understanding of your vehicle's current value. At some point in the process, your relative will ask why you asked for this offer and why you're asking so highly for your car.

You need to have evidence for the price you're looking for, and during this step, you can also get a chance to decide whether the best option for you is all your Carter relative or look into other ideas. For example, if you feel that your relative is unwilling to pay you the specific amount of money you're looking for, consider posting your car on unclassified websites like Craigslist or ebay motors or looking for other innovative approaches.

The more time you spend on this step, the easier it gets for you to wrap up the process without any concerns.

Could you please let me know where to start regarding determining your vehicle value? In that case, you can look into tools like Kelley Blue Book, check for existing posts for similar vehicles, and understand what people are asking for their cars.

Once you have an exact number in mind, keep a copy of the KB value to help you throughout the negotiation process. We understand that you're selling a car to a relative, which is a little uncomfortable, especially when talking about money and negotiating the price.

2.    Step #2: prepare your car for sale

We know that you're selling your car to a relative, and they might know your vehicle exactly; it doesn't hurt to spend time preparing your car for sale. Of course, preparing the car does not necessarily mean cleaning it, but there are additional items to watch for.

You want to avoid having your relative drive your car when there are a lot of food leftovers or garbage in the vehicle. Spend time cleaning the car and making it look as good as possible.

You can even give it a car wash, or some people might take it to the next level and give their vehicles a final wax on top of the paint job. This becomes very interesting because when the buyer meets with you and looks at the vehicle, they'll see that you've been taking good care of the car.

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3.    Step #3: create a bill of sale

When selling a car to a relative, you need to understand that a legal component is involved. You're not trying to sell a toy or furniture from your house where you don't have to worry about how things are transferred, there is something connected between you and the vehicle, and anything that goes wrong with the vehicle might get back to you.

That's why you need to first start by reviewing your state regulations. Then, if you visit the local DMV website, they will have a list of items and paperwork you need to prepare when transferring ownership and selling your vehicle.

For part of that paperwork, you must have a bill of sale. Depending on your state, they might even have a form you have to use, and they're not going to accept any other type of bill of sale. However, if they don't have one, you can always download a copy of a form from the Internet. So there are a lot of examples out there.

4.    Step #4: have a test drive

Some people might get surprised that their relatives will ask for a test drive when purchasing their vehicles. However, we want to ensure that you're not surprised by with and that we're well prepared for that.

Automotive experts typically recommend asking your relative to test drive your car if this shows that you don't have anything to hide about the vehicle and the vehicle is in good shape. You also want to avoid dealing with complications after selling the vehicle that the buyer didn't see or didn't try.

You must check your and your relative's availability to test drive your car. For example, you could meet during the weekends when both of you are available and can spend the rest of the day together.

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5.    Step #5: prepare for a negotiation

Did you know that although you're selling your car to a relative, some negotiation will be involved? Most people are not going to accept the asked price no matter what, and some people find it a little bit uncomfortable to ask for their price just because they're selling their vehicles to family members or friends.

You can make the discussion as smooth as possible by having the KBB value and some evidence that your vehicle deserves the value you're asking for. Just to let you know. However, keeps recommended that you allow room for negotiation. In other words, you need to show that you're willing to drop the price slightly and find a sweet spot that works for both of you.

6.    Step #6: close the sale

Once both of you are happy with the asking price and the buyer strives for your vehicle, the next step is to finalize the sale & what is required. At this point, we would like to ask you to understand your state regulations about what exactly needs to be signed and finalize the deal.

Once the deal is finalized, you must keep copies of all the paperwork. Also, you must sign the vehicle using as-is condition so your relative doesn't return because of some problems.

Of course, there are other ways to hide major problems with your vehicle. Instead, it's a way to protect you. I think that's why it's critical to be as clear as possible with the buyer and indicate that your vehicle has certain issues if it does.

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What if my relative changed his mind and wanted to return the car?

In some scenarios, your relative might encounter problems in your vehicle and want to return the car. First, however, you both must agree that you're selling the vehicle as is, which needs to be included in the bill of sale.

It's also very important that you clarify any potential problems with your vehicle and highlight them before evening negotiating the price. Again, the more details you give at the beginning, the easier it gets to finalize the deal without any complications after work.

If you both agreed to the offer and signed the paperwork indicating the vehicle is sold, you're not technically required to return the vehicle. It also becomes the type of relationship you have with the wire, and if you're willing to take your vehicle back, it's your call, but you're not required to.

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Final thoughts

Finding a relative willing to purchase your vehicle is a great idea to get rid of your car without any hassle of looking for strangers to purchase the car. However, there are some complications and challenges that you might encounter, especially if you need to gain experience selling vehicles.

This article walks you through a step-by-step process to help you on selling a car to a relative. It started with fellating your car and closing the sale while signing all the required paperwork without any complications.

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