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How To Use The Kelley Blue Book Value For Junk Cars?

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If you're planning to sell your junk vehicle, one of the most important pieces of information you must prepare is understanding your current vehicle’s value. With what's going on with COVID-19 and especially as we're heading to 2023, vehicle prices are changing significantly, and you always need to get updated on the value of your current vehicle.

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One of the greatest resources for estimating your current vehicle value is the Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars. It is a legitimate, accurate resource you always need to check before listing your vehicle for sale or reaching out to a potential junk car buyer.

This article recommends using the Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars. It also provides you with recommendations on how to get the best estimation for your current vehicle price, so you get the best cash paid for junk cars in your area.

What is the Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars?

Before we dive into the details about how to use the Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars, you must understand what this value is and what it's based on. It is a common tool that estimates the minimum and maximum value your vehicle can make in your area.

The Kelley Blue Book tool will ask you to provide basic information about your vehicle’s type, including the make, model, year, and condition. Once you insert this information in the Kelley Blue Book tool, you will immediately get results of a detailed analysis of the potential value of your car.

Remember that some automotive experts recommend using something other than Kelley Blue Book as the only tool to estimate your junk vehicle value. This is because the Kelly Blue Book is not based on junk car prices and typically provides you with your car’s current value, assuming that it doesn't have major problems.

Also, this Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars might not reflect your current value. For instance, say that you're trying to sell a junk vehicle that has a very well-known engine that people are looking for it as parts replacements. Your chances of getting a much higher offer for your junk vehicle are bigger and higher than what Kelley Blue Book provides.

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How to determine my junk car value based on the Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars?

Although we mentioned that the Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars might not represent your current vehicle value, it is still a great resource to start with and has an idea about what's telling you, especially if your vehicle is less valuable.

Let's take a look at how to determine your junk car value based on the Kelley Blue Book estimation:

  1. Collect your vehicle information

The first and most important thing you must do is collect your vehicle information. As we mentioned, Kelley Blue Book will ask you about your current vehicle’s make, model, and year. Therefore, you have to have this information ready beforehand.

You might even need to collect details about the vehicle’s condition, including how much mileage it has or how many years you have owned it. The more details you have about your vehicle condition, the more accurate your Kelley Blue Book estimation for your junk car value.

  1. Visit Kelley Blue Book online evaluation tool

The next step is to locate the Kelley Blue Book online estimation tool. This tool should be available if you search on the company's website or probably if you put on Google something like “how much is my vehicle worth on Kelley Blue Book?”

Once you get to the website, the website is very intuitive, and you will immediately know where to look for the estimation and where to put the details of the vehicle so you can get the estimation of your junk car value.

  1. Provide your vehicle details

At this point, you should be ready to provide your vehicle details and insert them carefully in the appropriate boxes. Then, you can request an estimation of your vehicle's value from the Kelley Blue Book.

The estimation shouldn't take much time, and it's typically quicker than any other tool when estimating your vehicle’s current value. It should provide you with ranges of your current value based on the minimum and maximum price.

The nice thing about the Kelley Blue Book value is that they provide details about the expected trade-in value for your car. However, since you're trying to sell a junk vehicle, it doesn't make sense to trade it on because most dealerships will only pay you for this vehicle.

  1. Subtract repair costs

Sports indicate that they kill a blue book value does not account for any major problems in your vehicle or any potential repair costs. That's why sometimes, even after you get the KBB value, you might need to do some math to subtract potential repair costs from this value to get an accurate estimate of your current vehicle value.

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What other tools to estimate my junk car value?

Although Kelley Blue Book is a great tool to estimate your current junk car value, many experts are hesitant about relying on this tool as a final estimation. Therefore, you might be looking for additional tools that could help you get a better sense of your current car price so you can list it as an asking price in your advertising for this vehicle

  1. Check with your mechanic

You can talk to your mechanic because the mechanic should know how much your vehicle is worth by just looking at it and understanding its type and condition.

When the mechanic has a physical vehicle in front of him, he can immediately determine what major problems it has and gets a sense of who is willing to purchase this vehicle and how much money it will pay.

You can also check with the mechanic about a reasonable ask price to list on your advertisement to get some engagement from potential buyers. Also, remember that you need room for negotiation, so the buyer feels that you are flexible and want to get rid of your vehicle.

  1. Cash Cars Buyer tool

There's another tool you can try which gives you accurate information about how much your vehicles are worth in your area. You can try the Cash Cars Buyer online tool, our form for selling junk vehicles. It doesn’t cost you any money, and you could try it for free to get an estimation of your current car price that we're willing to pay for your vehicle.

If you're happy with the price, you could move forward and decide on a removal service with our team. The nice thing about using our tools is that we can continue the car-selling process and provide you with free towing service no matter where you live in the United States.

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How to get the best price for your junk car?

There's much uncertainty when estimating your current junk car price, so if you're an inexperienced driver, you might lose really good opportunities out of your junk vehicle.

That's why it's critical for you to understand what needs to be done to maximize the potential of receiving the maximum dollar paid for junk vehicles in your area. Here's what automotive experts recommend:

  1. Check with similar vehicles

If you're planning to post your car on certain listings or specific classified websites, you can get a sense of the current vehicle prices from these websites. For example, you can check on Craigslist for similar vehicles in the same time and condition and see what people are asking for those vehicles.

You can also look at the used car category on the cars.com website because it should have similar vehicles to yours in very similar condition. The one thing to remember is that you should ensure that you are in the same area because car prices change by location.

  1. Consider car parts

If your car is in bad condition, consider selling it as parts. For example, you need to take away the engine or the transmission and post them on classified websites like eBay motors.

You'll be surprised by how many people understand in purchasing these parts replacements, especially considering the current shortage in car supply that makes people wait months in the mechanic shop to fix their vehicles.

Parting out your car is a simple job, but if you don't have the required tools and experience, you might get yourself into hassle, so really breaking out some of the valuable components as you're taking them out.

  1. Sell your junk car to a professional buyer

If you want to avoid dealing with this hassle and get rid of your car fast and for the most money, why don't you choose a professional car buyer? Cash Cars Buyer is one of the nation’s top-rated companies willing to move your car fast and for the most money.

The best thing about the cash crispier is that we have a detailed evaluation process that allows us to provide you with an accurate estimation of your vehicle price in your area, which is a competitive number that guarantees to give you the top dollar your vehicle deserves.

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Does the Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars represent the current market?

Yes. According to automotive experts, the Kelley Blue Book junk car value is regularly updated, typically representing the existing and current car prices. That’s why we encouraged you to check on the KBB value before selling your car because it reflects the current market estimation for your vehicle.

One thing that you can try to test the KBB accuracy of estimating your junk car price is to compare it to current vehicle prices. You can look at what KBB is providing you and then check what cars.com listings for similar vehicles have. This should give you a sense of whether your vehicle is underestimated.

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Is the Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars suitable for selling to dealerships?

It might, but it might not. In other words, depending on which dealership you're approaching, they might accept your KBB value, but that's not guaranteed. Remember that dealerships always consider lots of fees and overhead costs that they have to take care of related to the physical Lots and the employee costs.

Therefore, most automotive experts recommend selling your vehicle to a potential professional service willing to purchase junk vehicles and provide you with free towing service. Otherwise, your vehicle will be underestimated, and you'll lose the opportunity to sell it to a dealership.

Experts do not recommend selling a vehicle in good condition to a dealership because these vehicles will get underestimated. What could happen if you're trying to sell a junk vehicle?! And once your vehicle is in really good condition or has some parts with a lot of shortage nearby, dealerships will not pay you what you're looking for. You’ll always go out with a lost opportunity when selling your car to a dealership.

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Final thoughts

The Kelley Blue Book value for junk cars is a great way to estimate your current price. However, it might not be the most accurate, especially if you're trying to sell a junk vehicle with attractive components.

Suppose you would like to get a better estimation of your current car price. In that case, you can check with your mechanic or reach out to Cash Cars Buyer, who can provide you with detailed information about the current car price and even move forward with purchasing your vehicle if you're happy with the price.

To get started, call our team at 7737914363.

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