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Bent Frame Repair Cost: Is It Even Worth Fixing a Damaged Frame?

How To Know If Your Car Has Frame Damage

The average bent frame repair cost is about $750. Unfortunately, fixing a bent frame costs a lot of money, and that's why many automotive experts sometimes suggest selling the vehicle rather than wasting the money and effort.

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Your vehicle's frame is one of the most critical components in your car that affects your safety. 

As manufacturers progress in creating more modern vehicles, they added certain components within the frame to absorb most of the damages whenever you get involved in a car accident. This way, passengers receive the highest protection possible, and the majority of the potential risk of car accidents goes towards the car frame.

While this is a great addition to the automotive world, it indicates that the frame is the most susceptible to damage. Thus, dealing with a bent frame or a completely damaged frame are very common after getting out of a car accident.

Whenever you deal with a bent frame, you'll have to fix it or think about selling the vehicle instead. Fixing a bent frame is not cheap and requires a certain level of mechanical skill set to bring back the safety of your vehicle and help you prevent any risk from getting to the passengers.

Before making a final decision about whether you should sell or fix your bed frame, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the potential ranges of bent frame repair costs.

This article walks you through all you need to know about bent frame repair costs. It also highlights some background information to get you up to speed on the topic of damaged and bent frames.

Is the Frame of a Car Repairable or Replaceable

What is a bent frame, and why is it critical?

Before we highlight the details about bent frame repair costs, drivers need to understand the severity of the situation they're dealing with whenever there is a bent frame and their vehicle.

Your vehicle's frame is the external structural component that is the foundation of all of your vehicle's exterior. It's designed in a way that absorbs the majority of the risks of any car accident, so passengers stay as safe as possible.

Typically, if you're driving a modern car, you'll hear the term crumple zones. These zones are responsible for absorbing any forces coming from any collision doing the car accident. This way, the risks of passenger injury are limited.

This Frame can get damaged in many different ways, and the severity of the damage depends heavily on the situation the frame got involved in. It can be as simple as minor scratches outside the frame, but also it can be severe. We are a third-party component that bangs into a vehicle and this Frame.

Driving a car with a bent frame is not okay. Depending on your state, you might get involved in legal issues by driving a broken car, especially those related to a bent frame.

Even if we're not thinking about the legal issues, we should focus on your safety. If the vehicle does not have a proper frame, your chances of getting injured in major car accidents increase significantly. That's why you must fix the bed frame immediately after it gets bent.

However, the question always remains, is it even worth fixing a bent frame? We will cover this question in the following sections.

Frame Damage Meaning

Bent frame repair costs

Now you have a good understanding of what could go wrong if your frame is bent. The next step is to understand how much it will cost you to fix this bed frame. Typically, fixing a bent frame should cost you an average of about $750. However, depending on the severity of the damage, prices can climb significantly.

Keep in mind that bent or damaged frame repair costs differ significantly depending on manufacturers

  •  The severity of the damage

Bent frame repair costs will differ depending on how bad the damage is. For instance, if the issue is just a couple of scratches on the outside, you don't have to worry about costs as someone else was dealing with a completely bent frame.

  •  Location where you get the job done

Labor cost is a big component in any bed frame repair cost. If you decided to go to a dealership, for example, you'd have to worry about labor costs because their hourly rate is very high. However, if you decide to go with a small independent shop, repair costs will be lower.

Many people are comfortable fixing their bed frame, which is not a very common situation. If that's the case with you, labor cost is eliminated.

  • Your vehicles type

Yes, not all vehicles are the same, and not all vehicles require the same amount of effort. Therefore a cut-off if you're driving a car that requires a lot of effort to end frame because of very sensitive components or materials; expect to pay much more than someone else was fixing an old car that can be easily fixed.

Note that older vehicles are not expected to get damaged as much as modern cars because of the added crumple zones.

  • Your address

The location you live is another important component in determining how much you'll pay for bed frame repair costs. Your address plays a major role in determining how much she'll pay for automotive repair in general.

For example, if you live in an urban area where there's a lot of Demand for automotive shops and rent costs are much higher, you'll have to pay much more for at least the labor cost for the location expenses.

Frame Damage Repair Cost

Who buys cars with bent frames?

If you decide to sell your car considering the bent frame, you'd have some options, but typically, these options are limited:

  •  Private buyers

It might sound a bit weird to find a private buyer interested in purchasing your car with a bent frame. However, many people might be looking for a project vehicle for their staff on certain mechanical skill sets.

If you decide to post your car on classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor, it is important to be upfront with the buyers. You have to state that you're dealing with a bent frame, and you must take clear pictures of the problem.

Hiding the details from the buyers is not going to help you because the buyer will come to you and see the damage. Therefore, Focus your audience and the people you're interested in for those willing to purchase the car considering the damage.

Keep in mind that if you decided to go this route, you'd need to wait for a long time because it can be challenging to find the right buyer through these options. 

  •  Mechanics and independent shops

If you don't already know, there are plenty of independent shops that might be interested in buying Vehicles as project cars rather than going through classified websites. Therefore, if you're familiar with a specific mechanic and have access to certain independent shops, you can speak to them and let them know that you're planning to sell your car.

Considering the damaged frame, you must do your research and understand how much exactly to ask for your car. Otherwise, people can take advantage of you and might not pay you the top dollars you're interested in.

  •  Dealerships

Did you know that dealerships might be willing to purchase her car even if it has a bent frame? Yes, however, dealerships typically underestimate vehicles, and if you're interested in making some good amount of money out of your car, dealerships might not be the best option for you.

Note that dealerships do not accept every vehicle with a bent frame. Therefore, you want to confirm that your area Is interested in such a vehicle, especially if there is a very high demand for your vehicles type.

  • Junkyards

Junkyards are a very convenient option for those who don't want to deal with the hassle of talking to private buyers and convincing them to buy their cars. First, however, you must do your research and confirm you're dealing with a legitimate junkyard.

Unfortunately, there is no standard number for how much to expect for your car, and that's why you recommended doing your research and reaching out to at least three junkyards to get an idea about how much to expect for your car with a damaged frame.

  • parting out your car

Many people give up on their vehicles with damaged frames quickly. However, you still have some good options like parting out your car.

By parting out your car, it means that you separate the different components in your vehicle and sell them as individual items on classified websites like eBay Motors.

You'll be surprised by the number of people interested in buying your parts because they're looking for ways to save on repair costs for major complaints, especially if you're posting a transmission or probably an engine.

When the frame is damaged, it doesn't mean that all the components are bad in your car. On the contrary, you can make a really good amount of money by selling these parts separately. There is plenty of research out there about what components will make you the most money when parting out your car.

The biggest challenge about parting out your car is the process. As you might expect, it's not very simple to part out the car safely without damaging the components. 

Also, if you decide to part out your car, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the different regulations around your area. For example, all fluids coming out of the vehicle are toxic, and they have to be stored in certain components so they don't contaminate the environment.

  • Donations

When your vehicle gets to a point where it's beyond repair or when a cost climbs up significantly, you might want to consider donating it to your favorite charity. But, of course, the options are committed for those who are not interested in getting a lot of money out of their cars.

By donating your car with a damaged frame to our charity, you achieve two important goals: support your favorite charity, and get some tax deductions when filing your taxes at the end of the year.

The amount of deduction depends heavily on your situation, and you'd better consult an accountant for more details about how much to expect.

  •  Cash cars buyer

Finally, if you're looking for one of the easiest, let's, fastest ways to get rid of your car that has a bed frame, you better reach out to a cash cars buyer.

Cash cars buyer is willing to buy your car and remove it within 1 to 3 days only no matter where you live around the United States. We have decades of experience in the used-car market, and we understand how much your vehicle is worth immediately.

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Most Common Frame Damage Symptoms


Dealing with collisions and having a bed frame is never a fun situation. However, when it happens, we'll have to fix the issue. Otherwise, our safety and the safety of passengers might get impacted significantly.

Understanding bent frame repair costs are one of the essential things you have to think about whatever your deal with in such a situation. Typically, fixing the bed frames costs you around $750, a relatively high number for automotive repairs.

That's why many Automotive Experts recommend evaluating the situation and seeing if it's even worth fixing this vehicle or selling it instead. If you want to sell your Cash cars, the buyer can always help you!

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