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Sell My Truck Online Free: Here Are All Ways to Sell! 

Getting Rid Of My Car

Is your beloved truck giving you a hard time running? Does it stay at the repair shop more than in your garage? You might be searching for Where can I “sell my truck online free.”

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The short answer is that you have three main ways of selling your truck in general: selling it to a private buyer, trade it in with a dealership, or sell it to the dealership.

Unfortunately, dealerships might not be the best option to accept your truck specially if it's old and has a lot of mileage. Also, if dealerships accepted to purchase your truck or trade it in, they usually don't provide you with the best offers and the amount you'll get is definitely less than what you might be expecting. 

In this article, we will walk you with all available ways for you to sell your truck online and for free. We will highlight the main pros and cons of each way and provide you with the best alternative that doesn't get you into any hassle. 

Sell my truck online free: understand your truck’s value 


Before taking any step further and researching for the white website to sell your truck online free, you need to make sure that you understand your vehicle's value accurately. You don't want to underestimate it just because it has several problems. You don't want to overestimate it, thinking that everybody would be interested in it just because you love it.

The good news here is that there are many online tools that can help you evaluate your vehicles worth. For example, you can refer to Kelley Blue Book and input information about your vehicles type and condition to generate what's the minimum and maximum values your vehicle could ever make. 

Kelley Blue Book estimates can be a little general if you don't provide the information accurately. To get a closer number to what your vehicle is worth, you can visit your local professional mechanic and have him perform a quick inspection.

Personal mechanics have the required experience to tell you what exactly you can ask for this vehicle. 

Once you got a rough estimate about how much you can ask for your truck, if the time now to determine which platform works best for you. 


Where can I sell my truck online free? Here are the best places to sell a car online!


With the advanced technology and the thousands of websites nowadays, selling a used truck is getting a little easier. However, the more people joining these websites, there's a high chance that one could get into scams if he doesn't do the required homework and search for where I can sell my truck online for free. 

Many online websites have millions of interested shoppers every month. Keep in mind that these websites require certain level of skill sets to create ads and deal with multiple non serious buyers. Also, finding the right buyer through classified websites can be challenging and it takes quite a good amount of time. 

Below are the best places to sell a car online

  • eBay Motors 


The first and most typical way of selling a truck online is through eBay Motors. eBay Motors has about 160 million buyers that might have your potential future buyer.

To sell your car through eBay, you have two main methods: to ask for a fixed price or put your car on auction and have people bid for it.

While listing your vehicle on eBay Motors is free, you have to pay a certain fee to eBay Motors once your vehicle gets sold. 

  • Craigslist 


The second common method of selling your car online is through the massive platform of Craigslist. Craigslist has millions of customers and it's considered the first location people search for when looking for local used vehicles.

One thing to keep in mind is that while Craigslist was free of charge for all customers, they started charging $5 per used cars ads to reduce the scams.

Imagine a massive website like this and it's all free for everybody, many criminals took advantage of it and started scamming people. Thus, it's not surprising to see Craigslist charging this small fee to protect the customers and ensure safety. 

  • Cars.com 


Did you know that cars.com is one of the quickest approaches of getting used cars estimates? 

The great thing about cars.com is that you can choose between selling your vehicle to dealerships or to private buyers.

The websites provide you with a rough estimate about selling your vehicle to a private buyer versus trading it in to a dealership. According to cars.com, you can meet with as many dealerships as you want to get appraisals from them.

Also, if you decided to go with the private buyers' routes, you can reach up to 13 million people who might be interested in your listing.

Did you know that if you pay about $49.00 to cars.com, they can include a Carfax report that fasts in selling your vehicle and finding the right buyer? Carfax reports are critical because they tell the whole story about your vehicle and provide more confidence for people to purchase your car. 

  • CarGurus 


With over 20 million shoppers every month, CarGurus is a great location to create a listing for your old truck and get it sold quickly.

The unique thing about cargo hours is that it has a lot of specific tools to help you analyze your price, understand your vehicles instant offer, and get an idea about trading estimates.

CarGurus also analyzes you offer and indicates whether it's a good deal, fair deal, high price, or bad deal.

Some people find CarGurus very useful to get a closer idea about what should they ask for their vehicles. For example, they can look for listings in their areas for similar vehicles and see which posts are considered as good deals. Once you find the good deals, you can predict how much to ask for your vehicle.

By choosing CarGurus, it's a classified ad site that means that you must set up your own meetings and respond to interested shoppers by yourself. 

  • Autotrader 


While Autotrader is not a free website because they charge you between $25 and $100, it's worth mentioning it here.

Although Twitter is almost the most classic and all this way of selling used trucks, they used to have a printed newspaper listing old car ads before all these online things came or were invented.

One of the unique things about Autotrader that might interest you is related to classic vehicles. If you are searching for how to sell my truck online free and you have an old truck, this option might be great for you because it's specialized on classic vehicles only. You are more likely to find interested buyers because it's focusing on audience that is just interested in purchasing class Vehicles. 

  • Junk car buyers 


Although classified websites might be the most common and traditional approach of selling your truck online free, you must look at junk car buyers.

Junk car buyers are relatively the new way to go approach of selling talks online for free.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated junk car buyers in the nation. If you get in touch with our team, we provide you with instant offer that doesn't take more than a couple of minutes from your time.

The great thing about cash cars buyer is that we don't charge you for anything and it's completely free of charge. Did you know that cash cars buyer provides with free towing? Yes! Despite anywhere living around the United States, we will come your house or office and remove your vehicle for free! 

Sell my truck online free: how to get the most cash for your truck at? 


As we mentioned earlier, selling your car through junk car buyers is the best method because it doesn't require any specific skill sets or time or effort.

The process is very simple and doesn't take from you more than a couple of minutes. All it takes is a quick phone call with our team at 8669244608. Then, we provided with an instant offer reflecting the maximum cash your vehicle could ever make around your area, after that, we allow you to review the offer and take as much time as you need before accepting it.

Once you accept the offer, it's our turn to coordinate a pickup time and location that works for you. At the right pick up time and location, we will meet with you and perform a quick inspection to your truck to make sure that it matches the information we have in our system.

After that, we hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot and remove your vehicle safely! 

Are you still thinking about using cash cars buyer service? Why don't you check our website and click on the free instant online offer to get an idea about how much you could make for your old truck. 

It's quick and free! 

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