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How to Remove an Abandoned Vehicle from Private Property? A Detailed Guidance! 

How to Remove an Abandoned Vehicle from Private Property A Detailed Guidance! 

Leaving an abandoned vehicle on private property can result in countless problems. Some of these problems might be legally related, while others might be aesthetically related. If you got in such a situation, the first thing you would be thinking of is how to remove an abandoned vehicle from private property?

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This article will walk you through the definition of abandoned vehicles because not every vehicle left behind is considered abundant. We will also illustrate the different alternatives you have to remove this abundant vehicle from your private property.

We will walk you through the process needed to get an abandoned vehicle towed and answer questions related to getting titles and claiming ownership of this abandoned vehicle. 

What is an abandoned vehicle?


As the name suggests, a vehicle is considered abandoned if it's left on any property for a long time—the length of this. It is different between state and state, and it can also be different between city and city within the same state.

According to some states' definition, if a vehicle was left for more than 48 to 72 hours on private property, it might be considered an abandoned vehicle. 

The owner of the private property decides whether this abandoned vehicle should stay or should be removed. 

For example, according to Illinois's vehicle code, an abundant vehicle is defined as: “A vehicle or any part thereof so abandoned on private property shall be authorized for removal, by a law enforcement agency having jurisdiction, after awaiting. Of 7 days or more or maybe removed immediately if determined to be a hazardous dilapidated motor vehicle under Section 11-40-3.1 of the Illinois Municipal Code.”

On the other hand, the City of Chicago adds additional restrictions to defining an abundant vehicle, which includes but is not limited to a vehicle that is left without any registration or temporary state registration for two or more days. 

How to remove an abandoned vehicle from private property? 


Before answering your question of how to remove anybody private property, there are a couple of things you need to consider, including: 

  • Can I remove an abandoned from private land? 


Before attempting to remove the car, you want to make sure that you can remove this vehicle legally.

You can review your states specific regulations about an abandoned vehicle. Check whether the vehicle on your private property is considered abandoned or not.

Then, review the regulations carefully to determine if you can remove this vehicle after a certain time defined by your state.


  • Take the right steps to remove an abandoned vehicle from private property

After doing your homework and ensuring that the vehicle is considered abandoned, you need to take certain steps for removing this abundant vehicle from your property.

Before attempting to towing the vehicle, check with your neighbors whether someone left this vehicle in your private property by mistake or whether this vehicle was broken and someone forgot it.

You might use social media and post some questions and pictures with this vehicle, checking if anyone left it by mistake. 

Checking for the vehicle's legal owner is not required by law, and it's just an example of kindness, so you don't put people in trouble as they forgot their car. 

If you did not get an answer within a couple of days about this vehicle, your next step would be to check for the vehicle's information. Take notes for the vehicles to make, model, year, license plate, etc.

You can then visit the local Police Department and inform them that you have an abandoned vehicle on your private property. Provide them with the details about the vehicle's description and the license number to help them input this information into their system to detect this car's owner. 

Your local Police Department will also check whether this vehicle was stolen or involved in a criminal-related issue. 

If your local Police Department did not, with anything, the next step for you is to check your state's ordinance and codes about what can be done for abandoned vehicles. If you don't know any source of information, you can always use Google to help you and guide you to these ordinances' right location. 

Even if it's your private property, attempting to remove a vehicle can be crucial, and it might get you involved in a lot of legal complications if you don't have the proper perspective from the legal point. 

  • Get the abandoned vehicle removed from your private property 


Once you do all necessary due diligence and understanding the full regulation perspectives, it's time to get this abundant vehicle removed from your private property.

No, you can get in touch with a towing company and ask them to remove the vehicle. Some towing companies might provide you with free towing, while others might ask you to pay certain fees. 

Assuming that you got the vehicle removed and the actual owner came after a couple of months or something, the only thing you can help them live is to provide them with the towing company's phone number and contact information to take it from there.

Remember, keep all contact information in a safe place and ensure that he reviewed all regulations to prevent anyone from filing claims against you in courts. 

  • Check whether you can claim ownership 


If you decided to go a different route and, instead of having the vehicle towed, claim ownership, you could do so.

While that's true, the process can be a little complicated and time-consuming. It requires reviewing the state's regulations carefully and ensuring that you fully understand the state's overall regulations and your local city or town specific guidance.

Some areas might ask you for what they call a good faith effort indicating that you've spent enough time and effort looking for the real owner of the vehicle. 

Despite the different regulations among areas, there is usually a waiting time before the vehicle is claimed as abandoned and the time you can claim ownership to this vehicle. 

  • Can I get a title for an abandoned vehicle? 


It depends and varies from state to state. In general, many people were able 2 get a title for abandoned vehicles once they claim ownership to them.

To get exact directions about what to do and what paperwork is needed, your best option is to visit your local DMV office and describe the situation. They will ask you to tell them when the vehicle was left and how long it has been there.

A lot of local DMV offices might ask you for good faith, indicating that you've looked for the real owner of the vehicle and never found it. 


How to remove an abandoned vehicle from private property: the bottom line 


As we've mentioned earlier, dealing with abandoned vehicles on private property can be a headache. The situation involves many regulations and laws, and things can be different from state to state and sometimes from city to city.

To deal with these abandoned vehicles, you can either get them towed by any towing company or claim ownership.

Both processes require some waiting time between the time this vehicle was left on your private property and the time you can claim this ownership or get the vehicle towed.

If you could successfully claim ownership to this vehicle and wonder what to do with it, you can always check the vehicle's status.

If you've noticed that the vehicle is operable, that's great, and you can take advantage of it and drive it. However, if the vehicle is in bad condition, it's best to get rid of it by selling it to a junk car removal company and take advantage of the payment towards a better purpose.

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How to sell an abandoned vehicle to Cash Cars Buyer? 


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