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Carfax Reviews: Can Carfax Be Trusted? 

Carfax Reviews

With the advanced technology nowadays and the millions of interested customers purchasing used vehicles, one of the trending searches on the Internet is “Carfax reviews,” and can Carfax be trusted?

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Carfax is a huge company focused on providing history reports about vehicles. With the history reports, you can determine whether the vehicle was taken care of or not, and this way, you can make informed decisions about purchasing a certain used vehicle.

Carfax is probably one of the greatest inventions in the automotive industry because now people can safely purchase used cars without worrying about scams.

However, the question always remains can Carfax be trusted, and what do people think about their experience with Carfax? We will answer these questions and provide you with a lot more by listening to actual customer's reviews about their experience. 

Carfax reviews: the company history 


Before we dive into the different feedback from customers about their experience with Carfax, it's very crucial to understand the company's history and the primary goal of their service.

In general, Carfax is a company that is based online and provides history reports for used cars and trucks to both Canadian and American customers. 

The original company was started in 1984 by one computer professional and another accountant. The company then moved its headquarters from Columbia, Mo to Centerville, Virginia, as a main data operation center.

The company worked closely with the Missouri automobile dealer Association and came up with the early version of Carfax in 1986. They introduced this idea to the market and found great attraction from many peoples around the area.

The original Carfax was generated using a database of only 10,000 vehicles. By 1993, the company obtained title information for vehicles around all 50 states in the United States.

The company's first website was launched in 1996, and it provided people with the same history reports that they can download and use for their business.

Another unique milestone provided by Carfax is myCarfax service. This service allows customers to track their vehicle maintenance records and alert them whenever critical maintenance is required.  

Carfax reviews: what do people think of Carfax, and can Carfax be trusted? 


There's nothing more useful than hearing from real customers about their experience with Carfax to get the real idea about what's going on and whether this website should be trusted or not.

We understand that the company has a great history and has been in the market for decades now, but it's crucial to see real customers' experience.

Let's listen to the following customers and see what they have to say: 

  • Carfax reviews: customer number one: “Allows you to see how long they have had the vehicle, which may help in negotiations.”


The first customer was extremely satisfied with the information he collected from the history report. He mentioned that the reports helped him understand what happened to the vehicle and encouraged him to correctly negotiate the price.

He indicated that by looking into the history reports of Carfax, you could understand whether they listed prices below or above the market's price.

You can also check in the history report whether this vehicle was involved in car accidents or not, which is valuable information. 

  • Carfax reviews: customer number two: “I wouldn't want to buy a vehicle that has a history of being in a Northern state due to the possibility of it being a rust problem.”


The second customer brought a great point about Carfax history reports. This customer is from Phoenix, AZ, and he mentioned that the most valuable information could get from Carfax is the previous owners and where they lived around the country.

This information is crucial because the customer is living in a desert in Arizona. He doesn't want to purchase a vehicle that has a history of being in northern states because it might get rusted.

That's, the customer highly recommends referring to Carfax reports if you would like to get an idea about the weather this vehicle was sitting in so you can imagine what happened to the vehicle over the. Of ownership from different owners.

  • Carfax reviews: customer number three: “I am writing this review to Shout out to both Carfax and Seashore.”


The third customer was interested in a specific vehicle and is willing to fly for it no matter where it sits around the country.

He mentioned that Carfax reports help him reduce the questions he might ask because the report included all necessary information before purchasing the vehicle.

Since he was looking for a unique, rare car, the Carfax report was a great resource to prevent sellers from getting into scams.

Also, the buyer mentioned that the Carfax report helped him. I am defined when he had a good deal versus when they offer over the market's price. 

  • Carfax reviews: customer number four: “Carfax has been an all-out best car finder app.”


The fourth customer indicated that the Carfax report could be lifesaving. He was about to purchase a vehicle a year ago that has measure damages but was not clear. In the paragraph, he decided last minute to check out the Carfax history reports about this vehicle and find out that the vehicle has significant damage is a was Volt in car accidents.

The buyer highly recommends referring to Carfax reports before deciding to buy any used vehicle, even if it looks sharp and doesn't have any problem. With his unique experience, he indicated that if he purchased the car, the vehicle would breakdown in a day or so. 

  • Carfax reviews: customer number five: “Carfax was very quick to respond and refund us the money we spent for that report.”


These couples are usually interested in purchasing used vehicles every 20 three years just as they get bored of their cart ones.

Every time they attempt to purchase a new car, they run a Carfax history report.

They mentioned that the history report is crucial and prevents them from getting into fraud several times by showing what vehicle was involved in car accidents.

The best thing about Carfax is that it's quick. Whenever you get into an issue with Carfax, that's related to a report not generated fast, and they can get the money refunded immediately. 

Thus, the indicated not only is Carfax a great resource of data but also, it has the best customer service! 

Carfax reviews: is Carfax value accurate? 


According to Kelley Blue Book, Carfax has a longstanding history of providing history reports along with used vehicle estimates.

The scum on Carfax is a great resource, and it has relatively accurate data values when it comes to evaluating used vehicle prices.

Keep in mind that Carfax doesn't evaluate brand new vehicles and only focuses on used cars.

Kelley Blue Book also mentioned that Carfax has a data source of more than 100,000 resources, including about 20 billion records they collect from these resources.

Some of the common resources that Carfax relies on include the motor vehicle department, title and registration records, auto and salvage auctions, rental and fleet vehicle companies, consumer protection agencies, extended warranty companies, insurance companies, fire and Police Department, automobile manufacturers, service interfere facilities, and call dealerships. 

With all this amount of data sets, Carfax provides you with accurate estimations for your used vehicle. 

Carfax reviews: is there a free Carfax? 


If you think that Carfax history reports are a little pricey, there are always ways of getting a free Carfax report.

For example, you can get a free Carfax report from used car listings. According to Carfax, all websites that list used vehicles include a free history report. Thus, if you visited autotrader.com or any other common car listing website, you should be able to download a free Carfax report. 

Another way of getting a free Carfax report is through dealerships. Old years dealerships usually post-free Carfax reports on their website. If the dealership did not have a Carfax report associated with the listing, you can always reach out to them and ask them for a free Carfax as recommended by the Carfax company. 

Lastly, you can check with private sellers. If someone is trying to sell your car and does not belong to any company or specific website, you can always request a Carfax report. If you felt that the customer has the report and doesn't want to share it, this is a red flag and indicates that the vehicle might have significant problems. Fuss, you might need to walk away and checkouts with a different private seller. 

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