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Sell My Mercedes Benz

Sell My Mercedes Benz

There are a few brands in the world that have a more storied history than Mercedes-Benz. Did you know that the first Mercedes-Benz car that was gas powered was patented all the way back in 1886? Since that point in history, the brand has evolved into not only one of the most recognizable car brands but also one that is associated with luxury, performance and deep racing heritage. If you have a Mercedes-Benz and are looking to sell it, no matter what the reason, Cash Cars Buyer wants to buy your Mercedes Benz! No matter the age, condition, or type of Mercedes-Benz – Cash Car Buyers will pay you cash.

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Sure, you may get more money for your Mercedes-Benz if you sell it privately or online through an auction site like eBay. However, you have to consider the amount of work, hassle and that you are putting yourself out there to be scammed. Cash Cars Buyer takes away all of these worries by offering you an upfront quote and free takeaway. You need to consider what your time is actually worth! This world moves very fast and you definitely have better things to do than to worry about getting a few extra bucks for your car. We are talking minutes and hours versus days and weeks for a few extra dollars. Is that worth it?

Selling Your C-Class

The Mercedes-Benz C class has always been generally considered the bargain or more affordable of the Mercedes products. It was introduced in 1992 as a replacement for the famous 190 class. Since being introduced, Mercedes-Benz has sold millions of these cars worldwide! Since they are a bit more affordable, they are often an entry point into the luxury vehicle market. Much like other Mercedes Benz products, they are wonderful while running and they are incredibly expensive to repair once they stop running. Even small things like a window motor can cost upwards of $1000! Since these vehicles depreciate rather quickly, you may often find yourself in a situation where it costs much more to repair the vehicle then it’s worth running. It’s time to call cash cars buyer and get that old C class out of your driveway!

Selling My E – Class

Mercedes-Benz E class was released just two years after the C class mentioned above. It was a replacement for Mercedes-Benz’s middle model that slid in between the ultra luxury S class and their
more basic C class. The C class is considered a compact car, while the E class is considered a midsize car. It is often what people that own C class trade up to. Here, the issues of expensive repairs are even more prevalent than they are with the C class! I’ve seen engine rebuilds on E classes that range into the tens of thousands of dollars. No joke! You cannot believe the number of people that do not maintain the Mercedes-Benz to factory specifications and the result is, major major issues. Rather than deal with whatever inevitable issue you’re having with your E class, all cash cars buyer needs is some basic information to get you a quote and cash today.

Selling My S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz S class is truly high watermark for luxury vehicles sold today. These impressive machines are often regularly sold brand new for over $100,000! They offer such a luxury features as self driving technology, a cooler for your champagne, and even seats that massage. Most automotive technology found on common cars today started with the Mercedes-Benz S class! They were offering features such as night vision and self driving nearly 15 years ago. As with other types of Mercedes Benz vehicles, the more expensive you get, the more expensive the repairs get. The reason for this is that the vehicles themselves are more complicated! If you bought an S class thinking that it was going to be the greatest decision you ever made and suddenly you realize you’re going broke fixing it, it’s time to call cash cars buyer!

Selling My Sprinter Van

For many years in Europe, Mercedes-Benz was well known for their innovative and flexible vans. Since Ford stop selling the Econoline here in the United States, Mercedes-Benz has had great success selling their van product, the Sprinter. These vans have become increasingly popular as platforms for other types of recreation or work-based vehicles. Everything from motorhomes to plumbing service vans uses the Mercedes-Benz sprinter chassis as a base! If you own one of these vehicles and are coming up against expensive repairs, commonly things like transmissions or diesel injection ports, it may be time to sell your Sprinter and get something newer. No matter what the rig or upfit is, Cash Cars Buyer will buy your Sprinter!

Selling My G-Class

Few things are more iconic looking than the impressive, boxy and rugged look of the Mercedes-Benz G class. These specially built SUVs are designed to conquer the most difficult mountain terrain, roll across the desert, or more likely your local mall parking lot. Like other Mercedes-Benz products, the G class is one of the most expensive vehicles in the marketplace. They have luxury and technology features that are similar in scope to what you’ll find on the Mercedes-Benz S class, that is to say, top notch! Many people aspire to own the Mercedes Benz G class due to their association with celebrities, sports figures and rock stars alike. Rest assured, you had better have substantial funds to repair these things if they fail! If you’re looking to get rid of your Mercedes Benz G class that’s turn into a money pit – it’s time to call Cash Cars Buyer.

Selling My SL

The SL is a roadster that is one of the most iconic vehicles that Mercedes Benz sells. Many people are familiar with the ultra beautiful “gull wing” Mercedes from the 1950s. From that point on, Mercedes-Benz has offered an SL roadster spanning nearly 10 generations! Today the SL is a luxurious, high-performance machine, that will get you to where you need to go with extreme luxury and extreme speed. While the SL is definitely a sought after vehicle, you have to be very careful when purchasing older SL vehicles from the 90s or the 80s! If you’re looking to get into Mercedes Benz for a cheaper price, the only thing cheap about the purchase of an older SL is the initial cost. So if you’ve made the decision to purchase an SL and now regret it, let Cash Cars Buyer offer you cash to help you buy something you really want.

Selling My GLK

Mercedes Benz got into the SUV game back in the 1990s with the introduction of the M class. Since then, Mercedes-Benz has offered a variety of SUVs that fill the lineup at all price points. The Mercedes-Benz GLK was an entry-level SUV that exudes the style of a Mercedes while coming in at a slightly more affordable price. I think of it as the C class of Mercedes-Benz SUV’s. Again, many people purchase affordably priced GLK’s and quickly realize that they cost substantially more to maintain than they thought! Even a simple repair or a simple maintenance can cost anywhere from 4 to 5 times more expensive than a vehicle like a Honda or a Toyota. If you’ve made the decision to purchase a GLK and are now looking to get the cash out of it to buy something else, call Cash Cars Buyer today for a quote.

Selling My R- Class

Did you know that Mercedes Benz offered a luxury minivan product, well actually a minivan like SUV? I know this sounds confusing and that is most likely why the Mercedes-Benz R class never quite did very well in America. Currently the R class is only sold brand new in the Chinese market. Due to the fact that it did not do very well in America, these vehicles are often very affordable to own on the used market. You can imagine that the story with this vehicle is not much different than other Mercedes-Benz products. What you get is an amazingly powerful and luxurious vehicle. You also get one that is incredibly expensive to maintain and repair if anything goes wrong! If you decided to buy one of these vehicles due to its depreciated low price and are now regretting it, we can help!

Selling My GL Class

Mercedes Benz has been in the full-size luxury SUV game since 2006! They introduced the Mercedes-Benz GL class to compete with vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator. These large family style SUVs offered room for seven and the type of Mercedes-Benz luxury that people have come to expect. You will often find these vehicles on the used car market place with a ton of miles, due to the fact that they are often used by car services and taxi services. Many people see these low cost luxury vehicles on used car boards and think to themselves that they can also soon be the owner of a Mercedes-Benz. Rest assured, that the repairs and maintenance on these are incredibly expensive! I recently saw an article where a transmission replacement cost an owner $12,000. Yes that’s right $12,000! If you have one of these behemoths and want to get out of it for the most cash possible, call us today.

Selling My AMG

AMG is the performance arm of Mercedes-Benz. These vehicles are so modified and so unique that they are actually considered their own model, rather than a trim! Although they are always based on traditional Mercedes-Benz vehicles, like a C class or an E class, their performance and luxury features put them above the rest. There are even luxury versions of the R class minivan mentioned above! Complete with a fire breathing V-8 engine! Many times people will purchase older AMG vehicles as an entry point into the luxury, high-performance market. As you can expect, these vehicles can be even more expensive to maintain and fix than their standard counterparts. If you felt the need for speed and are now regretting your decision and need to unwind or get out of your AMG, let Cash Cars Buyer help you today.

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