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Sell My Ford – The American Classic Car

When you think classic car brand, what comes to mind? Yes, the Ford brand would certainly top the list.

Ford Motor Company, is an American automotive corporation founded in 1903 by Henry Ford as well as 11 investors.

Henry Ford built his first automobile a “quadricycle”, back in 1896 at his home in Detroit, Michigan.

Now, the Ford Motor Company is now one of the largest automobile manufactures. In fact, due to worldwide sales, Ford is the fifth largest automaker.

With a foundation in Detroit, the company's headquarters can be found in Dearborn, Michigan, a city in Metropolitan Detroit.

Not only has the company build vehicles that a vast number of people own and ride in, but the company continues combine innovation with technology for today's driver!

The Most Popular Ford Vehicles

When you think of Ford cars, you think of some auspicious models that most of us know and love.

So, let's celebrate some of them, shall we?

sell my ford
Need to sell your Ford Mustang? We got you! 844-663-7286!

Ford Mustang

As one of the most recognized vehicles in the world, the Ford Mustang has enduring qualities that many Americans love!

Originally conceived by Lee Iacocca, the Mustang has roots that date back to April 17, 1964.

The Mustang is also the originator of the “pony class” of cars.

The original Ford Mustang was a two-seater compact sporty car.

Today, the Mustang is a rambling, fast and festive vehicle, that many turn to, for power, prestige and pulsating fun!

Ford Taurus

Ford also manufactures the Taurus.  This automobile has model years that span between 1986 and 2019.

Introduced back in late 1985 for the 1986 model year, it did take a brief hiatus between 2006 and 2007.

As a sedan that offers functionality and durability, the Ford Taurus is another beloved vehicle from the Ford brand.

sell my ford
2011 Ford Explorer XLT Credit: Facebook

Ford Explorer

When it comes to the SUV game, the Ford Explorer can't be beat.

As a popular seller for the Ford brand, the Explorer continues to evolve as a vehicle that is loved by men, women and families.

As a two-door and a four-door SUV, the Explorer came on the scene back in 1990 for the 1991 model year.

It is also the first four-door SUV that Ford has ever produced as a replacement for the Ford Bronco II.

The car currently is in its sixth generation and continues to be favorite among many.

The Explorer even has a facelift now and also offers drivers LED lighting. Talk about a vehicle that continues to roll with the times!

Ford Expedition

If the Ford Expedition does not say “powerful” when on the roads, we're not sure what does!

This SUV comes on the scene in 1997, offering drivers a full-size driving and riding experience.

Before 2009, you could find the Ford Expedition in Michigan manufacturing plants. After that, manufacturing was moved to Kentucky.

sell my ford
2008 Ford Edge SEL Sport Utility 4D Credit: Facebook

Ford Escape

Consider the Ford Escape the answer to your economical and efficient driving.

Ford redesigns the Escape, to offer drivers a smooth, ride with all of the technology right at fingertips.

What began as a crossover back in 2000 for the 2001 model year,  is now a vehicle that provides families as well as individuals with room, comfort and style!

Now as a fourth generation vehicle, the Ford Escape is the answer to compact, crossover durability and style!

Ford Flex

During the model years of 2009 and 2019, Ford creates another kind of SUV that fulfills the company's answer to a full-sized crossover SUV.

The SUV supersedes both the Ford Taurus X and Freestyle. The SUV is also a highly rated affordable vehicle.

I Want To Sell My Ford For Cash FAST!

Looking to sell that Ford vehicle for cash fast? We're here to buy it!

Cash Cars Buyer has over a decade of Ford vehicle buying experience.

You can confidently sell your Ford vehicle to us, knowing that the only thing we will ever offer you a fair price for your car.

No games!

No hassles!

No gimmicks!

We respect each and every Ford owner looking to sell his or her Ford car and will always provide a straightforward answer and price for you!

We buy Ford vehicles that:

  • run or don't run
  • have no keys with them
  • are damaged in the frame
  • have water damage
  • are without a title
  • have a large “ugly” factor!

So, enter your Ford's specs and get an instant offer on it in a matter of minutes!

Afterward, call us at 844-663-7286 so we can ask you some more questions about your car.

Once done, we will make you an offer on your Ford vehicle!

Sell My Ford – How much is a 2003 Expedition worth?

According to Edmunds.com, the value of a used 2003 Ford Expedition falls in between the range of $312 and $2,940. 

The website bases these figures on the vehicle's condition, options, mileage and more.

But to get a precise price on your Ford Expedition, just type in your Expedition's details and you'll have an offer in minutes!

Cash Cars Buyer is in the business of offering trustworthy service that you can depend on. We'll never waste your time, nor offer you inflated promises.

So, trust us to buy your car the quick, convenient and easy way!

Grab that instant offer on your 2003 Expedition now and find out its worth!

Perhaps I can Sell My Ford Escape Online

Selling  a Ford Escape online is certainly a viable option, but there's lots of work that goes into selling an Escape.

Check out some of the most common seller errors below!

  1. Not enough pictures or photos that are not clear – If you plan on selling your Ford Escape online, you have to make sure that you have sharp, focused and clear pictures. Your photos tell the story of your Ford Escape.
  2. Not knowing your Escape– As a Ford Escape seller, you have to know all about your Ford Escape. What parts on the car work? What doesn't? Why are you selling it? Someone is bound to ask you that one. You can visit the Kelley Blue Book to get an approximate value on your car, then make sure that you price it accordingly.
  3. Thinking that your Ford Escape is better than others – When you sell a car, it's a good idea to be confident. But you don't want to be arrogant. So, make sure that you are confidently selling your Escape, and not coming across as cocky. Remember, if you sell your Escape online, your Ford Escape is not the only one that's out there.
  4. Taking the first offer you get– Unless you are in a hurry to sell that Ford Escape, you have to weigh offers. Don't be in a hurry to take the first offer that is made to you.

We know online selling can be appealing and offer a seller high hopes. But, you can also sell your Ford Escape to Cash Cars Buyer!

sell my ford
2008 Ford Escape XLT Sport Utility 4D Credit: Facebook

Sell Your Ford Escape To Cash Cars Buyer – Get Local and Personalized Service!

When you're ready to sell your Ford Escape, consider Cash Cars Buyer!

Not only do we provide an instant offer for your vehicle, but we also offer personalized service with a smile!

When you accept your offer, we will schedule a time to come to your home or location. You never have to come to us; we come to you!

Our network is nationwide. This means, we have experienced car-buying agents all over the country.

So, whether you're in the Midwest, or the Southwest, we will offer you personal service!

Additionally, all transactions are safe as well as secure!

So get that instant offer on your Ford Escape, and make way for incoming cash!

Sell My Ford – How much do you get for scrapping a SUV?

Whether you're scrapping your Ford Explorer or Expedition, you have to remember that weight of  your car matters. Why?

Well, the majority of your vehicle is comprised of steel.

The average vehicle has about  2,400 pounds of steel in it.

A truck contains about 3,000 pounds worth of steel.

So, you want to get the current price of steel .

Then, call several junkyards any find out what your Ford SUV is worth.

It's important to be armed with as much information as your can, regarding scrapping your SUV.

You don't want to succumb to cheats, scams or gimmicks out here!

Sell My Ford – I Can't Find the Title!

We understand. You keep looking for the title to your Ford vehicle, but can't find it.

We bu cars with no title, and we may buy yours!

In many circumstances, no title is no problem, as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

Once you have those items, just enter your Ford car's specs, and make sure that you indicate that you don't have the title.

Then, wait a second or two, for that instant offer!

When you do, call us at 844-663-7286! We'll ask you some questions, and make you a solid offer you won't be able to refuse!

You're ready to sell your Ford car, and Cash Cars Buyer is ready to buy it!

Call us now! 844-663-7286!













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