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Sell My Car Los Angeles

“Sell my car Los Angeles isn't the latest movie being filmed in Hollywood, but it can certainly cause suspense if you don't know where to go!

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

Where do you go to sell your car?  How will you get a great deal on your vehicle?

Who will offer you quick cash as well as a host of other services?

We are Cash Cars Buyer and we have been buying all makes and models for over ten years!

Think of us as a Hollywood production, helping you to be the “best seller” ever!

We offer FREE car removal as well as a no-hassle, and easy method of selling your vehicle.

Whether your car is sitting on bricks, is a classic vehicle, or just doesn't run, we will buy it!

All you have to do, is obtain an instant offer and connect with us so we can prepare to buy your car! 844-663-7286!

Sell My Car Los Angeles

Where can I sell my car in Los Angeles?

When it comes to selling a car in Los Angeles, it should be as fun and breezy, like a roller-skating excursion on Venice Beach. But sometimes, it can turn in a ten-part drama. Whether you sell your car to a private Los Angeles dealership, CarMax or somewhere else, you have to put in work somewhere and at some time. Let’s take a look at a few places you can sell your car here in L.A.

Los Angeles CarMax

Make no mistake about it; CarMax leads the nation in used car sales. So, it shouldn’t be any wonder that you can certainly sell your car to a local Los Angeles CarMax store. With that sale, comes the appraisal and the offer you will get, that is good for seven days. Once you accept it, CarMax will issue you a bank draft that you must deposit into your bank account. Now, depending on your bank you may not be able to withdraw the cash for at least three to ten business days.

Autotrader for L.A. Residents

Autotrader makes it easy for Los Angeles residents to sell any kind of car that they choose. You’re your ad, you can attract as well as reach millions of shoppers each week. They also offer flexible car ad packages and the ability to change your ad as much as you like.

Los Angeles Craigslist

After you pay the $5.00 fee to list your car, you can begin selling. You will attract buyers right in your own neighborhood. You can also post details about your ad such as the mileage, trim ad your car’s options.

How do I sell my car privately in California?

To sell a car in California, you can start by contacting your local DMV office. But there But you have to take care of some additional tasks.

  • Then, take the time to release of your ownership of the vehicle.
  • Make sure that the car you want to sell has a current as well as valid smog certificate. You many want to check if this applies to your car.
  • Don’t forget that odometer statement. You need to submit this, for a car that is less than 10 years old. Click here for additional tasks you have to take care of!

Who will buy my car without title?

In many states, you have to have the title in order to sell your car. Lots of junk yards require a title as well. You’ll also need a title to sell your car privately. And if you want to sell to a licensed dealer or an auto recycling center, you have to present the title there. But there are some car salvage yards who will buy cars without titles. But in that case, you have to prove that you are the owner of the car.

“Will your buy my car without the title?”

In may cases, not having the title is not a problem. But we do need proof that you are the owner of the car. So, we ask that you have your car registration as well as picture ID. Once you have those two documents, you can enter your car’s specs and indicate you don’t have the title.

Sell My Car Los AngelesSell My Car Los Angeles – “Can I Sell My Luxury Car?”

You sure can! For that luxury car, we will buy it and offer you fast cash for it! In fact, you can sell your car in three easy steps!

  1. Just enter your luxury car’s specs so you can get an instant offer. And this is the time to share all about your luxury vehicle too. This way, you can get an accurate, market value offer on your luxury ride! After you have entered your car’s details, contact us so we can make you a guaranteed cash offer! 844-663-7286!
  2. Once you have your offer, you can choose to accept it. When you do, let us know and we will ask you the best day and time to come to your L.A. home or location to appraise your car.
  3. Get the cash. After you welcome us to your home, we will inspect your car. When all is well, you will get the cash, FAST!

To Get Started, Simply Get Your Instant Offer. Then Call 1-844-663-7286!

What kind of cars does Cash Cars Buyer buy?

We buy old sedans, pickup trucks, cars sitting on bricks, SUVs with no tires and more! In other words, we buy all makes and models! Whether you have a great older car that is just sitting around, or a rusted clunker on your L.A property, we will buy it!

In what parts of L.A. do you service?

We can come to zip codes 90015, 90046, 90041, 90067 and surrounding. In other words, we come everywhere in L.A.!

How much do you pay for cars?

We assess each vehicle individually. When we do this, we can give you the best amount of cash, or the best possible outcome to your sale. Just make sure that you get your instant quote. And then follow up for a guaranteed cash offer.

After I sell my car to you, how soon will I get paid?

After we come to appraise your car and all is well, we will hand you the cash on the spot! In many instances, we can come to you the same day you contact us!

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

Not at all! When you sell your car to us, there are no hidden fees nor are there any visible fees. Our services are completely free to you!

And you will tow my car away for free too?

Absolutely! The towing is on us! You never have to pay to have your car towed!

Sell My Car Los Angeles“Times are hard right now and I need quick cash for my car!”

We hear you loud and clear! Living in Los Angeles isn’t cheap my any means! Lots of people, maybe even you, try to save money by driving a vehicle, for as long as you can. But then you run into problems and need to fork over lots of money for the repairs.

But the repairs and fixes for it are just not on your budget. So, you decide that L.A. transit is for you and at least for the time being, you can take buses for the trips you need to take.

So, you can sell your car and you can do so easily with us! Not everyone needs to know that you are selling your car so you can get your instant offer in the privacy of your own home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And once you accept our cash offer, you can count on us coming to your private residence or home to seal the deal!

Times may be tough, but you will persevere. And if selling your car is what needs to be done, we respect that. Just get that instant offer and know what you’re working with. Then call and talk to one of our friendly agents, so that we can get cash in your hands, FAST!

Sell My Car Los Angeles – Can I Sell My Junk Car for $500?

Well, that depends. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we pride ourselves on providing a straightforward deal for you. And when we look at buying a car, we look at lots of factors. Some of them include:

  • Your car’s year, make and model
  • The options, features and trim of the car
  • Your car’s weight
  • The location of your car
  • Where the damage is located on your car if any.

With these factors, alongside others, we are able to formulate a fair, honest and precise quote for you and your car. Lots of folks are pleasantly surprised to learn that they may receive more than the $500 they wanted. But the condition of your vehicle plays a role in the amount of money you will receive. Ready to get that instant offer? We’re ready too! Just click here!

Sell My Car Los AngelesAre you selling your classic car all wrong?

Not preparing car for the test drive

Sure, your car is a classic, but is it ready to be on display? Have you taken the time to clean it on the inside as well as out? Have you started the car if you are selling it as a running car? You would be surprised at the number of folks who fail to just warm up the engine for a great test drive.

Trying to fix everything

Who says that you have to fix your car before you sell it? Sure, if there is a minor repair that needs to be made, you can make it. But just because your classic car needs engine work, doesn’t mean you have to fork over hundreds of dollars to get it fixed. You may find a buyer who loves to repair as well as restore classic cars. He or she may look at your car as a “diamond in the rough”!

You don’t have the maintenance records

Any buyer of a classic or vintage car, wants to know the history of the car. Who repaired what on the car? You as the owner have to supply and keep up with all maintenance records of your vehicles. For cars such as Ferraris, Jaguars and Porsches, it matters a lot who did the repair, maintenance or restoration work. So, be sure you can supply this information to potential owners.

You’re in a hurry to sell your classic car

Whoa there! Hold up! Selling tip time! Never negotiate the price of classic car- or any car for that matter- and be desperate for the money.  position of desperation. You have to pick the perfect timing and lead with a good price. You never want to take the first offer a buyer makes you. So, don’t rush!

Sell My Car Los Angeles – We are local to your area!

Seeking a reputable company that will buy that clunker?

Not sure where you can get a quick cash for Auntie Anna's old van?

Your worries are over here in L.A. !

Cash Cars Buyer will purchase that old rusted, dusty and non running car in a flash!

Even if you have a great used car you won after your divorce and you just don't want it, we do!

We buy all kinds of cars in all kinds of conditions!

After you visit the Kelley Blue Book for an approximate value on your car, obtain your instant offer on your vehicle so that you know what you're working with!

  • We Pay cash on the spot! Not a bank draft or check!
  • Forget paying for any towing because that’s a part of your service!
  • Lost the title? We buy cars with no title!
  • Once you accept your offer, you will have a solid appointment time! And we are prompt!
  • Regardless of where you live in L.A., we can get to you! You never have to bring your car to us!
  • You can get an instant offer on your car, 24/7, 365!
  • We buy anything- whether it’s running or not!
  • With over a decade of experience, we know what we’re doing and we love our jobs!
  • Our friendly agents can answer your questions and you will never be in a judgement zone!

Sell My Car Los AngelesLos Angles, whether you have a classic, used, wrecked or damaged car, you have a buyer…. Cash Cars Buyer!


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