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When it comes to selling your used car, junk car or scrap car, you want to go someplace close, and get the most money for that car.

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So, how do you go about doing this? Where do you go and what kind of action plan should you have?

Continue reading to gather tips about selling your car and assist with your mission of how to “sell my car for cash near me”!

Where Can I Sell My Car for Cash Near Me?

Perhaps you have decided to sell that second car in your household, due to a decision to downsize. Or, maybe you have finally decided to sell your now deceased spouse’s car.

You may even have a junk car that has seen its last days as an operating car. So, how do you go about getting money for that car at a car buying place that’s near you? It’s important to find a great place that is close to your home or location, to get cash for your car. Check out some great tips on how you can find a reputable car buyer right near you!

  1. Do a search for places near you. Now more than ever, it’s easy to find places located in your zip code or near you that would buy your car. Thanks to the Internet, searching for places near you that buy cars is easier than ever. You can type in cash for cars near me and get a large list of places that will buy your car fast!
  2. Read reviews. Once you have found the places near you that buy cars, check out what others are saying about those nearby businesses. Do they offer fast cash?  Are they pleasant? Or is the place filled with scam artists? In today's day and age, folks “keep it real” on the Internet, about their experiences with businesses. So, before selling your car, read what others are saying, first!
  3. Decide how you will sell your car. Are you going to sell your car “as is”? Or, are you going to sell your car for its parts? Having a game plan about how you will sell your car, will help you narrow down places near you.

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Sell My Car for Cash Near Me – Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Car

Now that you’re ready to sell your car, check out some pitfalls to avoid when selling it!

Not knowing what your car is worth

Once you decide to sell your car it will be virtually impossible to figure out what price to put on your car without first knowing what it’s worth.

You can go online and visit sites such as the Kelley Blue Book to get an approximate value for your car.

You can also visit Edmunds. Both places offer car buyers vital information they need when it comes to picking a price point for a car. Once you are ready to sell that used car you’ve kept in mint condition, you will not get swindled out of money. So, be sure that you know what your car is worth, before selling it.

Spending too much money on fixes and repairs

Choosing to make big repairs on your car before you sell it is not a good idea. Why? Well for one reason, cars do depreciate in value. Given such, you don’t want to pour money into something you are deciding to sell.

There are lots of car enthusiasts who live to repair a car. Many folks even make it a living of theirs. Sure, you may not be able to get top dollar for your car, with those minor imperfections, but you will be able to receive a decent amount of money. You will also know what your car is worth. So, you can price your car accordingly.

As a car seller, you are not obligated to spend a hefty amount of money to fix your car before you sell it. But if you choose to repair your car before you do sell it, make sure that you are able to make back what you spent in fixes.

Not being honest about your car's condition

Let’s face it. Regardless of what you may think, honesty goes real far in the world of car selling as well as car buying. Sure, we are all aware of the “slick talking car salesman” we see portrayed in sitcoms and movies.

Lots of lies are tossed around like volleyballs! But when it comes down to the end, lying about a car is not the best policy ever!

So, as a used car, junk car or scrap car seller, it’s your job to be honest about your car. Even if the engine and starter don’t work, you need to convey that to the potential buyer.  Even when it hurts to be honest and you are facing the possibility of a sell right there on the spot, you have to be honest.

These days, folks can find out about your car. Folks can get vehicle history reports as well as other documents about cars. So, just be honest about your car. It will save you lots of time, energy and money in the long run!

Taking the first offer that comes your way

We get it. You are ready to get rid of your car. That clunker sitting in your backyard is an eyesore and you cringe each time you see it.

As you are anxious about getting rid of your, it is very tempting to accept the first offer that comes your way.

You will even see it as a sign that it’s time to part ways with your old car.  It will be in your best interest to weigh several offers and not appear desperate to get rid of that car.

Take your time with yourself and with buyers. The difference in being anxious and being calm could be hundreds of dollars!

If you can, try not to be so quick to say “yes” to a $100 offer for your car. See what offers you get and act accordingly. Never rush the process.

Not having your paperwork in order

Once you decide to sell your car, it’s your job to have your paperwork in order. Do you have the car title? Are you able to access the car registration? Is your ID valid?

Make sure you can put your eyes and hands on all of the paperwork for a quick, fast and convenient sale of your car.

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Sell My Junk Car For Cash Near Me – Selling Your Car Online

Now that you have a great foundation to sell that great used car, it’s time to get it sold. What better way than to sell it online? Check out some tips we are offering for a great and smooth online sale.

  1. Decide where you want to sell your car. Are you leaning more towards Craigslist? Do you prefer Facebook for a quick sale of that used SUV you have? Perhaps you want to use your child’s Instagram account to sell your car. Know where you want to sell your car and then make that plan!
  2. Weigh the pluses and minuses of each online platform. Facebook offers a free way to sell your car. You can also post pictures as well as video on there. But how many people will you reach? Craigslist asks for a $5 fee to post an ad, but your reach will be tremendous. You will attract buyers right near you in no time. So, decide what platform you want to sell on and then go for it!
  3. Post your ad to at least two online marketplaces. Once you have weighed the pros and cons of the several platforms, decide where you want to sell your car. Are you going to do a Craigslist/Instagram combination? Decide where you want to sell your car and then make it happen!
  4. Be sure to take great photos and video of your car. On Craigslist, you can upload lots of photos. On Facebook and Instagram, you can upload both photos as well as video of your car. Regardless of what you upload, make sure that what you take is crisp, focused and at least semi-professional looking. Make sure that those photos are focused and plentiful. You need to show your car at all angles. Your video should be stable and show your car all around! Take your time with the visual components of your ad. It’s the photos and video that tell the story!
  5. Be sure that people can reach you. You may opt to display an email or your cell phone number, as a way for potential buyers to reach you. Do that and make sure that you answer each potential used buyer quickly and pleasantly. You never know if you are talking to the buyer of your wonderful SUV!

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Where Can I Sell My Car Parts for Cash Near Me?

For your damaged or old vehicle, you may decide to sell that car for its parts. Depending on current used car prices, you may be able to make some great money by selling your car parts individually. Whether your car is not operational or in good condition, you can do some research to make the most money possible. Then read below our tips on how to sell your car for its parts and really cash in!

  1. Get your car assessed. Once you decide to sell your car for its parts, you have to know what parts you can sell. So, ask a mechanic to assess the condition of those parts. Have that mechanic look at each part and give you an estimate on the part’s worth. This way, you will have a good idea as to how to sell your car’s parts. You will also know if those parts would be better sold for their metal.
  2. Call around to local salvage and junk yards. Remember our previous tip above about reading reviews for junkyards in your community? Well, we hope you did such. Now you can call those reputable places and ask what they would offer you for your car’s parts. You may even find that you can email them pictures of your car’s parts to save you a physical trip to the junkyard!
  3. Build your own online car part store! Here’s an idea: if you have a great number of great parts in great condition, then consider selling them in a “makeshift” online part store? This means that you can post your car parts online in one ad. Get creative! For example, if your tires are in great condition as well as your engine and starter, then “start” with great pics of each! Then post the pics in the online ad you created. Once you do, have a description about each part. For example, if you are selling a car engine, give the details of the engine. You may find that you have lots of people looking for particular parts, as opposed to an entire car!

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