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How Can I Recycle my Car? Everything You Need to Know!

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If the question of ‘how can I recycle my car?’ crossed your mind, then you are one step closer to contributing positively to society's unified effort to help save and clean the environment! Recycle my car in thoughts and actually doing it will not just benefit the environment but it can also benefit you too! 

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Automotive recycling has been around for years. In fact, this industry is the 16th largest industry in the US and has been contributing around $25 billion per year to the national GDP. It is fairly widespread but there are still some people who don’t do it, not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how it works and how it is good for the environment.


This article aims to provide everything you need to know about how auto recycling works and how you can take part in it so you can do more than just wondering ‘what I can do to recycle my car.’


Recycle my Car – What is Auto Recycling and Why is it Important?


A car is considered one of the most recyclable items today and also is the number one most recycled item. Almost all of its parts or components can be reused and recycled.   


Auto recycling is done by dismantling all of its parts and components to reuse and recycle its materials. 


For people who thought or ever wondered how I can recycle my car, it turns out this thought can really help save and protect Mother Nature if it is acted and done properly. Why?


Studies have shown and lots of scientists have predicted that global warming will do irreparable damage if we don’t act on preventing it immediately. It is said that we only have a decade left before this happens. This means that it is very critical that we change the way we dispose of our junk, practice, and choose to recycle and reuse.


Recycle my Car – How it’s Done?


It is known that the best way to dispose of junk or severely damaged cars is by recycling them. This can be done by finding junkyards that buy cars or an auto-recycling facility. You can take on their offer. They will pay you and even tow your car for you. 


After they take it, who then will recycle my car? Of course, one has to know what will happen after or who are the ones who are doing the recycling. That is why you have to make sure that the recycling service you pick will recycle your car in accordance with environmental standards and practices. 


Once your junk vehicle enters the salvage yard or the recycling facility, the process towards recycling will begin. Trust the auto recyclers to handle the job properly since they are trained professionals. They know how to strip apart a vehicle and remove its parts that can be reused and recycled. 


To start the process of recycling a car, it needs to go through these steps:

  • Thorough inspection. 


The junked vehicle will be inspected and checked thoroughly to determine if it will be more profitable to have it fixed than to recycle it. If it is found to be of more value when recycled than fixed, the facility will then begin to dismantle the vehicle and look for parts that can be reused or recycled. 

  • Draining car fluids


A car needs lots of essential fluids to keep it running smoothly. There’s engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, power steering fluid, and a lot more. Now, these fluids need to be drained and disposed of properly since some of them are harmful to the environment. Hazardous fluids are segregated and are accumulated by the recycling operators so they can be safely disposed of. 


When you say, recycle my car, it doesn’t mean that only the solid components of the car can be reused. Other liquids found in the vehicle like gas and oil will be accumulated as well and if they get the right treatment, filtered and cleaned they can be reused too.  

  • Removing valuable parts.


After the car fluids are drained, the engine and transmission will be taken out from the vehicle’s chassis and the parts that are still usable will be removed and cleaned. The parts that are recovered from the vehicle then be inspected to determine whether it can be sold, reused, or recycled. 

  • Selling of auto parts.


There are some recovered parts of a junked vehicle that are still in good working condition. These parts can be sold to people to use as replacement parts of their cars. The junkyard or the recycling facility can choose to sell the usable parts to them or to the auto parts remanufacturers. 

  • The final process.


After the recyclable and reusable parts are “harvested” and the metals like iron and steel have been taken out and sorted, the car body will then be crushed and shredded into a flat metal piece. 


You probably have seen in movies of cars that are crushed flat in junkyards. For those who wonder what happens when I recycle my car, that is what will happen – the remains of the car crushed flat and shredded. But it’s not something to be sad about, remember that you are doing it for the environment and the money can help you too. 


Recycle my Car – What Car Parts Can be Reused and Recycled?


A junk vehicle can still hold some value thanks to its parts and components that are still usable and recyclable. Usable items can be sold since there are car owners that are on the lookout for cheap used or second-hand auto parts to fix their vehicles. 


As mentioned above, part of the process that is done when one asks to recycle my car is removing or stripping the car’s reusable parts. Reusable parts include seats, upholstery, mirrors, exhaust system parts, headlights, blinkers, tail lights, alloy wheels, hubcaps, engine parts, transmission systems, car stereo, and intact windshields and windows.


Parts like the engine oil, car batteries, oil filters, car’s metal and plastic components, tires, engines, carpets, mats, glasses, starters, and alternators are some of the ones that can be recycled. The process of harvesting these parts and disposing of them is not easy. It requires skills and meticulous care, especially when dealing with hazardous substances and materials. 

Recycle my Car – How to Prepare Your Car for Recycling?


When you pick a junk car removal company like cashcarsbuyer.com who buys junk cars and offers free removal, you can set a date or pick-up time that is convenient for you! This actually works well to your advantage since there are some things you need to prepare before you give your car away for recycling. 

  • Remove personal belongings out of your car.

Sometimes cars can be like a treasure chest, you usually see stuff that is valuable to you that you have forgotten about. Check your car just to be sure you didn’t leave any personal belongings or important documents there. Check the compartments, seats, car floor, and trunk. 

  • You need to cancel your car’s insurance.


Call your insurance company to let them know that you will be canceling your car’s insurance. There is no point in paying for it if the car will no longer be yours. Inform your agent about your plan to take on a recycle-my-car for cash offer from a junk car removal company. 

  • Remove your car’s license plate.


Remove your vehicle’s license plate. The laws and regulations in each state vary and you need to figure out the laws in your state regarding car license plates. There are states that allow you to use the plate on a different car while some will have you surrender it in your area’s automotive department.  

  • Transfer of registration.


Make sure that the transfer of registration will be processed. Transferring from your name to the junk car removal service provider is needed. Usually, it is the removal service that does all the paperwork. You can ask them about it to be sure. 


  • Schedule a pickup.


The recycle-my-car service won’t begin unless you set a schedule for pick up. Make sure that you are physically present when the towing or removing happens so you can keep a record. You need to make sure that the driver that will tow your car is really from the junk car removal service company. 


Recycle my Car – Bottom Line


How do I recycle my car is probably one of the questions you have asked before or searched online. Maybe because you have a junk car at your home that you want to dispose of or maybe just wondering how it works. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure, it pays to recycle. 


The recycle-my-car service offered by Cash Cars Buyer has lots of benefits! Trusting your junk car to them not only gets you cash that will be paid in full, but they also offer free pick up! Who knows saving Mother Nature can be this rewarding!  




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