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Places That Buy Cars In 2022: 10 Best Websites

places to buy cars in 2022

If you would like to sell your car in 2021 looking for the best places that buy cars in 2022, consider these 10 best websites:

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  • Auto Trader
  • eBay Motors
  • Craigslist
  • com
  • Hemmings
  • CarGurus
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Carvana
  • Vroom
  • CarMax

The Internet is evolving significantly, and selling your car online is getting much easier with many options. There are plenty of available websites that you can choose from to sell your car in 2022. However, which one is the best website depends on several factors.

These websites have some features that make them stand out among other competitors, but there are other things to consider before deciding where to sell your car in 2022. For example, you might get free listings on some websites, but you might have better support throughout the process.

This article helps you to research places that buy cars in 2022. It highlights 10 web websites that you should consider, and it provides you with the main pros and cons of each website so you can make an informed decision.

Places that buy cars in 2022: 10 best websites

Let's dive into the different websites that you should consider if you're planning to sell your car in 2020 to call it

1.     Auto Trader

Autotrader is one of the biggest websites you should consider every time you plan to sell a used car. This website is massive and gets you connected with thousands of potential customers every day. Of course, you will enjoy some pros, but things are to keep in mind before posting your car on Autotrader.


The biggest benefit of selling your car through Auto Trader is the available extras. According to automotive experts, Auto Trader has a massive inventory of about 3 million listings. In addition, it gets you connected with many dealerships and thousands of private owners. That's why it's recommended for people who are trying to buy a vehicle, but at the same time, it is a great option for those trying to sell their cars.

Another option that you'll enjoy when selling your car through classified websites is the cash for cars programs. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of negotiating with private buyers, Auto Trader allows you to get an instant offer and gets you connected with a potential dealership that will accept the offer. Once you are happy with this offer, you can move forward and finalize the deal without any hassle through private buyers.


We don't want to call it a con about Autotrader, but the required fees are something to keep in mind before posting your car. Posting a vehicle on Autotrader is not free, and you must either have a premium membership, which is about $90 or pay $25 per listing. If you're planning to sell more than one car or if car selling is your business, you might want to go with the premium option; otherwise, paying for listing is not that.

2.     eBay Motors

eBay Motors is a great option because it's very familiar, and many of us have posted items or purchased items from the regular eBay website. eBay Motors is not very different, and it has a lot of great options that you might want to consider.


The biggest pro about posting your car on eBay Motors is enjoying different payment options if you're. You can post your vehicle for a fixed price and allow people to bid on your vehicle and see how far you can go with your maximum profit.


Unfortunately, eBay motors do not have a safe or secure payment method, and it has to be between you and the potential Buyer. So, therefore, if you don't have experience or are not familiar with the type of scams that you might get involved in, you should do so. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with those because it's been reported many times about people getting scammed at the end of the year car selling process.

3.     Craigslist

Who doesn't know Craigslist?! Craigslist is probably the first website that comes into mind when posting anything online. Of course, most people prefer to post positive vehicles on Craigslist, considering the massive number of connections you can get in touch with. There are, however, some pros and cons about Craigslist that you should be aware of.


The biggest pro about Craigslist is that you'll find a potential buyer around your area, and you can decide to limit your posting to certain local buyers rather than having it open to other locations. You can also learn from the existing postings, and you can decide on your asked price based on what people are asking for.


Unfortunately, Craigslist does not provide you with that number of options like other websites indicated in this list. It also does not have a secure payment method, and it should be between you and the potential Buyer.

Craigslist has been known for the massive number of reported scams, and that's why automotive experts highly encourage you to review all potential scams and raise red flags whenever you feel something is going wrong before making a final decision about selling your car through Craigslist.

4.     Cars.com

Cars.com is a great inventory of vehicles that gets you connected with thousands of individuals. Not only can you sell your car privately but also it gets you connected with many dealerships.


Easy and fast car selling process. The biggest pro about selling your car through cars.com is when you want to sell your vehicle to dealerships. Then, you can get many numbers of effort in no time, and you can get your vehicle removed very fast.


Posting your car on cars.com is not free, and you should familiarize yourself with different fees and memberships before posting your vehicle. That's why people trying to sell vehicles with major problems do not prefer to pay any fees because the vehicle itself is not worth it.

5.     Hemmings

Hemmings is another great online community that helps you sell your vehicle fast. It connects you with tons of car enthusiasts looking to buy your vehicle.


The nice thing about this website is that it has a very strong selection of classics recommended for car lovers.


The biggest drawback of all terms is that customers complain that their classified ads are not curated, and there are some buying and selling fees that you should keep in mind before posting your vehicle on Hemmings.

6.     CarGurus

CarGurus is another large website that gets you connected with tons of customers as well.


The most important pro about selling your car through CarGurus is the massive number of tools and support. Consider car grows as the best website if you don't know how to sell your car and need support throughout the process. Many customer services can walk you through everything you need to know, and they can get you connected with many other specialists who provide you with tools to use.

The other thing is that CarGurus has a secure payment method, and they have fraud protection up to $75,000, which is amazing compared to other websites indicated in this list.


While they are not major cones about selling your car through car grows, some people feel that since the listing is not free, it can be a major drawback about selling your car through car grows because you'll have to pay about $4.95 for every listing per 30 days. However, if your car was not sold, you can extend the same listing price without needing to pay anything.

7.     Facebook Marketplace

Did you know that there is a new feature on Facebook to help you sell your vehicle?! Not only can you sell cars, but also you can sell any item locally for your local community. At some point, Facebook Marketplace might become one of the best places that buy cars in 2022!


The biggest pro about selling your car through the Facebook marketplace is choosing local customers. The website has tons of customers, and having another market to present your car is a great idea.


Since the Facebook marketplace is relatively new, it's been noticed that there are not many listings out there, and people are not still aware of the possibility of purchasing vehicles through the website. However, it is still a good alternative and another option to increase your pool of potential buyers.

Some customers complain that you'll need to use your personal Facebook account to post your car. However, this does not mean that you cannot create a specific account for selling your vehicle.

8.     Carvana

Carvana is a brand-new website that allows you to slow your car completely online without getting in touch with other people. This website is a great option, especially with COVID-19, where people are hesitant to meet other people face-to-face.


The biggest benefit about selling your car through Carvana is the complete online process where you don't have to worry about visiting or driving to a dealership and showing off your car. Instead, you can finalize the deal completely without any worries, and you can also drop off your vehicle at certain locations to be shipped to potential buyers.


Unfortunately, Carvana is not recommended for those on their vehicles because they might get to a point where they must pay, so car Carvana can't take care of the vehicle. In other words, Carvana does not P good money, which means that they won't make you a good profit if you're looking for it. Plus, consider our run out only if you would like a safe, fast method but not if you're looking to get the maximum profit from your car.

9.     Vroom

Vroom Is a very similar option to Carvana because it provides a completely online process.


Many automotive experts highly recommend this website because it's very easy, and it gets you connected with tons of potential dealerships interested in trading in your car. The nice thing about this website is that you can put the information about your vehicle, and you'll get an instant offer immediately in no time. If you're happy with the offer, then you should be good to go. However, the website limits how long this offer is still valid. In other words, if it is past seven days or 250 miles, your offer will no longer be valid, and he should repeat the process.


Like Carvana, this website is not the best auction if you're looking for the maximum profit from your vehicle. In addition, some customers complain that the website does not accept every type of vehicle, and if your car has major mechanical problems, you might not want to sell it through these websites.

10.  CarMax

CarMax is a massive series of dealerships that you should consider when selling your car in 2022.


CarMax is a trusted company, and it's been known for buying any vehicle. Therefore, if you're planning to sell a not running car or a damaged vehicle in 2020 will, CarMax might be a great option. Also, there's always a CarMax facility close house, so you don't have to drive long distances to sell your vehicle



The biggest drawback about selling your car to CarMax is the price. CarMax does not pay the top offers, typically paying below the used car market. Therefore, circumvent selling cars to CarMax only if you're looking to get it sold fast but not for the most money.

Places that buy cars in 2022: Final thoughts

With a huge evolving online market, there are tons of options for selling your car other than the comment Craigslist or eBay motor websites. This article provided you with ten places that buy cars in 2022. In addition, it highlighted the main pros and cons of each website to help you make an informed decision.

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