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Selling A Car Through PayPal: Is It Safe to Use PayPal to Sell a Car?

selling a car through PayPal

If you're worried about selling a car through PayPal, you might have asked yourself, “is it safe to use PayPal to sell a car?” The short answer is that PayPal is not a website for selling cars. However, it is a common payment method that you can voluntarily choose to pay for your vehicle. According to experts, PayPal is a very safe payment method, but you should choose cash payments if you can get paid in cash.

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Buying or selling a car involves a huge transaction, especially if you're looking to sell or buy a modern car. Therefore, checking on the safest way to get paid is important and is almost one of the most critical steps in selling any car.

While most of us are aware of the common payment methods, including cash payments or money orders and checks, some other methods are evolving nowadays, especially with the increase in using the online market. For example, you might have heard about people getting paid through Zelle, PayPal, or other apps.

It's been noticed that PayPal has been used significantly over the last couple of years, and that's why many people are still reaching out to us wondering about selling a car through PayPal. They're worried about whether this method is safe or not. Therefore, this article is focused on answering the question, is it safe to use PayPal to sell a car?

Selling a car through PayPal: is it safe to use PayPal to sell a car?

Before we move any step further, it is critical to understand that PayPal is not a website for selling your car. In other words, PayPal is just a payment method like using a money order, a check, or apps like Zelle.

Therefore, you shouldn't expect that PayPal will have a new page where you can post your vehicle and reach out to buyers. Instead, the way you use PayPal is by referring to it when you're posting your vehicle on classified websites.

For example, say that you decided to pose your car on a classified website like Craigslist. However, they know no in-house payment option or payment transactions through Craigslist. Therefore, people have to decide how they're going to get paid. Some of those people might prefer to get paid on PayPal.

If you're in this situation, the good news is that PayPal is one of the very legitimate payment methods, and it's very trusted, and you should not be worried about using it. However, automotive experts recommend other payment options that you should keep in mind because PayPal might not be the best and top option if you must choose.

The other thing to remember is that some people complained about getting scammed when getting paid through PayPal. Therefore, you must understand the common scams that you might fall into and how to avoid them.

How can I get scammed selling on PayPal? How to avoid getting scammed when selling a car through PayPal?

As we highlighted before, using PayPal to get paid for your car is a great option; however, to avoid getting scanned when receiving your payment through PayPal, there are some things to keep in mind. First, of course, this applies to getting paid for a vehicle or any other item that you're planning to sell online.

In general, most scams do not happen because of PayPal. Instead, it happens because of other wrong decisions you might have made when negotiating with the potential buyer, and once you get to the payment method, that's when the buyer scams you and takes out your payment.

For example, assume that you had a conversation with a potential buyer, and he agreed to purchase your car for the listed price. Then, this buyer might ask you for some money that you can send him through PayPal to use because of a shipping service or any other type of service. When this happens, all that you did. It's just sending your money to a scammer who uses a very common scam that has been out there for a long time.

Therefore, if you don't want to get scanned when selling a car on PayPal, you should be aware of your decisions when posting your vehicle on classified websites. PayPal itself does not involve any scams, and it has all to be based on what you agreed on with the potential buyer.

Therefore, our automotive expert's team recommends that you familiarize yourself with different scams you might get involved in when posting your car on classified websites rather than looking for how to avoid getting scanned on PayPal.

Here are some of the common examples of Craigslist scams that you might fall into:

1.     No negotiation

When you post a vehicle on Craigslist, you expect the buyer to negotiate the price and ask you to reduce it. If you realize that the buyer will buy your car no matter what end without discussing the price, this should raise a red flag. Furthermore, things get more stressful or risky if you hear that the buyer is willing to pay you more than what you're asking for. No matter what's the deal, you should walk away.


2.     Third-party accounts

Another common scam that potential buyers might use is asking you to put the money on a third-party account. But, of course, this account belongs to the buyer, and all you did was lose your car without getting paid for it.

3.     Asking for your personal information

In general, whenever you sell your car on classified websites, whether it's a closed risk or any other website, you should never share your personal information with the buyer. Of course, you will need the buyer’s information because you'll need that information for transferring ownership, but the buyer does not have the right to ask you for your personal information. Therefore, whenever you feel bad the buyer is hunting for some information, you should walk away no matter the deal.

4.     Shipping the car overseas

Another common scam that you might get into when selling your car through classified websites is when the buyer asks you to ship the car overseas. Typically, most automotive experts recommend selling your car locally and preventing getting involved in such situations because it involves a lot of scams that you don't want to deal with.

What is the safest way to receive money when selling a car?

While it's OK to get paid through PayPal and sell your car, there are better options that you should consider, and whenever you can use them, you should do so rather than deal with PayPal or any other online payment methods.

Let's look at some of these options as automotive experts recommend:

1.     Cash payments

Cash payments are always number one and the most recommended payment option for selling any used vehicle. Most automotive experts suggest that there is no hassle to deal with when getting paid in cash, and you don't have to worry about any complications in the payment method.

Many buyers might feel hesitant about bringing cash with them to the test drive, especially if they're not feeling safe. So, you should still consider other options if that's the case.

2.     Checks

Bank checks are also another good option to consider. However, there aren't a reported number of scams about using checks for getting paid for your car. Therefore, the easiest way to prevent getting involved in these scams is by meeting the potential buyer at their bank. Once you meet with them there, you need to confirm whether the check goes through or not. You'll also need to confirm that the check has their name, and you will need to compare it to their photo ID.

3.     Money orders

Like the bank checks, you can also accept money orders as long as you can confirm that the buyer is the actual person who wrote it, and you want to confirm that this money order goes through as well before finalizing the deal.

What are other payment methods for selling a car?

We highlighted the best payment methods for selling your car. However, it is also critical that you familiarize yourself with the other payments that you might come across. Some of these methods are evolving and getting high popularity, like PayPal. Let's take a closer look at some of these methods:

1.     Selling a car through Venmo

Another common question from many customers is whether it is safe to get paid through Venmo when selling a car. The good news is that Venmo is another great option for selling your vehicle, but it does not have any options for fraud protection. Therefore, if you're getting paid through Venmo and something happens to the vehicle, there is no guarantee that you'll get it back.

According to the Venmo website, “Venmo is designed to payments between friends and people who trust each other.” Therefore, we recommend that you use Venmo when you're trying to sell your vehicle to a family member or a friend. If you feel safe about any payment transactions, you should choose a different payment method.

2.     Selling a car through Zelle

Zelle is another growing option for selling your car, and it does not charge any fees for sending or receiving money. However, Zelle does not have any fraud protection option, which means that you'll get to be very careful about accepting cell payments, especially if you're selling your car to a stranger.

3.     Selling a car through TRED

There's a new growing payment method for selling used cars called TRED. This method is safe, and it has a good fraud protection option up to $75,000. However, we still recommend that you learn more about this payment method's main pros and cons because it's still relatively new. Unless you're 100% confident about using it, you should select some of the common payment methods we highlighted before, like cash payments or bank checks.

Selling a car through PayPal: Final thoughts

As we highlighted in this article, there's no such thing called selling a car through PayPal. PayPal is just a payment method like cash payments, checks, or probably money orders. PayPal has been used a lot over the last couple of years for paying for used cars. It is a very safe method, and it does not involve any hassle as long as you follow the right steps.

This article explained that there's no way you can get scanned through PayPal, and the issue has happened before. In other words, you should avoid getting scanned through posting your vehicle on classified websites because PayPal is a safe transaction method and unless you make the wrong decision, you shouldn't be worried about getting scammed through PayPal.

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