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Old Junk Car: What Do You Need To Know About It!

Old Junk Car: What Do You Need To Know About It!

Remember the excitement you felt when you walked into the dealership and bought that new car. The right color, the exact model. That new car smell? Remember all the good times you had in that car, taking long drives or going on holiday? Looking back, that trusty car brought you many happy memories and possibly helped you through some life-changing events. But, what happens as the years pass by and your car slowly becomes an old junk car?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Did you know that the average age of cars on the roads in America today is just under 12 years? That's over a decade worth of driving in the same ride.


People tend to keep their cars for this long due to many factors, the most common being economical. We tend to hold on to what we have instead of shelling out more money for a new one.


When we eventually have to make that change, though, is there hope for that old trusty car that you have been rattling around in for over a decade? Or has it been parked to one side for too long and is no longer safe or operable?


Let's take a closer look at what you can do when it's out with the old junk car and hopefully in with a new one.


First things first, is your car an old junk car, how is one classified as such, and what can you do with your junk car?


Is Your Car Really an Old Junk Car?

  • Accidents and Bumper Bashings

Has your vehicle been involved in any accidents previously? If it has, the frame's integrity and some parts that were damaged in the accident will be compromised.


However, when thinking about accidents, you will need to ask yourself , “If I had to have a minor incident, such as a bumper bashing, would my car survive?” Alternatively, if you were involved in a major accident, how would the vehicle fare?


How would it cope in a flood? Would it be washed away, or would the water flood the inside from the roof and doors?


Now consider how you would survive being inside the vehicle should any one of these transpire? This is a significant determining factor when looking at the safety and reliability of your car.


If you cannot see your car making it through any of these situations, it's probably time to scrap that old junk car.

  • Wear and Tear Woes

The more we use our vehicle, the more damage we sustain to the body, tires, and engine. Wear and tear on your car is unavoidable unless you park it in the garage and only bring it out for shows in the driveway.


Bumps in the road, dirt in the engine, stones flying at the bodywork; all of these affect your car's general longevity and the external condition of its body.


You would need to look at how much fixing all the little rattles, and clunks would cost versus merely selling it as it is.


Some ways to reduce wear and tear include:

  • Regularly service your vehicle
  • Change your oil at regular intervals
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Warm the car up before driving
  • Always use the parking brake when parking 
  • Vehicle Repair Costs
  • One excellent way of determining if your car is ready to be sold off for parts or scrap is the impact the repairs are having on your wallet.


If you are continually having to replace a part or patch a piece together, then it may be time to move on. You need to decide if it is worth repairing the car or replacing it. Your car's repairs should not be putting your bank account into a negative every month.

  • Road Worthiness

A car that has become an old junk car will no longer be road-worthy. Once this happens, you are in serious trouble if you are still driving this car around. It can pose a potential danger to yourself and others around you.


Instead of causing havoc on the road, look into selling that junk car.

  • Potential Buyer Nightmare

If you are battling to find a potential buyer for your car, it is a sure sign that the better option is to sell for scrap or to a buyer that deals in buying old junk cars.


This way, you will at least get a fair price for what you have to offer. It is far better than the junk car taking up much-needed space in your garage or tarnishing the look of your backyard.


Reasons to Get Rid of Your Old Junk Car

Besides the fact that your old junk car is taking up space, gathering dust, or rusting away, there are several reasons why you may be considering getting rid of your junk car.

  • Lifestyle change

The car you have may no longer fit into your lifestyle. You may have decided to expand your family needed a larger, safer, and more family-oriented car. 

  • Job change

So you got that long-awaited and hard-worked for promotion at work, and it's time to promote your wheels too. A new car is on the cards for you to match the new status.

  • Your back yard looks like a dumping ground.

If your old car isn't being used all the time and is just gathering dust and taking up space in your yard, then selling it is the better alternative to having an eyesore parked outside. A junk car can actually devalue your house if it is parked outside.

  • Conscious of the environment

Besides being aesthetically displeasing, an old junk car is not doing the environment any good. If you are conscious about the environment, you should sell your old car that is busy rusting away in the backyard and leaking dangerous fluids. 


One of the biggest advantages of selling your car to a junk car removal service is that the metal can be used for new cars, thus reducing the mining required for new metal.

  • Financial Advantage

A little extra cash can a long way. This may be just what you are looking for, and selling your old junk car may be the solution to this problem.


If you can make some extra cash by selling your old car, then why not? Many junk car removal services will provide a free estimate on what your junk car is worth, and you are not obligated to accept the quote. 


Now that we have explored the reasons why let's look at what you need to do to prepare your junk car to be sold to a junk car removal service.


5 Steps to Take When Preparing to Sell Your Old Junk Car.

  • Personal Property

Before you sell your car, ensure that you remove all of your personal items. Be sure to look under all the seats and in the glove compartment. Personal items tend to fall and roll around in your car, so check everywhere.

  • License Plates

Legally, you are responsible for your license plates, and to change over ownership of the vehicle, the plates need to be returned to the DMV. You need to ensure they are removed and handed in to sell.

  • Finish your Gas

It only makes sense to finish your gas before selling your car. If you plan to sell for scrap metal, gas in the tank can be hazardous for the yard, so it is best to ensure the tank is empty before handing over the vehicle.

  • Have your paperwork handy

If you have the title to your car, the value of the car increases. It is also important to have this ready to transfer the car over to the new owner.


Due to the sheer volume of cars on the roads today, it is impossible for dealers to know whether or not the car truly belongs to you. Supplying them with the paperwork will smooth over the sale while earning you a little more.


When you have finally decided to sell, you can imagine the money in the bank, and the heap of junk in the yard is almost a distant memory. Remember that there are always some things to look out for:


  1. Firstly don't rely on the dealer to inform the DMV that your car has been sold.
  2. Don't deal with dealerships that change the quotes.
  3. Never accept your first offer.
  4. Your car is never worthless, don't let dealers tell you that.
  5. Don't pay for towing. Any good dealer will arrange for your car to be towed for you.
  6. Do not sign the title over until you have been paid.


If you want to skip all of the hassles above, then rather explore the option of junking your car for cash. Contact a junk car removal service, like Cash Car Buyer, to collect your car at no charge, and leave you with cash on the spot for your old junk car. 


Cash Car Buyer will buy your junk car for a fair cash price, giving you the best value for your money. They will arrange to have your vehicle towed for free too. They do all the work for you and pay you too.