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Junk Car Removal Service: What You Need To Know!

Junk Car Removal Service: What You Need To Know!

Do you have a garage waiting for your perfect car to occupy it, but it cannot be used because a non-operational vehicle is parked there? But what now? You need to get rid of the car to get use out of your garage again, but it cannot be driven away. There is no time like the present to get rid of a junk car by using a junk car removal service. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


If you are ready to get rid of your junk car and are looking for the right way to do it, then make a cup of coffee and get comfortable as we take you through clearing your garage of that dusty junk car. 


What is a Junk Car? 

Junk cars are vehicles that are too old or damaged to warrant the expense of repairs to fix them or get them running again. It is more cost-effective to sell a junk car for parts rather than repair them. Unless the car is a timeless classic that warrants refurbishment, a junk car will often not have any value with a private sale.


A broad definition of a junk car is one that is unwanted and has no use. Below are some of the factors that contribute to your car qualifying as a junk car: 


  • Inoperable: The car’s problems have led to it not being able to be driven. 
  • Missing Paperwork: The registration paperwork and/or vehicle title is missing. 
  • Damage: If the vehicle has 
    •  severely deteriorated
    •  has significant components missing, such as the transmission 
    •  has damaged or mangled critical parts, such as the engine
    •  has a severely damaged frame


Junk Car Classification

Different municipalities have their own definition of what a junk car is. This is mainly so they can keep them out of residents’ yards and, more importantly, off the streets. The local government will set out a specific list of criteria that a vehicle needs to meet in order to be classified as a junk car. Below are some examples of the typical characteristics they may include: 


  • Age: In some areas, a car needs to be at least three years old to be classified as junk. 
  • Damage: The car must be significantly damaged or have seriously deteriorated (or both). For instance, it may be missing or have damaged critical parts, such as the engine, tires, and transmission. Broken windows are often a guaranteed giveaway.  
  • Low Value: Certain areas set a specific maximum worth, often around $500.
  • License and Registration: A car is often classified as junk if its official paperwork is missing. 
  • Inoperable: If one problem has led to another, the vehicle may be completely inoperable.
  • Stationary: If the car is sitting on someone else’s property without permission or is parked on the street.


Many people will abandon their cars and leave it to stand because older vehicles do not have the same safety features as the more modern cars. Another factor, especially for families, is that older cars may not allow for the proper installation of baby and child seats, particularly those seats with Isofix. 


Why Should You Use a Junk Car Removal Service?

If you are still in two minds about getting rid of your junk car and using a junk car removal service, below are several benefits to encourage your decision. 

  • Extra Space at Home

Not only is your junk car losing more value as it sits dormant in your garage or your garden, but a junk car can devalue your house if it becomes “part of the property.” 


If you hand your car over to a junk car removal service, then you free up loads of extra space in your home, especially if it was parked in the garage. Additional space at the house is always a welcomed benefit. You can finally set up that home gym or create some extra storage space, or better yet, you can park your new car safely in the garage that was once occupied by a junk car.

  • You Make Some Extra Money 

The longer your junk car gathers dust or rusts away, the more money you could be losing. It is not worth anything if it is forgotten in its corner, so instead, make some money by selling it to a junk car removal service. Companies like Cash Car Buyer will pay you cash right on the spot and give you clean profit for something you can longer use or need.  

  • Environmentally Friendly Decision

Our environment is taking a toll, and with only one planet to live on, we need to become more environmentally conscious and make friendlier decisions. An environmentally friendly decision is to sell your junk car to a junk car removal service because selling your scrap car reduced pollution and degradation. 


Many junk car removal services will take the junk car apart and use the different components for spares. Whatever is sold or used helps preserve the environment. Even if the vehicle is disposed of completely, many companies will do so in a way to limit pollution as much as possible. 

Remember, old or damaged cars will often leak fluids as they settle into their parking spot; this can disrupt the environment, especially if parked out in the garden. If it is parked in a garage or driveway, the fluids could also damage the paving or your garage floor. 

  • No Buyer Hassle

Selling a car privately comes with its own headaches, especially if the car is damaged or needs some work. Selling a car to others can be a burden, and naturally, buyers tend to be indecisive and picky. With an older car, they will haggle the price down as low as possible and may even make the sale not worth your time and effort. 


Instead, save yourself the stress and the time spent finding a buyer that won’t continue to aggravate you even after the sale is concluded. A car removal service will eliminate the need to find a buyer, and most will pay you on the spot, so you do not need to worry about a sticky payment process. There is no paperwork to complete and no hassle of an unhappy buyer.

  • Free Price Estimate

Most junk car removal services will provide you with a free estimation of the value of your car. The best part is that you are not obligated to sell it to them afterward. If you want to know what your junk car's value is, then contact a reputable company like Cash Cars Buyer to get a free evaluation.

  • Immediate Service

If you are in a hurry to get rid of your junk car and need some extra cash, then a junk car removal service will be able to assist you right away. With junk car removals, your needs are attended to almost immediately. Often, many junk car removal companies offer same-day service. They will come to your house, tow your junk car away for free, and leave you with some much-needed cash in your pocket and some free space in your garage.

  • No Intermediaries

Nobody wants a middle man or a broker between a car deal as they can be a deal-breaker for many. It also means paying extra cash to someone that you do not necessarily need. 

There are no intermediaries involved with junk car removal services, and you deal directly with the right people. This not only saves you money but time too. 

  • All Cars are Viable

A great benefit of using a junk car removal service is that there are no limits on the types of cars they will accept. Regardless of the damage, your car will be valued as it is and accepted in its condition. 


A junk car removal service will accept all makes and models of cars, regardless of the condition or the production year. Even a wrecked or totaled car can be accepted.

  • No Charges for Removal

Junk car removal services will not charge you to collect your junk car, which is especially beneficial if your car is inoperable and cannot be driven anywhere. They will help you curb the costs of towing to get rid of your junk car. They remove your vehicle at no charge and leave you with cash in hand. 


How Much is Your Junk Car Worth?

In 2020, your junk car could collect between $50 and $20,000. On average, most junk cars sell for between $100 and $500. 


The value of your junk car depends on several factors, including: 


  • Where your vehicle is located.
  • How old your car is.
  • The make and model of your car.
  • How many miles your car has on it.
  • If it is operable.
  • What kind of condition it is in. 


If you would like to know how much your junk car is worth, then contact Cash Cars Buyer. They will make you a fair offer on your junk car and happily take it off your hands if you are happy with the offer. They will collect the car from its location at no charge and leave you with cash on the spot.