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Is It Worth Repairing My Car Or Replacing It? Do The Math! 

Is It Worth Repairing My Car Or Replacing It? Do The Math! 

You’ve been in a car accident, now you’re in a dilemma. Is it worth repairing your car or replacing it? Let’s explore some options and help you do the math! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Is Your Car Worth Repairing? Or Should You Replace It?

Now you have the task of weighing your options. Should you repair your vehicle or just sell it and replace it with a newer vehicle? The big question that you want to ask yourself is: “do the repairs outweigh the value?”  

When Car Repairs Cost More Than the Car- What To Do Next 

When you do the math and add up the value of your vehicle versus the costs to repair it, you will have to determine if your car is worth repairing. Check out a few things that you want to keep in the front of your mind: 

  1. Are you in need of a working right at this very minute? 
  2. How much could you sell your car “as-is”? 
  3. Will any of the repairs increase the value of my old ride? 

While each person’s wrecked car situation is unique, let’s provide an example here. 

Let’s assume that you have a car that is worth about $10,000, and you receive a repair estimate of $3,000. Will those repairs bring your car’s value to a grand total of $13,000? Or will your vehicle remain at about $10,000? You also want to ask yourself this question: What could you get, if you sold your car in its damaged state right now? Would you be able to get a decent amount of cash for your car right at this very minute- dents, damage and all? Now, think about the headache of dealing with a non-operable car just sitting in your driveway, or garage. Maybe the auto body shops are backed up and cannot even get to your car for at least another two to three weeks.  Do you think that your car is worth a two to three week wait? How will you get around the city while waiting on your car to get fixed? 

“OK- I Want to Get my Car Fixed- What Should I Do?” – Is It Worth Repairing My Car Or Replacing It

Alright. So, you’re leaning toward getting your car fixed. Let’s examine what you can do. 

Do your Research 

The first task at hand, is to shop around, do your research and obtain at least three to four good estimates. You want these estimates to come from reputable, accomplished and licensed auto body shops. As a car owner, you know that the majority of that estimate will be labor, as opposed to parts. So, keep that in mind. Don’t forget to read online reviews about body shops you’re thinking of taking your car to. These days, customers are very vocal about the service they receive. So, read what others say. And if you can, all friends and family members. Ask them where they took their car. Many times, a damaged car needs parts that can cost a lot of money. Some of the most common car repairs include: 

Stay Within Your Budget

When thinking about getting your ride fixed, you want to see what you can afford. You may have to dip into those savings, but hey… that’s what a savings account is for. So, what can you pay for and what are you not able to pay for?  

Ask Yourself Is There Any Repair That Can Wait – Is It Worth Repairing My Car Or Replacing It

Maybe you can wait on one of those repairs. If so, talk to your body shop manager or owner, and ask. If that estimated repair is not within your budget, ask what you need to get fixed right now, to remain safe in your car. Then ask what can be put on the back burner for a few weeks or so, when you’ll have more money. Remember not to skimp on safety repairs. 

Be Honest- If the Repairs Cost More Than the Car… 

And now for some brutal honesty: if repairing your car costs more than the value of it, then do you really want to spend time fixing your car? Oftentimes, we all have to realize inevitable truths. Let’s say that you have a 2015 Nissan Sentra S. It’s worth is about $9,998. But you get estimates that total $10,000 and even $11,000. Is it really worth it to get that car fixed? Or should you just go and buy a new car? Many times in life, it’s important to close one door, so that another one can open. Letting go of a car that costs more to fix than its value, may be hard. But it’s something you have to do. You may be able to take the money from that damaged car and buy a cheaper, and even sportier car. You may even save a bit of money insuring it too. Sometimes selling a damaged car is the best option- especially when it costs more to repair it, than its total value. 

Sell That Car To Cash Cars Buyer! 

OK, so now that you did the math, you now see that your car isn’t worth repairing. So, what do you do now? You visit the Cash Cars Buyer website, for your FREE online offer on that damaged car! Once you click here, you’ll be taken to a place where you can enter all of your vehicle’s information. After you’re done, you’ll have an offer on your damaged car! 

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No Title for That Damaged Car?  – Is It Worth Repairing My Car Or Replacing It

Did you happen to lose the title to that damaged car? No worries. Cash Cars Buyer does in fact purchase cars that don’t have a title, and we just may buy your mingled ride. In most cases, your missing title is not an issue for us. We just ask that you have your ID as well as your registration for your car. 

Forget the Repairs- Just Sell That Car FAST! 

If those repair estimates are adding up and outweighing the value of your car, the solution is simple: sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer now! We make selling a damaged, dented and dilapidated vehicle quick, fast, easy and profitable to you! Click here to get started! Watch as we turn that old car into cash, FAST!