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Junker Car – How Can I Get The Most Money For My Junk Car?

junker car

You have a junker car that you want to get rid of fast.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

So you have resort to calling junk yards, selling it online and even finding out how to sell it privately.

We understand that having a junker car on your property isn't cool at all.

We can offer you some practical advice as well as the quickest, safest and most convenient way for you to sell your car!

I Need a reputable car junker FAST!

When it comes to finding a junker car service, the choices can be pretty slim.

You can come across a great business, but then you are hit with fees you didn’t know existed!

Or you may find that the company you are dealing with, runs scams. None of this is cool.

When you have a junker, you have to deal with a company that respects you and treats you with dignity.

You also want to deal with a company you’ve done some research on.

When you deal with a company that falls short of the class, and dignity needed, it can make selling you junker car hard.

So, do your research and be sure that you obtain a great company as well as a great offer!

What is a junker?

The general rule of thumb for a junker is a vehicle that costs too much to repair beyond its cost or the owner’s ability to pay. There are other criteria that make a car a junker car. Check it out below!

  • The age of your car. Sure, your car may not be running, but for your car to be considered a junker, it needs to be at least three years old. Chances are, your car fits that description with no problem!
  • The value of your junker. No one wants your car due to is condition, not even you. You may try to get rid of it on Craigslist or find its value on Kelley Blue Book. After reviewing your car’s condition, you may find that its value is very low.
  • The Damage your car has. For a car with severe body damage, lots of rust, broken parts and axels and such, chances are you’re probably looking at a junker.
  • Your junker’s operating status: For a car that doesn’t run, this may decrease its value tremendously, thus making it a junk car.

So, if you are able to obtain the title to your junk car, be sure that you can get it. Once you determine that you want to sell your car, you will need the title that will show proof you are the owner of the car.

junker carWhat is the worth of my old car?

Before you take your car to a salvage yard or a junkyard, you want to make sure that you have an idea of what your car is worth.

You can “scrap the idea” resale value and turn your attention to the current value of scrap metal. There are great places online that offer you the day’s scrap prices.

The value of scrap metal changes quite frequently and you want to make sure that you have the current prices on hand. So, be sure to look up the total weight of your car. Then, you can calculate the value of your car based upon the weight as well as current value of the scrap metal. Although you won’t have an exact value, you will have an idea of what some salvage or scrap yards will offer you for your junk car.

Don’t’ forget to factor in the “junked” condition of your car. You have to consider if your car needs towing to a salvage yard as well as other factors. You definitely have to do your homework and keep up with the daily scrap and metal prices on a regular basis!

Junker car parts- Which parts will get me the most money?

GPS System

If your junker has a built-in GPS System, you may want to sell that system separately to earn more money! They usually sell for $100-$200 for a system that is still intact. Portable GPS will not sell as much as their counter parts. But you may find that there is money in the GPS system you have.

Exhaust Systems

For someone looking for a replacement exhaust system that comes with a catalytic converter, you can expect to spend around $500 – $1,000. A good exhaust system helps to control the engine noise and reduce fumes that your car releases in to the air. And for its metal components as well as highly important function you’re looking at a hot commodity. So, if you have one that is in good condition, you may be looking at a nice profit, since they're always high in demand.

Catalytic Converter

For any car made after model year 1975, it will have a catalytic converter in it. You will find that this car part is always in demand.  The resale value of this precious part can range between $80 and $250.

junker car
Picture of Universal Fender Flare


The fenders on your junker are another valuable car part that you can sell for cash. As you know, they are responsible for protecting the vehicle’s undercarriage as well as the wheel wells. So, your fenders can earn you some quick cash! A fender in good condition allows you to get more money for your old junker’s parts.

Electrical Parts, Windows and Car Doors

Unfortunately, thousands of car accidents happen each year and the need for replacement car parts is always high. So, if your junker car has great looking and resilient windows, mirrors, electrical components doors, windows, mirrors, and electrical components, you could be looking at some great cash for them.  Mechanics always need great working parts when they are asked to fix a car that has been damaged in a wreck. So, think about the money you can make from a car that is just like yours that needs an “auto makeover”!


Looking at selling your car’s bumpers? The bumper’s purpose is to help protect the front as well as back of your car. A lot of today’s cars have bumpers that that are made of materials like fiberglass, steel, plastic, steel and aluminum. Newer cars have bumpers that help cushion the damage from impact. Depending on what kind of car you have and how old it is, your bumpers can garner you between $90 and almost $300!

What other car parts may be worth money?

You can “cash in” on great looking parts such as:

  1. motor oil
  2. filters
  3. batteries
  4. audio systems
  5. truck hatches
  6. tires
  7. rims
  8. windshield wiper arms
  9. air bags
  10. cooling systems and more!

My Junker Car and Recycling

Vehicles are some of the most recycled items and millions of them are recycled each year. In fact,  “…over 12 million cars are recycled in the U.S. every year”.

Additionally, you may find comfort in the fact that junkers may be worth for with the metal they have, for scrap. Junker cars are recycled for engine oil, batteries, fuel, and more.

So, if you decide that a trade-in value for your car just isn’t enough for you, you may find that you make money picking your car apart and selling it part by part!

Junker car for sale- how to sell your junk car the right way!

OK- check out the details for selling your junker the right way!

  • Be honest about your junk car. If your car has some serious damage, then make sure that you state that to your potential seller.
  • Be sure to clean out your junk car. Sure your junk car is a junker, but you want to remove all of beer cans, garbage and other items in your car. Your buyer does not want to clean your junk car out!
  • If you are selling your junk car online, be sure to take “honest pictures” of your car. This means, you want actual pics of the car and nothing else! Lots of perspective buyers may make your junker a project car! These days we own great phones that can take some great pics. So, take them!
  • Mention the flaws on your junker! If your car has some considerable rust on it, then mention that.  If your car has some dents on it, mention those as well.

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We make selling your junker easy and one way of doing that is to offer FREE removal of your car!

What if I want to sell my junker car online?

Selling a junk car online is a cool idea!

In fact, lots of online marketplaces offer a great reach for your car!



You pay your $5.00 fee and you post your pics as well as description! You can even enter specific details about your car and then you wait for a buyer.

eBay Motors

Another place to sell your car is on eBay Motors. There, you have to pay fees and just like Craigslist, you can add pictures as well as description. Don't forget the details of your junker too.


Autotrader is a great place to sell your car, from a trusted source. You can also add specifics of your car

Facebook Marketplace

Just like the other three online places mentioned, you can advertise your junker for a great price. You'll rack up lots of views garner some great questions from buyers!

junker carBut, there is the work that comes with selling online…

When you sell a junker online you have to:

  • take photos of your car. And make sure that you have a good number of them and they are sharp and focused.
  • write a description of your junker. Be sure that you are honest about your car. You have no idea who the buyer of your car will be, so be honest about your junker!
  • add a form of contact. Be sure that you leave an email or a phone number on the ad, so that folks can reach you.

Sell Your Junker To Cash Cars Buyer For Fast Cash!  FAQ

Can I sell my junker to you with no title?

In most cases, selling a junker with no title is not a problem. Therefore we ask that you have you car registration as well as a picture ID with you.

And you'll remove my junker car for free?

We sure will You never have to pay to have your car hauled away! We take care of that!

My junker has dents and doesn't run. You'll still buy it?

Absolutely! We will buy your junker whether its running or not! And we buy the ugliest cars out here!

What about that instant offer too?

You can get an instant offer on your car in a matter of seconds!

How long have you been buying junker cars?

For over a decade now! And we love what we do!

And you'll come to me?

We sure will! You never have to bring your junker to us; we will come to you!

So, contact us for the fast cash we have, for that junker! 844-663-7286!

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