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Junk Cars For Cash San Jose – Get A FREE Online Offer For That Junk Car Now! 

Junk Cars For Cash San Jose

If that old vehicle isn’t becoming of you, then you should be coming to Cash Cars Buyer! As San Jose’s premier junk car selling company, we offer a host of FEE-FREE selling services for all of our valued San Jose car sellers. You can sell our vehicle with such ease and simplicity that you may even wonder if there is a catch. We can assure you that there isn’t! You can junk a car and receive FREE pick up, fast payout and more! 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

Get A FREE Online Offer For That Junk Car Now! 

Did you know that you can find out what your car is worth in a matter of minutes? We provide the best junk car services throughout all of San Jose! And you knowing the value of your junk car in minutes can help you to: 

  • Plan your next move 
  • Know what your junk car is worth in a matter of minutes 
  • Call us for a guaranteed offer that is fair market value!  

Your online offer is absolutely FREE. You never have to enter your personal or credit card information to receive it. 

Local Junk Car Buyers in San Jose- Sell That Junk Car NOW! 

When you’re looking to sell a junk, scrap, dented, damaged or totaled car, you’re seeking to get rid of it fast and free. Some businesses can make this happen, while others simply can’t. While you call around to local San Jose scrap yards, dealerships and junkyards, you are constantly being told what these places CANNOT do for you.  For that unwanted car problem allow the professionals at Cash Cars Buyer be your solution. There is never a need for you to bring your car to us. We pack up our business and bring the car selling offices to your San Jose home, office or location! Just click here and create an offer on that junk car based upon the information that you input! 


Sell Your Car Fast in San Jose! It’s Quick and Easy! 

Check out how easy it is to sell your junk car in San Jose! 

  • Enter your junk car’s details 

You can begin the process of selling your junk car by taking the time to enter your vehicle’s information. Take note: the more information you enter, the better and more accurate your offer will be. Once you have that offer, call us so that we can discuss this unwanted car of yours even further! 

  • Please accept your offer 

After receiving your offer, we hope that you will accept it and then call us. You will have a friendly agent on the other end of that phone line, ready to ask you some questions about your car. The reason for this is to provide you with the best guaranteed offer ever! After you agree to the guaranteed cash offer from us, we will arrange the pickup and the payout of your car! 

  • Get paid and get that vehicle picked up!

We will waste no time coming to your San Jose home or location to evaluate your car, answer any questions that you may have and then paying you for that junk car fast.  

No need to call a tow truck! 

Once you receive the money from your junk car sale, you never have to contact a tow truck. Why? Because the towing is FREE!

Same Day Pickup Available! 

Maybe you need your money the same day you accept your offer. Indicate that to us and we will work hard to accommodate your request. Cash Cars Buyer does offer same day service to San Jose residents. Generally, it takes us between 24-72 hours to come and get your car.  

Who Buys Car with No Title in San Jose? 

Lots of times we find that valued junk car sellers feel stressed because they feel that they have to live with that junk car. Why? Well, the car owner cannot locate the title. Whether your title is missing, lost, destroyed or ripped to shreds, you can still sell that car. In most instances, we can execute a smooth sale of your vehicle even if that title is missing. We just ask that you have your ID as well as your vehicle registration for the sale of your car.  

San Jose! Sell That Car with Mechanical Problems Now! 

Why should keep pouring money into a car that will not run or work properly? You have had enough and now it’s time to get rid of that car now! Cash Cars Buyer does purchase cars with mechanical problems –and each car is entitled to a fair market value. What are some of the most common car issues that we see and take in? Check them out below! 

Warning And “Check Engine Lights” Illuminating from the Dash 

While “check engine lights” and other lights can illuminate without any kind of warning. Most of the time they flash on our dashboards because they are triggered due to some malfunction in the car. This means that you have taken time out of your day to go to your local mechanic, pay for a diagnostic assessment and then pay for any needed repair. And of course, these repairs are never what you budget for. 

Sputtering and “Coughing” Engines 

When your vehicle’s engine is emitting those annoying and scary coughing or sputtering sounds, then it’s time to visit an auto professional ASAP! No car engine should sound as if it’s taking its last breaths. And while we here at Cash Cars Buyer realize that there is never a convenient time for an engine to cough and sputter – you can confidently sell that car to us FAST. 

Dead Batteries 

Who wants to be caught with a car that has a dead battery? A dead car battery can thwart the best conceived plans. And if there is some other reason as to why your battery remains dead, then simply sell the car and take the cash. 

Poor Fuel Economy 

When your vehicle’s engine is running proficiently, it will burn fuel at a rate that is an improvement to your vehicle’s fuel economy. But there are several fuel system car components – such as the fuel and air filters and the O2 sensors that can glitch and give out. These glitches can make that old ride one huge gas-guzzler. And with gas prices being what they are these days, who needs to put more gas in the tank than required? Bad fuel economy is a sign that you need a repair.  And we are willing to bet that it may be a costly one. 

Just Dissolve The Stress and Sell That Junk Car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

We could go on and on with our list of issues that can aging car can succumb to. But we would rather give you some great reasons as to why you need to sell that car to us NOW: 

  • Even with all of its issues, you can still get a FREE online offer on that problematic car. 
  • You can sell your car as-is no matter where you are located in San Jose. 
  • We have a “judgement-free” zone and we will always treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve! 
  • As a licensed, bonded and insured junk car buying company, we provide a junk car experience that is quick, fast, private and easy! 
  • We love what we do and we want to make you happy. So, contact us today! Get an offer and get the cash you need now! 

Sell Your Car Online in San Jose- Enjoy the Benefits! 

Looking for a great pair of sneakers? You can find them online. Searching for a tutor for your child? The perfect tutor is online too. Need some eco-friendly cleaning products for the house? There’s an online company for that! Time to sell that old car fast? There’s Cash Cars Buyer! As an industry leader in online junk car selling, we forge ahead with some great FEE-FREE services. Unlike conventional methods –i.e., Craigslist, AutoTrader, eBay Motors and the like–we never ask you to pay a fee to sell your car. 


We help eliminate the work that come with selling an old car online! 

Instead of paying fees and creating a “show-stopping” and enticing online car ad, you can just sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! No need to supply your credit card information. You can obtain a FREE online offer right here and allow us to put our junk car buying knowledge, expertise and dedication to work for you, so you can get rid of that old car FAST! 


San Jose, Junk That Car And Reclaim Your Life & Property! 

As a junk car owner, it may help you to know that there are tremendous benefits of getting rid of that old, rusty, dusty and non running car. Check out some of the biggest advantages of selling your mangled and dented ride! 

You’ll enjoy the wide and open space on your property 

What’s a house that has clutter in it? It’s a huge “stress-pit”! After you get rid of that non running and old car, you will be able to enjoy the wide-open space and the peace that come with that junk vehicle being gone.  

You’ll have a better mood, better health and a feeling of accomplishment 

When we have clutter and junk around us, we have a tendency to be stressed, “edgy” and worried. Forget the headaches and strain that come with harboring that junk car on your property. Sell it and enjoy a better quality of life. 

You don’t have to pay anything to sell your car 

Processing fee? Nope!  Paperwork fees? Not on our watch. Towing fees? No way! All you have to do, is click here and get a FREE online offer and let us purchase that mangled mess of metal off of your San Jose property fast! 


500 Dollars for Junk Cars in San Jose- How it Works 

Seeking $500 for that junk, totaled, wrecked or damaged car? Many times, lots of our valued customers find that they receive more than what they were hoping for. As you look for $500 for your old ride, it’s important to note that each seller has a different junk car and a unique selling situation. Therefore, offers will vary. Regardless of the condition of your car, we will always take the time to accurately access every aspect of your vehicle. That final offer that you receive will depend on some final factors. Some of those factors do include: 

  • The weight of your old vehicle. 
  • The current price of scrap metal. 
  • The features, options and trim on your vehicle. 
  • Status of the title- do you have the title in your possession? 
  • The amount of damage and the location of the damage on the vehicle, and more. 


We Buy Junk Cars And Keep Safety First in San Jose!  

Whether it’s staying at a safe distance, honoring your privacy or even keeping your information private, we do it all and more! Cash Cars Buyer knows that we live in a day and age, where personal and private information can end up in the wrong hands. That’s why you can count on us to help keep you safe from start to finish! 

COVID-19 Information: Cash Cars Buyer continues to operate during this global pandemic. As vaccines are becoming available, we continue to work around the clock to provide a safe, physically-distanced and private car selling experience for all of our car sellers. If there is anything that you need to make your experience better, please let us know! 


Reasons That You Need To Sell Your Junk Car To Cash Cars Buyer! 

It’s time to share a few great reasons to sell your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer

  • You can get a FREE online offer in the comfort of your San Jose home, day or night! 
  • We do purchase cars with damaged, lost or mangled titles. We just need you to supply us with your ID and your registration for a smooth sale. 
  • As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we work hard for you! 
  • No low-balling in our business dealings! Our offers are fair market value! 
  • Regardless of the condition of your old and inoperable ride, we will buy it! This includes, engine, transmissions and brake line issues! 
  • We even buy cars that have frame, water, flood or fire damage! 

San Jose, you have no reason not to sell that rusted ride. Click here and sell that junk car today! 

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