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Cash For Junk Cars Austin – Who Buys Junk Cars In Austin Texas?

Cash For Junk Cars Austin

In early 2021, the city of Austin, Texas saw its share of hardship. From power outages to winter weather advisories and snow, the city grappled with challenge. As the residents recover from early 2021’s winter storm, the resilience continues to be unparalleled. Cash Cars Buyer stands with the residents of Austin – and if there is any desire to sell a car, we hope that you’ll consider us first. 

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Who Buys Junk Cars In Austin Texas?

When it comes to looking for a junk car buyer in Austin, you only want the best. Chances are you also want: 

  • A FREE online offer 
  • A guaranteed cash offer 
  • FREE junk car removal
  • An opportunity to sell your unwanted vehicle even if you don’t have the title 
  • Payment on the spot without any haggling or hassles, and more. 

So, where can you obtain all of this and more? The answer: Cash Cars Buyer

With over a decade of junk car buying business, we pride ourselves in offering Austin residents the easiest, quickest and safest way to get rid of a damaged, dented and ready-to-be-demolished vehicle.

Driving With A Bad Catalytic Converter & Not Ready To Sell Your Car? 

The catalytic converter is vehicle component that helps to remove the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and other hazardous toxins and chemicals from the exhaust of a vehicle. The catalytic converter also has great appeal to many as many are crafted of quality metals. 


While many car enthusiasts say that driving a car with a faulty or inoperable catalytic converter isn’t too dangerous –most auto professionals do not recommend doing so. Perhaps there are components of your catalytic converter that are clogged or plugged. Although you may be able to drive your car, you run the risk of causing some serious damage to the vehicle. That faulty catalytic converter will begin to decrease in your vehicle’s performance. And if you continue driving that car with the plugged or clogged catalytic converter, there may come a day in which you may not be able to operate your vehicle at all. 


Sell That Car With The Bad Catalytic Converter

To repair or replace a catalytic converter can cost you as much as $2,500. If your car isn’t worth that much, is it really worth it to replace it? Instead of paying high repair bills, just sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer. We purchase cars with bad catalytic converters in them and pay fair market value for each. Click here to begin! 

Junk Cars For Cash – What are Some Of the Most Expensive Car Repairs? 

We as car owners know that the maintenance of a vehicle can cost lots of money. When you factor in the major repairs, you’re talking about serious cash. Let’s explore some of the most expensive repairs to make to a car. 

Brake Line Repair 

When you speak about safety in a car, there is nothing more important than the brake system of car. Although brake pads can be quite inexpensive, you may need to shell out the big bucks for a faulty brake line. Generally, a brake line repair can cost about $1000. Your mechanic may encourage you to repair the entire line, as opposed to just a patch or small fix of your line. Unfortunately, a brake line repair is one of those repairs that you just can’t ignore. 

Blown Head Gasket 

The term “blown head gasket” refers to a condition of steam coming from a car as well as overheating. When there is a faulty head gasket, there is typically oil, smoke and coolant coming out of the car. The head gasket is the component that covers the engine cylinders while stopping oil and coolant from leaking. Although the head gasket is quite inexpensive, the real cost of the repair from the labor. You can count on spending up towards $2,100 for a head gasket repair

Camshaft Repair 

A vehicle’s camshaft is a vital component in any vehicle. It has the job of controlling how the engine receives air. As time progresses, the camshaft can become plugged as well a quite dirty. If it is not cleaned, then the camshaft will eventually fracture. Should you require replacement of the entire camshaft, then the typical replacement cost will be between $1500 on the low end and $3000 on the high end. 

Airbag Repair 

The fact is this: airbags indeed save lives. Many could make a sound argument that airbags are perhaps the greatest invention for safety in modern automotive history. But once they are deployed, the airbags just about always have to be replaced—and airbag replacement is expensive. And when you talk about air bag replacement, you also have to factor in the repair and replacement of the glove box as well as the steering wheel. With all of these repairs tallied, car owners can spend as much as $6,000 for a full-fledged repair.


Transmission Repair 

Transmission problems can stop any car owner in his or her tracks. Without a functioning transmission, the wheels on a vehicle will not be able to turn. The replacement of a transmission assembly on many vehicles can cost up toward $5,000. depending on the severity of the transmission problem, the cost may be more. While the transmission is a complex and unique system, the transmission assembly helps to control the flow of power between the driveshaft and the engine. Additionally, the transmission assembly endures more wear and tear than most other car components due to the friction and heat that is produced by the various interacting and moving components. 


Engine & Cylinder Repair 

There’s nothing worse in life than having a car that has engine problems. The costliest of engine repairs involves a vehicle’s cylinders. Should the cylinders experience a breakdown, then the vehicle will be inoperable. This sort of repair can cost a car owner thousands of dollars. The repair is quite expensive due to the fact that the mechanic has to remove the complete engine from the vehicle in order to replace the vehicle’s cylinders. 

Junk a Car in Austin With Mechanical Issues Now! 

Whether your car has engine issues, transmission troubles or more, you can sell that junk car and receive a fair market value for it. No need to attempt to fix the car that keeps giving you issues. Just receive a FREE online offer and contact us so that we can come and get that problematic vehicle from your Austin home or location now!  

Junk Your Car in Austin, Texas – How it Works 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer make your selling that unwanted, dented and damaged car a quick, simple and easy process. There is never any haggling or hassles –just a FEE-FREE way of getting rid of that car and getting paid fast!

Input your car’s data 

First, you want to receive your FREE online quote. The beauty of getting your quote, is the fact that you can obtain it any time of day, any day of the week. You’ll never be asked to enter your personal or credit card information. And you will know the exact value of your vehicle. 

Get your guarantee offer fast 

After you create and view your FREE online offer, call us so that you can discuss your vehicle in additional detail. With our friendly, fast and experienced junk car buying team members, you’ll have a guaranteed cash offer on that unwanted car in no time! 

Receive FREE junk car removal and pick up! 

After you agree to the offer, we will ask the best day and time to come to your home, appraise your car and then pay you for your vehicle. All of this will take less than an hour! Once all is complete, you will have payment in your hands, FAST! 

Money For Junk Cars Austin – No Title Needed! 

Oftentimes, a junk car owner may be putting off selling that eyesore, because the title is missing, damaged or lost. Not only does Cash Cars Buyer buy all makes and models, but we also buy automobiles that are title-less! Your missing, lost or damaged title is not an issue for us most of the time. We do ask that you have your ID as well as your registration when you are ready to sell your car.  

  • Gather both your ID and your registration. 
  • Input your car’s information so that you have a FREE offer – be sure to indicate that the title is missing. 
  • View your offer and then call us. 
  • Discuss your car with us and be sure to let us know that you have no title. 
  • Receive a guaranteed cash offer in a matter of moments! 

See how easy it is to sell car without a title in Austin, TX? 

500 For Junk Cars- Can I Get This Much For My Junk Car Here in Austin? 

Looking for $500 for your junk car? Your junk car may be worth that and then some. But it’s important to note that regardless where you sell your car, the car buyer will evaluate the full condition or merit of your vehicle. We here at Cash Cars Buyer do this and we do so with state-of-the-art tools and systems. 

Cash Cars Buyer appraises the following before buying dented, damaged and mingles cars:

  • The current price of scrap metal 
  • The weight of your vehicle 
  • Status of your title- is your title available or is it missing? 
  • Physical location of your vehicle in the Austin, TEXAS area and more. 

You can obtain a FREE online offer on your car and know exactly the value it has in moments! 

Where Can I sell My Car in Austin, Texas and Pay No Fees? 

Once you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you will never pay anything to sell it! 

  • There is no paperwork fee
  • There are no transaction fees 
  • No need to even pay for the towing! 

Often times, scrap yards, junkyards, and even other junk car buying businesses will have hidden and surprise fees. You may even find that other junk car businesses use scams or schemes to buy your car. 

One of the most popular scams in the industry is the old “bait and switch” scam. This scam involves a potential junk car buyer making you an offer on the phone – then later lowering that offer once they see you and your car in person. We here at Cash Cars Buyer run our business with respect for all junk car sellers as well as integrity. Consider us junk car buying game- changers! We purchase cars and offer the most delightful junk car selling experience ever. Click here and obtain your FREE offer now! 


Junk Your Car in Austin, Texas Today! 

If you have a car to sell, then the only place to sell it in Austin, Texas is to Cash Cars Buyer. When it comes to selling that dented, rusted, totaled and ugly car, it doesn’t get any easier!

  • Need to sell your car and you’re missing the title? We buy cars with no title! Just have your ID and your vehicle registration ready to go when you are ready to sell your car. 
  • Have frame as well as flood damage? We buy cars that have flood, water or even hurricane damage. 
  • Can’t pay to have that car towed to our offices? No worries there either! We bring our junk car services to the front doorstep of your Austin, TX home or office! 
  • Tired of dealing with low-ball offers? We hear you! You’ll never deal with low-ball offers with us. We provide a fair market value to all of our valued junk car sellers! 
  • Ready to sell your car but don’t want to pay for the towing of car off of your lot? When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, the towing is FREE! 
  • Tired of dealing with companies that will buy your car but have all of these hidden fees? Our services are completely FREE to you! You never have to pay a dime to sell your unwanted or damaged car. 
  • Sick of calling companies with no credentials? We are a licensed, bonded and insured company.  We operate our business with integrity and you will never be judged for wanting to sell your car.


For a smooth, simple and easy way to sell your scrap, junk or damaged car in Austin, contact Cash Cars Buyer today

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