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Junk Cars For Cash Philadelphia – Who Buys Junk Cars In Philadelphia?

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Cash Cars Buyer is a huge junk car buyer in the city of Philadelphia as well as surrounding areas. We purchase vehicles all over Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties. Not only do we offer FREE junk car removal, but the entire process of selling your car to us is FREE. Forget your Google search of “junk cars for cash Philadelphia”; you have the industry’s leader in junk car buying ready to help you get rid of your unwanted vehicle now!  

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

Who Buys Junk Cars in Philadelphia? 

Cash Cars Buyer offers fair market value for each and every car that we buy. Whether you live in Philadelphia, Montgomery County or Bucks county, that rusty, damaged, old and non running vehicle will soon be a thing of the past!  Cash Cars Buyer offers effortless and easy junk car selling services, that will never cost you a penny. Allow us to extend some “Brotherly Love” and great junk car selling services to you with a first-class method of getting rid of that old car. We provide:


  • FREE online offers that you can obtain day or night. 
  • A guaranteed cash offer, after you speak to one of our experienced team members 
  • The opportunity for you to sell your car, even if you have a missing or lost title. 
  • FREE towing and junk car removal. 
  • Opportunity to have all of your questions answered by an experienced junk car buying team member, and more! 

We pay money for just about any vehicle in any condition. Even if your car doesn’t run, we can still buy it. Our team of junk car buying experts here at Cash Cars Buyer has over a decade of junk car, scrap car and damaged car buying experience. We love what we do and we look forward to offering you the best junk car selling service that you’ve ever had!  Looking for a junk car buyer here in Philadelphia? Look no further than Cash Cars Buyer


Selling A Car Online in Philadelphia? 

Are you looking to sell your car online here in Philadelphia? Well then roll up those sleeves, because you have some work ahead of you!

  • First, decide where you want to sell your vehicle– Are you partial to Craigslist? Maybe you want to sell your car on AutoTrader or even eBay Motors. It’s important to know that your vehicle will be in a vast landscape of other cars that are being sold. 
  • Pay the required fees– when you sell a car online in lots of places, you have to pay the fees. Craigslist – for example – charges a $5.00 fee to sell your vehicle. eBay Motors and AutoTrader also have fees once you decide to sell your car on those platforms. And if you’re not careful those fees will add up –even if you don’t sell your vehicle. 
  • Take and upload quality photos– When selling a car online, you don’t want to forget the quality photos. Your pictures should be sharp, focused and clear. They should tell the story of your vehicle and why folks need to buy it. 
  • Don’t forget the detailed description– you want to remember to include the most detailed description possible. You want to include information such as the year, make, model and mileage. Then you want to include any and all amenities and features that your car has. 
  • The documents– Remember that you want to take the time to find the car title, and any other vital paperwork. Here in Pennsylvania, you need the title alongside the registration. 


Forget the hassle and sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

Instead of dealing with the headaches, heaping fees and hassles of selling that unwanted car online though the conventional methods, sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! You can obtain a FREE online offer on your vehicle in a matter of seconds! From there, you can then learn the value of your car. 


For our respected junk car sellers of Philadelphia, we create the ultimate car selling experience. So, click here and begin the journey of turning that horrible car into some cool and “happenin’” cash fast! 


How to Get Cash for Junking A Car With Cash Cars Buyer 

Selling your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer is as easy as one, two three! 

  • Enter your car’s specs and receive a FREE online offer in a matter of minutes. 
  • Call us so that we can discuss your car and make you a guaranteed offer. 
  • Accept the offer and arrange for FREE pickup and FAST money payout! 

You NEVER have to pay anything to sell your car. And the towing of your unwanted vehicle off of your Philadelphia property is absolutely FREE! Click here to begin the process now! 


How Much Can I Get For My Broken-Down Car As-Is?

When we buy a car here at Cash Cars Buyer, there are several factors that we look at. Some of them include: 

  • Year, make and model. 
  • Status of title- do you have the title of the vehicle or not? 
  • Amount of damage and where that damage is located. 
  • The location of your car in the greater Philadelphia area and more. 

With our state-of-the-art tools and technology, we will formulate the best fair market value for you FAST!  


Fast Cash For Scrap Cars In Philadelphia 

Did you know that here at Cash Cars Buyer we specialize in purchasing all makes and models for cash? Our offers range from $100, to thousands of dollars for all kinds of vehicles. Regardless of the condition, age, mileage or condition of your car, you can count on our free, easy and no-nonsense approach to car buying helping to create a happy customer out of you! 

Selling a car with Engine Problems- Can It Be Done? 

Maybe you have been hesitant to sell that junk car because it has engine issues that you just cannot afford to get fixed. On top of that, you got a few estimates and the engine repair for the car cost more than the car is worth! Oftentimes, it’s difficult to sell a car that has engine troubles. Unless you’re selling the car for its parts, who wants to buy a car that needs thousands of dollars of work? For a typical engine repair or rebuild, you’re looking at paying anywhere from $2500 on the lower end of the spectrum –all the way to $4000. And if your vehicle isn’t even worth that, then what’s the use in getting the car fixed? 

Selling that car with the engine problems is no problem at all with Cash Cars Buyer! Yes, we will take that car with the engine issues off of your hands fast! For that vehicle with the broken-down engine, just: 

  • Obtain your FREE online offer and know what your car is worth in minutes. 
  • Call us so that we can firm up a guaranteed offer on your car fast. 
  • Accept your offer and tell us the perfect day we can come and pick up that car and pay you for it! 

Can I Sell My Car To Cash Cars Buyer With No Title & More Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information do I need to get my FREE online offer?  

When you obtain your FREE online offer, it’s good to have you VIN number handy. You also want to have your title present. Be sure that you have the year, make and model of the car too. Don’t forget to tell us the status of the title and be sure to indicate where the damage is on the vehicle. The more information you provide to us, the more solid your FREE online offer will be. 

What do I do when I finish with my FREE offer? 

Once you complete your FREE offer, you can call and discuss your car in better detail. You will speak with one of our junk car buying experts. He or she will gather more information about your car, ensuring that you have the best guaranteed cash offer under the sun. After you accept, we will make plans to come to your Philadelphia location, appraise your car, pay you and then pick your dented and rusted car up! 

What hidden fees does Cash Cars Buyer have? 

When you sell your car to us, there are NO hidden fees! In fact, there are no fees to you! You never have to pay us a dime to arrive and pick up your car in fast time! 

My car title is damaged. Will you still buy my junk car? 

We understand that life happens to the best of us. And having a missing, damaged or lost title is a part of life. But fear not. Cash Cars Buyer has bought vans, sedans, coupes and more with no title; and we just may purchase your automobile with no title too! In most cases, the lack of title is not an issue for us. We ask that you have a valid ID as well as your vehicle’s registration. With those two documents, we are able to prove the ownership of your car. When you locate those items, you can obtain your FREE online offer and contact us for fast pick up and even faster payout! 

You will come to my Philadelphia home and buy my car?
We sure will! Once you accept your offer, we will coordinate the best day and time to come to your home, look your car over, pay you and then tow it away! 

There is no charge for towing, correct? 

You are correct! You never have to pay for towing! In fact, you never have to pay for anything. There is no charge for order processing, paperwork or fees! 

How long does car pick up take? 

Typically, we can inspect your car and pick it up in the timeframe of 24-72 hours. For some Philadelphia residents, same-day pickups are even possible, but never guaranteed. We know you want your scrap, dented, junk, rusty and mangled car gone quickly and we will certainly work hard to make that happen! 


Does Cash Cars Buyer purchase cars with flood and water damage? 

We sure do! We buy cars with a huge “ugly” factor! Whether your car has flood, water, fire or accident damage, you can still obtain a FREE offer on it in a matter of minutes! 


Will you pay me once you pick up my junk car? 

We sure will! Once we verify your information and ensure all is well, we will hand you the money and then hitch that car up to our tow truck and be gone! 


Junk Cars For Cash Today Philadelphia PA

No matter where you live in Philadelphia, you can get an offer on our damaged and dented car, and receive FREE pick up as well as FAST payout! 

It just does not make sense to leave a junk car on your property. In fact, there are great reasons that you shouldn’t: 

  • That junk car is an eyesore– you are probably getting evil looks from those who live around you too. 
  • You may be violating the Law of Torts– the Law of Torts stipulates that you as a land owner may be held accountable should an object on your property attract as well as injure children–even if they are trespassing on the property. 
  • You may be attracting undesirables– not only is that junk car attracting racoons, birds, opossums, and other wildlife– but you may also be attracting thieves who may see that car as a way of getting fast cash, once they disassemble it for its valuable parts. 
  • It can become toxic to the environment– did you know that a junk car can still pose a hazard to eth community? Lots of times, junk cars leak toxic compounds and fluids. Once those fluids and hazardous chemicals seep into the soil, they can contaminate local water supplies and more.

Sell That Junk Car Today, Philadelphia! 

Sell that damaged, dented, rusted, racked and ugly car to Cash Cars Buyer NOW! You’ll pay nothing but walk away with the money you need, want and deserve. So, say goodbye to that old car, and say hello to some cool cash. Click here to get started now


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