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What You Need to Know About Jeep Grand Cherokee Off Road

What You Need to Know About Jeep Grand Cherokee Off Road

Are you in for some excitement in the trails? There are numerous kinds of midsize SUVs out on the market but the Jeep Grand Cherokee Off Road has yet to gain some popularity among the car enthusiasts and car critics. Rain or shine, muddy or snowy trails, this SUV is designed to handle almost any condition you encounter on and off the road. A wonderful bonus is that you will enjoy the control and power behind the wheels. You can always keep your peace in any weather. Car owners find the Cherokee friendly and is tailored for their needs. Jeep’s thoughtfulness on the car buyers is something that really sets it apart from the other midsize SUVs as it is not only off the road that the drivers receive the comfort and reliability that this SUV has to offer.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Frankly, the grass is not always greener in terms of owning this vehicle. It also has its own shortcomings such as the fuel efficiency (this does not mean that gas mileage is bad with the Cherokee but it tends to be average compared to other vehicles in its league). But if you plan to hit the road, and drive on the rougher sides of the trails, then you can expect much from the Jeep Grand Cherokee to provide ease and comfort through those trails. 


Is the jeep grand Cherokee good off road?


Yes it is! In fact it is made for the off road. Not only that, it performs magnificently off the road, you’ll feel the exhilarating drive of power as you set this auto free on your off the grid journeys. Not only is it reliable during these kinds of journeys but you can truly feel the power in riding and driving this midsize Sport Utility Vehicle.


You might be wondering how the Jeep Grand Cherokee manages to keep an excellent performance in all conditions and landscapes. Well, there are various factors that are taken into account in order for this vehicle to perform at its best.




One notable thing about the Cherokee is its powerful engine which comes in almost all the units of the jeep. The Jeep is not a novice in this segment of cars as they keep developing and enhancing the engine power of their vehicles. In addition, they have been initiating development on the torque as it is also valuable in off-road travel. Horsepower is also a factor that Jeep pays no neglect into as they make the Cherokee more appealing with it. Just imagine the rough roads and the rocky trails that a vehicle may have to endure, not to mention steep pathways that will push your engine to its limits. You need to have the right engine power to get you through without the feeling of dragging things. The powerful engine of the Cherokee does just that as it makes sure that the vehicle moves with ease even with the pressure of the path it has to endure. 



The Selec-Terrain Traction Management System has a lot to do with the all-terrain features of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This system has been incorporated into the Jeep Company years ago and obviously, the implication of this technology on their vehicles would not grow old any time soon. THe Selec-Terrain Traction Management System has several modes that take the reins over the power that is transmitted to the wheels according to the conditions the vehicle finds itself in. Here are the modes that define the Management System of the Cherokee. 


AUTO MODE- The system directly determines the right amount of torque and applies it to the tires of the vehicle. This is the most common mode which the vehicle may stay in for quite some time during the ride.


SAND OR MUD MODE- When the vehicle is in this mode, the management system makes it a point to prevent the tires from getting stuck. 


SNOW MODE- Adjusting your traction setting to this mode distributes the torque to the wheels so your vehicle will be able to move forward despite deep snow conditions. 


ROCK MODE- In the rock mode, the tracking system shifts attention to more power and also assists in the steep descents which is great because it ensures safety while also making sure not to hold back on the adrenaline of the drive.


SPORT MODE- The sport mode is a favorite because in this mode, you get to handle the vehicle smoothly even on speed rides. Also the sport mode maximizes the torque of the vehicle, distributing it to the wheels to ensure comfort in handling the Cherokee.



Another turn on from the Jeep Grand Cherokee is its wheel articulation. The technology of the wheel articulation is the one responsible for the comfort during the ride. The wheels feel sound and powerful as it can handle all kinds of terrains. Because of the wheel articulation of the Grand Cherokee, you may be more confident and at ease on the road. Normally, the wheels of the Cherokee do not rise sloppily and lose friction with the ground and because of this, you will enjoy a relaxed ride even off the road. Though the Grand Cherokee’s wheel articulation is not that bad, the critics still peg it as just average compared to its brother, the Jeep Wrangler. Nevertheless, the Cherokee is doing exceptionally fine and what adds more to that is its skid plates. The skid plates are located underneath the car’s body protecting that part of the vehicle in case there will be a collision with boulders along the rough roads.


Which jeep grand cherokee is best off road?


It is quite noteworthy to know that Jeep offers car buyers choices on the trim level of their vehicle. Of all the Grand Cherokee Models, the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk gets the crown from many car enthusiasts and critics as probably the best out there for off-road travel. In fact, it is named as the off-road specialist so it must mean that there is something special about this.  It has capabilities that are not unique to most Sport Utility Vehicles but what does make it stand out is the boldness of the engine and its power management. It is made for the road.


The Trailhawk does not enter least when it comes to safety. Its safety features include the following; Brake Assist which is by the way optional as well as the Daytime Running Lights. The vehicle also comes with features such as electronic stability control, integrated turn signal mirrors, front tow hooks, traction control, blind spot monitor, lane departure warning which is also in the optional section and the lane keeping assist.


Aside from its power, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk not only boasts its engine capabilities but you can also count on the comfort that you will get to experience with this vehicle. The interior looks stunning and overall, the Trailhawk looks and feels like a luxurious car. 


The Trailhawk is accompanied with the Quadra-Drive II four-wheel drive system which also serves as its central feature. The Quadra-Drive II four-wheel drive system is an active system, it is constantly at work. It also employs the use of Brake Traction Control System (BTCS) which is helpful especially on steep roads. The Brake Traction Control System contributes to the grip of the whole vehicle and also reduces sliding tendencies especially on the rough roads and during descent. Together with the outstanding transmission, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is sure not to leave the adrenaline junkies disappointed. After all, it is the best Grand Cherokee in the market. 


Do jeep grand cherokees have a lot of problems?


Talk about practical questions! Reliability is a big thing you should go for with cars. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a good SUV. It is made for the rough roads and smooth pavements alike which makes it great for all kinds of drivers. But despite its satisfactory reputation, many issues have been circling around the Jeep Grand Cherokee. There has been a pattern for these concerns in the said vehicle which may be helpful for potential buyers to examine first before they go ahead and take off cash from their pockets. After all, they deserve to know the complete deal, strengths and weaknesses in order for them to get to the decision, whether the vehicle is worth the risk and the price. 



Common dilemmas with the Cherokee is the frequent starting and stalling of the engine. Imagine you are in a hurry to go somewhere and then your car stalls unexpectedly, that would surely be troublesome for you, even a nightmare. Stalling the car on purpose may be like a kind of reboot for most car owners but if your car dies or stalls in the middle of the road unexpectedly, then that would not be healthy would it?  Frequent stalling can stress the batteries of your car and may damage your car in the long run. But besides the damage, what makes this case irritating is that, there will be an inconvenient time for the stalling to happen. 



No one really wants to be left in the blind spot not knowing what is happening. The Jeep Grand Cherokee utilizes automatic transmission which means that the car chooses the gear it will run with. And that is expected from an automatic. Nevertheless, excessive gear shifts can be quite shocking and irritating to the driver. These shifts may be harsh or delayed. However the case is, it is not good for the car. It strains the transmission and may also possibly strain the combustion chambers in the car as the starting and stopping occurs. Erratic gear shifting is also one of the first signs that your car needs to undergo a repair. 



One more issue with the Cherokee is the sporadic electrical problems. The electrical system functioning in the vehicle is probably the more sensitive part of the internal casing. Few of the simple things you could do when this happens is to check the connectors and the wiring in your engine. Frequent electrical trouble is quite time consuming, at some point frustrating but that does not automatically mean that it is impossible to do on your own. Still if you are not comfortable and confident in diagnosing your vehicle problems, do contact a car technician to do the job for you. 


The Jeep Grand Cherokee may not be a perfect car, but it does deliver great performance on the road less traveled, rougher roads. The problems mentioned are just few of the issues and concerns Cherokee car owners have encountered. Weighing these factors and the specific capabilities of the Cherokee, you may come into the conclusion that it still is a good car. But if these issues are major turn offs for you, you could still look through the other models of the Jeep Cherokee that could do better in tailoring for your needs and wants as the car buyer. Foregoing a Cherokee takes some time to consider  and reconsider. 


Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD or 4WD?


Going further in car literacy, one of the things that should be considered in buying a new vehicle is the drivetrain. So what is the drivetrain? The drivetrain, like the ignition system, is valuable to car movement. It mingles itself to the car’s engine in order to make movement on the wheels and other parts of the vehicle. The drivetrain consists of other car parts working together to form a mechanism that moves the vehicle. There are different types of drivetrain and knowing which one fits best for you will optimize its performance wherever you will drive to. 


AWD is short for All-Wheel Drive. This means that the technology of the car distributes power to all wheels of the vehicle at all times or whenever a wheel demands more power because of its acquaintance to the rough road.


The 4WD means that power is distributed to all four wheels, but this feature could be turned on or off. The 4WD system works better off road than the AWD and the Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with this type of drivetrain.


As a wrap up, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a driver friendly, on or off the road. There is no greater review than your own. Try driving this SUV and see if it’s the one you are looking for.