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How to Sell My Car in Corpus Christi, TX

Why Should You Sell Your Car

Anywhere you live in Texas, there are specific regulations in selling one’s car. These regulations are under the Department of Public Safety. Yes, these sets of rules are helpful and protect both buyers and sellers. However, these laws make selling your car in Texas a bit more complicated than selling your car in other states. If you live in Corpus Christi, it is a good thing that you keyed in “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” Compared to other states, selling your car anywhere in Texas will require additional paperwork. But you also enjoy the safety of the deal. Here is an article to help you through the process of selling your car in Texas. You might have some more questions. Don’t worry. This guide has got you covered. Continue reading and we will help you through not only the requirements but also with the frequently asked questions.

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What are the requirements of selling your car in Texas?

As you already know, Texas has stricter rules when it comes to selling cars. You came to the right place as you searched “how to sell my car in Corpus Christi, Tx”. You will indeed have to deal with additional processes when you sell your car in Corpus Christi, or anywhere in Texas for that matter. But selling cars, in general, is not an easy task to undertake but there are ways to make that process easier. You also have several things to consider to get the most out of your car sale. As a starter, here are the requirements to answer your search “how to sell my car in Corpus Christi, Tx.”


  1. You must provide insurance

Car buyers want to be secured with the deal. Most states require liability coverage for vehicles that are put on sale privately and the same goes with Texas. Do not cancel your car’s insurance just because you have a potential buyer. It is pretty common for potential buyers to ask to test drive the car. This is understandable since they are buying a used car. The insurance will protect you if ever accidents occur during the test drive. Once the deal is completed, do not forget to ensure that the vehicle is registered then under the name of the buyer. If not, you might have issues regarding the coverage gap.


  1. Secure your vehicle’s valid title

As the car seller, you have the responsibility to have in your person the current title for the vehicle. You need to present this title to the buyer at the time of the deal. The title is deemed valid if it goes under your legal name. This proves that you own the vehicle therefore you have the right to sell it as well.


The title can then be transferred to the new owner once the sale is completed. In this case, you have to document the transfer of your car’s ownership. As the seller, you are the one in charge of locating the title for the buyer and providing documentation of the transfer. You may also provide a copy of the title to the buyer as he/she is the one to complete the transfer.


  1. Prepare your proof of Annual Vehicle Inspection Report

This requirement is unique to Texas. This is one of the requirements on the list that helps you in your search “how to sell my car in Corpus Christi, Tx”. If you have your car registered in Texas, you must know already that yearly assessments are mandatory. This rule has been beneficial to keep your car in top shape and consistently follow safety standards. Now that you are selling your car, you must take into account the proof of the annual vehicle inspection report as well. This is also a great way to sell your vehicle at a better price.


  1. You must create a bill of sale

You, the seller, and the buyer need to have a copy of this document. Simply put, the bill of sale is the receipt of the purchase. This receipt is validated by the tax office, the DMV, and the insurance companies. Aside from searching “how to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX”, you may need to search “what makes a bill of sale valid”. You don’t have to go anywhere because the answer is right here in this section.


Some states require the bill of sale to be notarized. It is a wise move to create the bill of sale yourself since you can add any extra information the buyer may want to be included in the document. In the bill of sale, you must include the following:


  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Purchase date
  • Price of the car
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Mileage (odometer reading)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Buyer and seller’s legal names, addresses, and signatures


  1. Don’t forget to transfer the license plate

You’ve keyed in “how to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” and now you are at the end of this list. This last requirement is for you to transfer your car’s license tag. The local county internal revenue agent will take care of transferring the license plate of the car you sold to another car that you own. Remember, you keep your license plate. You are just transferring it to a different car in your possession.


These five requirements now give you a clue to answer your inquiry “how to sell my car in Corpus Christi, Tx.” Now that you know the requirements, you will have more confidence when you decide to sell your car. In addition, the TX DMV updates its website with more information about transactions. If the deal is finalized on a weekend, Saturday or Sunday, the new owner of the vehicle will have to download a Vehicle Transit permit, assuming that the seller already took off the license plates and registration sticker from the automobile. The permit allows the new owner to drive the vehicle without issues for five given working days after the permit’s issuance.


The next section will give you additional information with your search “how to sell my car in Corpus Christi, Tx.” Stay tuned and have your most frequently asked questions answered right here.

What are the frequently asked questions when selling a car in Texas?

Some of the most frequent questions asked aside from “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” are “Can my car be bought even without a title in Texas” or “Do I need to turn in my license plate when selling my car in Texas” Asking such relevant questions will lead you to a successful sale of your car. You will never go wrong with researching before doing a transaction. That is why this section of this guide will be all about responding to the most frequently asked questions when selling a car in Texas. Read on to find out more.


  1. What do I do before selling my car in Texas?

Asking this type of question can provide the specific answer to your last question “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX”. You must secure active coverage for your liabilities. Plus, you will also need to keep your car insurance as long as you are still the owner of the car. Do not transfer your insurance policy yet and wait until the transaction is done. Coordinate with an insurance agent in case you have not used your car for a time and have already withdrawn from the policy or insurance coverage. Make sure you do this to avoid complications in your transaction as well as to reinstate the insurance of your vehicle before it is transferred to a new owner.



  1. Can anyone buy my car with no title in Texas?

Generally speaking, you can not and must not sell your car without a title. However, in the state of Texas, cars can be bought regardless of having a title or not. It depends on the buyer if he or she would be alright without the title. This is the time your question “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” comes in. You just have to find the perfect buyer for your car. Though buying vehicles without titles are common in Texas, it is best to still have one. If you do not have a title, buyers may demand that you lower the price of the car. It is proof of ownership after all. Moreover, you must present a valid photo ID and registration for your vehicle.


  1. What if my title does not look like the one in the picture?

Having title issues can be complicated if you are trying to sell your car. But there is no need to panic. Hence, if you are determined to sell your car as you have inquired when you typed in “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” there are a few solutions for you. Chances are, your title might not look the same as the one in the state since Texas changes title documents every year. Contact the Department of Public Safety in Texas to make sure that they know that the title of your car is legitimate. Once you have them verify the authenticity of the title, that is the time you can start your transaction with a buyer or buyers.


  1. What do I do if I lose the title of my car?

The importance of your vehicle's title cannot be stressed enough so losing it can cause unavoidable problems to transactions when you sell the car. To your query “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX”, know that you need to secure the title of your car first and foremost. Some situations may have caused you to lose your vehicle's title. One example is if it is a second-hand vehicle and the previous owner was not able to send you the title. If this is the case, you can try retrieving the title from the previous owner or try visiting the DMV of your state. Request for a duplicate for your car's title before you make a transaction or transfer the ownership of the car. Applying for this document can cost about 2 to 5 dollars.


  1. Do I need to turn in my license plates?

Simply speaking, yes. Since you already reached the decision of selling your car, hinted by the question “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” you must also prepare yourself to surrender your license plates. These will be retrieved by the Texas DPS to prevent the use of the license plates in fraudulent acts. Furthermore, if you plan to leave the state of Texas, turning in your license plate to the Texas DPS office is the least of your problems. Your license plates are yours to keep.


  1. What should I do about my auto insurance?

There are two options you can do to deal with your auto insurance. You can either have them cancel your car's policy or request a transfer or renewal of the same policy on your new car. In the end, you can make the most out of your auto insurance. You might still be curious since you asked “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” but the truth is, you must also make preparations for what comes during the process of selling your vehicle and afterward.


  1. What should I do after I sell my junk car?

First things first. You must release your liability for the car. This is to confirm that you have already sold your car and it now has a different owner. Assuming that you have already made the needed preparations after your research “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” it is time to consider what steps to take next. This means you must also discontinue your insurance for the sold vehicle to avoid confusion between you and the buyer. Releasing the liability of the vehicle is a key step for you to be excused from any violations the new owner might make.


Selling your car might seem overwhelming especially if it is your first time or if you are doing so while in a different state. This guide has taught you much and included all the relevant topics to address your concern “How to sell my car in Corpus Christi, TX” accurately. Your research is commendable. However, if you are having a hard time endeavoring to sell your car you can count on a dealership such as Cash Cars Buyer to purchase your car for the right price.

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