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How To Sell My Car To a Private Buyer – What You Should Have In Your Hands! 

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You’ve typed in the phrase “how sell my car to private buyer” in the search bar of your computer. Now, you have a plethora of ways to sell your car privately. But, what should you have in your hands once you decide to sell your car to a private buyer? We have the advice you need now. 

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The Importance of the Car Title 

The one item you should have in your hands, ready to give to your buyer, is the car title. The car title is perhaps the most important document you can have when you get ready to sell a car. The title is the paper that states who the owner of the car is. Your car title is the paper that shows that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle that you want to sell. That’s why it’s important that you take good care of the title and place it in a safe area of your home or office. Once you have your car title and you sell your car, you will need to transfer the car title to the new car owner. 

What if I lose the car title? 

When you lose your car title, you’re perhaps dealing with a serious issue. While this can cause stress or headache, you can apply for a duplicate one, at your local driver and car title offices. Every state has one. In some states, the office you would visit to get a duplicate car title would be the secretary of state. In other states, you may go down to your local DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Steps To Sell Your Car to A Private Buyer 

Check out how to sell your car to a private buyer. 

Car Title 

As we mentioned a few paragraphs below, the most important document you want to have as you prepare to sell your car to a private buyer, is the car title. Locate it and put it in a safe place. Take the time to obtain a duplicate car title, if the original is lost or damaged. 

Vehicle History Report 

Now that you have the car title, you want to obtain a vehicle history report. You can go online and get one. You as a car seller will appear very serious, transparent and honest, once you present your potential car buyers with a vehicle history report

Maintenance Records 

Did you recently get some major repairs or work done on your car? Did you replace a car part or update another one? Great! Have those receipts ready to show your potential car buyers. Maintenance records will show that you are a car owner who takes car of his or her car and wants to show proof of it.  

Registration and Car Insurance Documents 

Another set of documents you want to have as a car seller, are the car registration and the car insurance paper. These documents show that the car has the proper paperwork to be driven. You can even assist the new car buyer with obtaining the same set of papers once he or she buys your car. 

Set An Asking Price 

Now that you have all of the correct and complete paperwork, you can begin to set an asking price for your car that you want to sell. You can visit both Kelley Blue Book or even Edmunds. Both sites are known for providing an honest and real value for vehicles. All you have to do, is type in your year, make and model, to find out what the value of your car is. After you have your value, you can set your asking price, depending on the condition of your car. Depending on your vehicle’s state, you may decide to negotiate the asking price. Try to be as flexible as you can with your price, while making a decent profit, if you can. 

Clean Your Car And Give it Appeal 

Once you set your price, take the time to vacuum the inside of the car, and then clean the exterior of the car. Most people will be hesitant to buy a car that looks dirty, even if it is a luxury car. So, remove the cans of soda from the front seat. Clean out the glovebox. Wash and wax your vehicle. Give your car appeal to potential buyers, ensuring a fast sale. 

Create An Ad That Sells 

After your car is clean, you want to create an online ad that sells. This includes taking and uploading clear, sharp and crisp photos. You also want to include details about your car such as the mileage, year, and model of your car. The more information that you offer potential buyers, the less questions you have to answer and the faster your sale. Whether you choose to sell on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or another site, you want to ensue that your ad is attractive, honest and clear. 

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What if I don’t have the title to my car? 

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