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How to Sell A Used Prius? How to get the most cash for your Prius?

How to Sell A Used Prius

If you're looking for how to sell a used Prius? You have plenty of options depending on the condition of your Prius. For example, if your Prius is in good condition, you can sell it to any online platform or trade it in with a dealership. However, if it's not in good condition, you can sell it at a junk to junkyards or sell it as parts. Whether your Toyota Prius is in good condition or not, Cash Cars Buyer guarantees to buy it and pay the top dollars! 

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Prius is one of the most common full hybrid electronic automobiles designed and introduced by Toyota in 2003.

The vehicle became one of the most popular hybrid vehicles on American roads very quickly and attracted tons of customers every year.

Toyota Prius holds its resale value well but, if you're looking to get the most money out of your Toyota Prius, you should follow a certain procedure.

This article provides you with all the details you need to know about possible approaches to sell your Prius, along with ways for getting the top dollars to have your Prius depending on its condition. 

How to sell a used Prius?

Determining the best approach to sell your Toyota Prius depends heavily on your previous condition. For example, if you're trying to sell a used Prius in good condition, you have different approaches than someone looking to sell a junk Toyota Prius.

Let's take a closer look below at all what you need to do to answer your question of “how to sell a used Prius?” 

  • Does Prius have a good resale value? Understand how much your Prius worth is

It's known that Toyota Prius holds its resale value very well, but knowing and understanding your Toyota Prius's worth is crucial.

Every place will have its value depending on its condition and model year. A quick and easy check to determine how much your Prius is worth is by looking through online tools like Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer.

KBB value allows you to input your vehicle's basic information and provides it with minimum and maximum values for your Prius to make when selling it to a private buyer or when trading it into a dealership.

However, if there are major problems with your Toyota Prius, you need to subtract repair costs from the KVB value.

This might get a little complicated for inexperienced car sellers. Therefore, we advise you to use Cash Cars Buyer online tool that considers any major damages in your Prius and provides you with an offer within 30 seconds. 

  • Prepare your Prius paperwork

Once you understand how much your Prius is worth, the next step is to collect and gather all paperwork in one place.

You don't want to cancel a deal or delay it because you don't have all the necessary paperwork.

When selling a used Prius, there are certain legal component goes into their process.

This component gets more complicated if you're trying to sell a damaged or totaled interface. Therefore, we advise you to go through your state's regulations or visit your local DMV website and understand what paperwork needs to be prepared. 

  • Get your Prius ready

Although your Toyota Prius is not new, you shouldn't always show their spirit. In other words, you can spend some time and effort cleaning the vehicle up and giving it probably a car wax or just a quick wash.

Take out all personal belongings and clean up any trash in the vehicle.

The first impression is a crucial point in getting the most cash out of your Prius.

It might even be worth fixing any minor problems. For instance, if you know that your Prius does not have a working headlight, it might be good to install a new one as long as it doesn't cost you a lot.

You need to be careful about how much is considered too many repairs versus how much is OK.

When your Prius looks good, it indicates to the buyer that you've been taken care of what's under the hood, which increases your chances of getting your asked price.  

  • What is the best site to sell a used car like Prius?

Once you're ready, it's time now to search for the best site to sell used cars like Prius.

Sell a used Prius to classified websites 

There are plenty of available online platforms that can get you connected with thousands of potential customers.

For instance, you might need to try some classified websites like eBay Motors, Craigslist, or probably Carvana or even CarMax.

Just be aware that not all these websites provide free listing, and therefore, you need to include the listing prices within your budget plan.

Also, keep in mind that finding a private buyer through these websites can be a little challenging, especially if you have a high ask price.

Trade-in your used Prius with the dealership 

Another thing to try is trading in your Toyota Prius with the dealership. Many dealerships might be interested in a certain Toyota Prius model year. Thus, give it a try and reach out to the nearest dealership around you.

Keep in mind that most dealerships do not provide the top offers you are looking for. That's why it's never recommended to trade in any vehicle if you're caring about the amount of money you're getting out of it. 

Sell a used Prius to Cash Cars Buyer: your best option! 

If you're looking to sell your Prius fast, safe, and for the most money, your best option is Cash Cars Buyer! Cash Cars Buyer guarantees to buy your Prius and pay you the top dollars despite its condition or model year. 

The nice thing about Cash Cars Buyer is that we offer free towing service for your Prius and pay you the maximum cash your Prius can make around your region. Since we are at 24-hour car removal service, we can remove your Prius within one to three days if that works for you. We even have a same-day pickup option! 

  • Showcase your Prius

Depending on the method you decided to go with, it's time now to fill case your previous,

If you decided to go with a private buyer, you recommend meeting with them at a public place where people are around.

Consider meeting with them at a mall parking lot or probably a bank parking lot where there is some videotaping if something happens, especially if you're selling a junk Prius that might have some follow-up issues.

If you decided to go with Cash Cars Buyer, we could meet with you at any place, and the nice thing about us is that all our car removal specialists are background checked so you don't have to worry about dealing with strangers at your private property. 

  • Get cash for a used Toyota Prius

It's always recommended that when you sell a used Prius, you should ask for cash payments. Cash payments don't have any hassle like those you might deal with in checks or money orders.

If the buyer decided that he needs to pay by check, you need to meet with him close to your bank and ensure that it goes through.

Cash Cars Buyer only pays in cash to reduce the hassle in the car selling process. Thus, you don't have to worry about this point if you decided to go with Cash Cars Buyer to sell your used Prius. 

How to sell an old Prius? Can I sell Junk Prius?

If you're looking for how to sell an old Prius, the situation can be unique. If your old Prius is not working or running, you might end up selling it as junk.

Most private buyers won't be interested in buying a junk Prius because they are looking for a vehicle to drive immediately without worrying about mechanical problems.

However, you always still have an option because Cash Cars Buyer got you!

Cash cars via grantees to buy your Prius even if it's very old or has major problems preventing it from starting or going.

We will pay you a fair offer, so don't think that your Prius is worthless. We see value in every previous, and we guarantee to pay you the maximum cash you can make around your area. 

Even if you don't have a title for your old Prius, Cash Cars Buyer still buys your Prius. If you can provide proof of ownership, we will always take care of any people's work related to that missing title.

Keep in mind that if your Prius doesn't have a title, you will most likely get a lower offer. That's why we recommend that you visit your local DMV office and request a title replacement for your Prius.

If you didn't have the time or it didn't work out for any reason, we still can help you and by your Prius.  

Are 200,000 miles on a Prius bad?

Not at all. There are some Prius who last up to 300,000 miles and still running. It all depends on your regular maintenance and the way how you took care of this vehicle.

If you are one of those people who take good care of their vehicles, it can last for a good amount of time. And you will find a lot of potential buyers who are interested in buying your Prius even if it has 200,000 miles.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer doesn't mind buying good 200,000 miles Toyota Prius even if it has major problems. Thus, don't feel that the high mileage will prevent you from selling your Prius and getting a good amount of money out of it. 

How many miles do Prius usually last?

Most automotive experts indicate that Prius lasts up to 200,000 miles on average. However, based on our personal experience, we've seen some Prius lasting up to 300,000 miles, if not more.

As we indicated in the previous section, it all depends on how you take care of your Prius. That's why we always recommend performing regular maintenance and never skipping basic things like an oil change or tire replacement to prevent causing major damages to your Prius at early stages.

When preserving this regular maintenance, you can't expand the lifetime of your Prius by more than 300,000 miles. 

Although your Prius will indeed last for a good amount of time, you need to be prepared that you will see more major problems at a certain mileage threshold.

In some scenarios, automotive experts suggest that the 100,000 miles threshold might be a good number where you might start seeing issues with the engine, transition, etc.

That's why it's recommended that once your vehicle passes a certain threshold, you should sell it or trade it in for a better vehicle to reduce the chances of dealing with major problems that can cause you a headache. 

How to sell a used Prius: the final words 

Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrid vehicles in the United States. The car holds its resale value well.

If you are trying to sell a used Prius, finding the best option depends on your Prius situation. For example, if you're used Prius is in good condition, you can sell it to any private buyer through larger classified websites like Craigslist, eBay Motors, CarMax, etc.

On the other hand, if you are used Prius is not in good condition, you might end up junking it by selling it to a junkyard or probably selling it as parts.

If you don't like to deal with all this hassle, you can always sell your Prius to Cash Cars Buyer where we never care about the previous situation. We are guaranteed to buy any Prius whether it's in good condition or not.

Our company will pay you fair prices for your Prius and will provide you with one of the easiest, fastest, and simplest car removal services in the nation. 

If you would like more details about our process and our company, you can always give us a call at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page click on the free instant online offer.

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