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How To Sell A Car In Louisiana – Gathering All Paperwork

How To Sell A Car In Louisiana

“How to sell a car in Louisiana” doesn't have to be a mystery to you. For car sellers in Louisiana, the steps to selling a car are simple.

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In the paragraphs below, we will provide you with some detailed guidelines about how to sell your car in Louisiana.

How to Sell a Car in Louisiana – Seller Responsibilities

As you prepare to sell your car in Louisiana, be sure to give it a thorough glance over. You need an honest assessment of its condition. You can post an ad online, take it to a dealership, sell it privately, or even at a junkyard. But before any of that is done, you have to follow some guidelines set in place by the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).

Once you make that sale, you will have to fill out a  notice of transfer and then report the sale to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. You must also provide the LA OMV with information. This includes:

  • Your license plate number
  • The car's registration expiration date.
  • The VIN or vehicle identification number.

Your car will not officially considered sold until the buyer has applied for a certificate of title.

After successfully filling out the “Notice of Vehicle Transfer”the you can then destroy the regular automobile license plates.

You can also give the plates to the local OMV office of your choice. Or feel free to ship the plate to the following address:

surrender the plate to your local motor vehicle office or mail the plate to the following address:

Office of Motor Vehicles
P O Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

how to sell a car in Louisiana

Selling a Car in Louisiana – Additional Documents

Make sure you fill out the Notice of Transfer of Vehicle (Form DPSMV 1697) as well as an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form DSPMV 1606),  once you sell the vehicle. You can get these forms from your local  Louisiana OMV office.

The Notice of Transfer of Vehicle form will ask for the basic details of both the car as well as the sales transaction.

The Odometer Disclosure Statement is a document that ensures that the seller and the buyer agree on the mileage of the car. That mileage is then noted. You only need an odometer statement if the car is less than 10 years old.

Feel free to also fill out the notice of transfer online at the LA OMV website.

To report a vehicle as “sold” you need the following information:

  • Sale date
  • License plate number
  • Company EIN or the driver's license number
  • Name and address of buyer
  • Selling price of vehicle car
  • Expiration date (as shown on vehicle's registration)
  • The VIN or the vehicle identification number

Selling a Car in Louisiana – Getting Duplicate Car Title

You're trying to sell your car and you lost your vehicle title. For whatever reason you need a duplicate car title, you can get another one by applying through the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. To do this, you must fill out a Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799).

You will have to complete the “Duplicate Title Affidavit” section. A notary will also have to witness the signature.

It's also a good idea to  include a copy of your car registration certificate, if it's available.

The following frees come with getting a duplicate LA car title:

  • $68.50.
  • $8 handling fee (this handling fee will vary.)

Obtain a Duplicate Vehicle Registration- Three Easy Steps!

  1. Type in the vehicle information and then confirm record.
  2. Pay the fee and authorize the payment.
  3. Look at your receipt and print it out! Click here to read more!

how to sell a car in lousiana

How Many Cars Can I Sell in Louisiana

Before I Have to Get a Dealer's License?

You can sell up to four cars or vehicles in a 12-month period before you have to get a dealer license.

You have to make sure that you register all of the cars in your name.

How To Sell A Car in Louisiana – Got a Damaged Car? Great!

OK- so you have a damaged car and you think that you may not be able to get any money for in. That is incorrect!

  1. It's easy, fast and quick. If you are looking at an eyesore or a hunk of junk, then you're in luck. You can see some fast cash from that car once you take it to a junk yard and a scrap yard. Your metal will be worth the most. Additionally, you and point out all of the parts that can be recycled.
  2. You don't have to take time appealing to car buyers. You have a non-drivable car. But you have a car that is worth something. With a damaged car, you don't have to waste time trying to appeal to folks to buy your car. You can even post an “as is” ad online and sell your car's parts for a quick cash profit!
  3. Lots of companies take the work away from you! From instant offers, to quick and easy transactions, lots of car buying companies are ready to but that junk car you no longer want! There really is not lots of effort you have to put into the sale.
  4. You'll get cash on the spot. Generally, the sale of a junk car is no only fast, but results in a quick cash payout. You don't have to be tied up with paperwork or fees either. Junk dealers and scrap dealers know what they are looking for and see money in the car you are selling.

Selling a Used Car in Louisiana  – Downsizing is Good!

Looking to sell that gently used SUV? Ready to commute to work or work remotely? Then you are in good company with others. Lots of folks these are selling that second car for a multitude of reasons. There is certainly no shame in that! Check out some benefits of selling that second car!

1. You wont have to spend money on upkeep. Have you noticed what it takes to maintain a car these days? From oil changes, warranty fees, car washes and other maintenance, keeping a car in tact can cost you a pretty penny!

2. You may find your health improves! Louisiana is famous for great weather and great cities. Chances are, you will walk to where you have to go, with ease. And for those places that require a vehicles, you can take public transportation and use car services.

3. Less stress. Think about it. When you are driving, most of the time, you are in a mad dash to get from one place to another. Then, you have to get there on time. When you leave the driving to someone else, you have an opportunity to enjoy life a bit more. Looking out of a window can do wonders for your anxiety, when you're not at the wheel.

How to Sell a Car in Louisiana

How to Sell a Car in Louisiana – Selling Online

Thinking of heading to the online marketplace to sell your car? You just may find that to be a viable option. Although, you have to be smart as well as safe on the Internet when selling a car, there are some advantages to selling your car online.

1. Your ad will reach hundreds to thousands of people. Once you post that ad, it's off like a rocket. Lots of car buyers and people will see your car ad. And with the specifications you list about your car, you will be able to reach a targeted audience.

2. You may make more money. Many times when you sell a car to a junk yard or a private dealer, you have to like the price THEY give you. But when you sell a car online, you reach thousands and you also variety of people who may be ready to pay even a little more money for a great car or great car parts.

3. You can remove your ad at any time. If you feel uncomfortable about anything regarding your car, or you make a quick sale, you can remove your ad with one click of a mouse!

4. You call the shots. As the car seller, you can tell potential buyers you are selling “as is” or that the price is negotiable. You are in charge and you call the shots!

how to sell a car in lousiana

Should I Still Sell My Car During Economic Hard Times?

When the economy tanks and hope is lost, should you still sell a car? Well the answer lies in your determination to get rid of the car. If you are really wanting some extra money to make it through the though times, you may decide to do a quick sale of your car. But it you really want to make a profit, then you may decide to wait till things turn around. Check out some tips we provide for selling  car when the world is flat on its face.

  1. Stop the information. Sometimes, its' a good idea to turn off the TV, Radio and ditch social media for a bit. Some of the information we take in will have us depressed for days at a time.
  2. Visit local community centers and colleges and post your car ad. Get some great fliers and stick them at the Student Union at a local college. You are bound to find a college student who needs a set of wheels.
  3. Be flexible with your price. During economic hardship, you may have to come down on the price a bit. No, you are not a game show and here to give a car away. But, you may have to come down on the price.
  4. Don't forget to be honest about your car. If your car needs work, or has a stereo system that can be heard from Louisiana to Mississippi, straight down I-10, then let buyers know. Sometimes, folks are looking for a car in hard times, not a luxurious set of wheels.
  5. Need to sell your car for cash quick? Click here!





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