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How to Restore A Salvage Car? The Ultimate Guide!     

How to Restore A Salvage Car

It might be a huge investment to purchase a brand-new vehicle, and that's why many people tend to look forward to buying used cars and sometimes salvage cars. The question always remains, how to restore a salvage car

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When we hear the term “salvage car”, all what comes to our minds is a completely damaged car that doesn't have any hope to get restored. However, there are some restorable salvage vehicles, and if you have handy mechanical skills, you might be able to get it restored and running again.

This article serves as the ultimate guide for restoring salvage cars. It will provide you with important tips to follow to get your salvage car going.

What is a salvage title? 


While salvage title definitions differ from one entrance to another, there is a common thing between them, which has to do with repair costs.

To put it simply, a salvage title indicates that the vehicle is beyond repairs or repair costs are exceeding the actual worth of the vehicle.

That's why, whenever the vehicle is not worth repairs, insurance companies well, granted a salvage title. 

Does salvage title mean completely damaged? 

There is a very common misconception about the term salvage title, and a lot of people think it indicates that the vehicle is completely damaged and doesn't have any value. 

For example, here are some of the common things that people take wrong about salvage titles: 

  • Salvage titles are not repairable 


This is not true. Salvage titles don't mean that the car is not repairable. It simply means that repair costs are very high, and insurance companies show Mac tool fix them and grant them a salvage title instead. 

  • All salvage vehicles are wrecked 


This is also a very common misconception because there is always a chance to find a vehicle with a salvage title, but it's not completely wrecked. It's just the insurance company decided not to repair it and give it a salvage title. 

  • Salvage vehicles have been involved in major car accidents 


It's very easy for your vehicle to end up as salvage even if it wasn't involved in a car accident. For example, if your vehicle was submerged underwater or was damaged by a fire, it's simply a salvage title, and it's also not worth spending money on getting it to repair it, and there is a high chance that the insurance company will not fix it. 

  • Salvage titles repairs are extremely expensive 


There is common confusion about repair costs when it comes to salvage titles. Insurance companies define a salvage title as a vehicle that requires repair costs more than its value. Thus, the amount of repair costs depends on the vehicle's value, and if the vehicle is cheap, repair costs don't necessarily mean there will be extremely high. 

Also, sometimes if you have the required mechanical skills and can restore the vehicle, repair costs drop significantly. 

How to restore a salvage title? 


Whether your vehicle ended up as salvage or you decided to purchase a salvage title, there are some tips to follow the restore this salvage title, including: 

  • Understand your state's rules and regulations 


Since salvage titles involve many regulations, it's very important to familiarize yourself with your state's rules and regulations when it comes to restoring a salvage title.

Restoring a salvage title is not as simple as an Apple pie. You need to convince your state to provide you with a title replacement before spending any time or effort getting it fixed. Otherwise, all your investment will go down the drain. 

  • Have a specific space 


Be prepared for long time repairs, and thus, you must have a dedicated space for restoring your salvage title vehicle.


There will be a lot of cleanups and parts replacements. You need to have a big enough space to handle all these expected works, and at the same time, space must be well ventilated, especially when dealing with fluids that could be contaminating and might put you at risk. 

Also, you need to understand how to dispose of toxic materials properly. If you plan to remove some parts and get rid of them and install the other one, those parts must be disposed of properly, especially if they're toxic liquids. 

  • Prepare the required equipment 


As we mentioned, salvage title repairs will involve a lot of work, and it's recommended that you use or additional equipment as much as you can. This way, you enhance your chances of getting a good amount of money out of this salvage vehicle. 

  • Keep all your documentation in a safe place 


As you're working on restoring your salvage vehicle, it's very important to maintain your paperwork in a good place.

It will be very helpful when it comes to your state's regulations and help you evaluate the overall expenses and costs you spent on this vehicle. This way, you have a good understanding of what to request when selling this car. 

This old paperwork is also important for tax returns if you're planning to so this vehicle or add these expenses to your tax returns for the next year.  

  • Get detailed inspection 


Before even starting the repairs, it's important to have your vehicle inspected and understand its overall situation. Get advice from a professional mechanic and ask him whether it's worth the time restoring the salvage vehicle.

Once you finish, there appears, it is important to perform a second inspection and get a buyout from the Department of the motor vehicle that your vehicle is ready to receive a new title. Otherwise, you're going to waste your time trying to convince the state to change that vehicle's title. 

  • Finalize your paperwork 

Once you've finished there appears and got the Department of the motor vehicle's buyout that this vehicle is ready to receive a new title, you can move forward with the process and finalize the paperwork.

Be prepared for lengthy paperwork. Yes, unfortunately, it takes a while to file or require people to change the title from salvage to a different rebuild one. But all your hard work is worth it, and now you have a working vehicle that you could take advantage of it and sell for more money. 

Re-evaluate your vehicle 


After all your hard work getting your salvage vehicle running, it's important to take a second look and re-evaluate your vehicle.

You could either use online tools or go to a professional mechanic to re-evaluate your vehicle and provide you with an expected number. Once you have a rough estimate of the minimum and the maximum you could get out of this car, we can comfortably negotiate the price with your future buyer. 

Sell your restored salvage car 


Now your vehicle is ready to be sold, and you have many options to get it away and receive your desired payment.

You could either try classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor. Post an ad and describe your vehicle briefly while covering the most important details. Make sure to add high-quality images because the buyers get more idea about the vehicle when they see nice pictures. Make sure also to be clear and upfront with your buyers and let them know that the vehicle is rebuilt or it was salvage before. This way, I don't waste your time and time because they will know about it.

You can also try selling your vehicle through the Facebook marketplace. The nice thing about the Facebook marketplace is that it has many interested customers, and you can create a post very easily because it doesn't require a lot of skill sets to post your vehicle's ad. The nice thing about the Facebook marketplace is that you can also create paid ads that rank your vehicle on top and have more people see it.

What's even better than all of these approaches is selling your car to a junk car removal. Now we all know that your vehicle is no longer junk, and you spent a lot of time and effort getting it's running, right? 

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