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What Is Auto Salvage? All That You Need to Know!      

What Is Auto Salvage? All That You Need to Know!      

Do you have an old car that you would like to sell to an auto salvage yard? Auto salvage yards are great options for people who would like to get quick cash without dealing with the hassle in the car selling process, especially if their cars are not in great condition.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Before deciding on your auto salvage yard of interest, it's important to familiarize yourself with the meaning of salvage yards and how they work to be prepared for all steps. 

This article serves as 101 guides for beginners who are interested in learning more about salvage yards. 

What does auto salvage mean? 


Auto salvage yards are one of the greatest businesses in the world. It works with automobile manufacturers together to reduce auto wastes significantly and dispose of it the right way.

Auto salvage yards take care of any unwanted vehicle and take it apart to investigate each component. At auto salvage yards, every part of your vehicle has a value, and it goes to either recycling, reuse, refurbish, or environmentally friendly disposed of. 

Auto salvage yards perform under specific regulations that are very strict, and it differs by state. Overall, all salvage yards are supposed to follow specific laws, and they don't just do whatever they want with Auto waste. 

When you choose to go with salvage yards, you eliminate all the hassle in the car selling process. For example, you don't have to go through Craigslist, creative posts, and deal with tons of non-serious buyers. All it takes you is direct contact to your desired salvage yard and have your vehicle removed quickly. 

Salvage yards are preferred by many people and chosen over dealership trade Inns. Dealership trade-ins might not provide you with the offer you're looking for, and they're usually paying less than what you would expect. On the other hand, by choosing salvage yards, your vehicle goes through an evaluation process to give you a final fair offer.

How do salvage yards work? 


The salvage yard or junkyard has a specific protocol that they follow, and in general, the first step they take is to assemble and pretreat your vehicle. They take it apart and remove any fluid safely.

For example, your vehicle's fuel, oil, coolant must be drained and stored in specific containers to be disposed of in suitable areas for toxic fluids. Junkyards and salvage yards do not simply throw these toxic fluids into regular landfills.

They take some components away, like the vehicle's battery, tires, and gas tank, at the same Pretreatment stage.  If these parts are in good condition, they can be sold as parts replacement or recycled. Depending on the vehicle's make, model, year, and community demand, it will end up in two different places.

Sometimes, tires can be sold as fuel or ground rubber. 

Once the mentioned parts are taken out, your vehicle goes into an evaluation process to test whether the vehicle should be resold, refurbish, or repaired. Any part of your vehicle can be resolved if it's in good condition and there is a good demand. For example, your vehicle engine can be sold separately, the transmission, the floor mats, etc.

In some junkyards, the facility might allow interested customers to purchase the vehicle with some components on it so they can take them out themselves and take advantage of them. 

At this point, the vehicle should be left off with the metal part where the salvage yards can strip it out and sell it as metal. 


Who benefits from auto salvage yards? 


What do salvage yards help everyone starting from the vehicle seller to the entire planet earth? 

Auto salvage yards contribute significantly to reducing the amount of waste on the planet. They also reduce energy consumption by allowing for parts reuse, so automobile manufacturers don't have to produce them again. With less production in the manufacturer sites, less nonrenewable energy will happen. These manufacturers will not overuse oil or carbon, and they will leave it to future generations. 

Salvage yards do not provide the best profit for every vehicle sold. Depending on your vehicle's make, model, year, weight, price of scrap metal, parts demands, condition, etc., you will have a different offer. 

When is it recommended to salvage your vehicle? 


Not everyone should choose salvage yards as the 1st and wait for the to-go option to get rid of their old vehicles.

There are tons of options for people who would like to sell used cars, and unless there is a need to get to the salvage yard level, you don't choose it as the first option.

For example, if your vehicle is in bad condition and was completely damaged in a hurricane, storm, or flood, your best option should be to sell your car to a salvage yard. On the other hand, if your vehicle is in good condition and requires a few repairs, it might make more sense to sell your vehicle to a private buyer willing to pay you more for every single part of your vehicle.

Keep in mind that salvage yards don't pay you for parts other than your vehicle's metal component. So, if you are comfortable enough to have a professional mechanic who can help you scrap the vehicle and take valuable items to sell it separately before salvaging your vehicle, it's a better approach for you. 

What are the most valuable parts that you could sell separately before salvaging your vehicle? 


Before you get in touch with a salvage yard then have them remove your vehicle, we recommend that you take advantage of all these valuable parts we've talked about before in a separate article:

  • Catalytic converters
  • Bumpers
  • Tires and rims
  • Airbags
  • GPS
  • Battery
  • Tailgates 
  • Windshield wipers
  • Doors
  • Windows 
  • Mirrors
  • Electrical components
  • Radio
  • Air conditioner
  • Motor oil 

While you won't get a lot of money when selling these parts separately, it is still better than nothing and better than losing their value. 

How to get the most cash when salvaging your car?  


If you decided to go with salvaging your car, you could get a good deal with decent cash by spending a little bit of time and effort.

Here are some of our expert recommendations:

  • Find the right salvage yard

Before deciding to go with a salvage yard, it's important to do your research and look for a legitimate salvage yard. Do online research and check for their online presence. You can look for something like their website or Google business page. Check their customer reviews and see if they got good reviews; Otherwise, you need to walk away and not bother dealing with them.

  • Shop for multiple quotes 

It's never recommended that you go with the first call you receive. Shop for at least three quotes from three different salvage yards. 

Once you have these three quotes, you can sit down and evaluate the situation by comparing it to your needs and your expected timeline to get rid of this vehicle 

  • Ask as many questions as you want

You'll be selling this car one time, and therefore, it's recommended that you ask as many questions as you can before you'll get the process started.

There are many auto salvages companies out there who are not licensed and who might be scammers. Others never pay you for Towing and will charge you at the pickup time. Check if there are any hidden fees before getting started. It doesn't hurt to ask them to show you their license and make sure they are legitimate. 

  • Get all necessary paperwork ready 


You don't want to leave it till the last minute. Therefore, it's very important to have all your paperwork ready before getting in touch with any salvage yard.

It's important to be upfront with them and let them know whether you have a title or not to check if they buy such vehicles. Otherwise, you're wasting your time and their time.

Don't worry whether your vehicle has a title or not because there are plenty of television arts who are willing to purchase it, but it's the matter of letting them know upfront. They might ask you to show proof of ownership like your photo ID or valid registration, so come and get it ready as well. 

How can Cash Car Buyer help you? 

If you're still feeling nervous about dealing with salvage yards for the first time, we invite you to get in touch with our team and sell your car to a junk car removal like our company.

The best thing about our company is that we are willing to remove your car within a couple of days without charging you a penny. We take care of all paperwork, and you don't have to worry about salvage yards because we can deal with them.

What would it take to is a couple of questions to answer through our online platform or by phone. These questions are related to your vehicle type and condition. Don't worry if your vehicle is not in great condition because we guarantee it and pay you the highest price it deserves around your area. 

Once you accept the offer, we will meet you at your preferred time and location and safely and quickly remove your vehicle. We will hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot. 

Give it a try! It's free of charge and won't take you more than a couple of minutes!