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Your Guide to How to Remove Car Interior Panels Without Doing Damage

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All cars have different interior parts that you may need to replace or remove. Perhaps you need to run wiring which led you to ask how to remove car interior panels without doing damage. It is important to know how to do this to keep your vehicle intact and in good shape. To know how to remove car interior panels without doing damage, you must also know what these panels are used for. This guide provides information for you on the different car interior parts and the different interior panels. This article also covers how you will clean the interior of your car.

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The usual interior panels of modern vehicles use molded plastic for the body and leather for the covering. These car panels are made to last long and not require repair. However, there are instances when you need to remove these panels to work on the other underlying components in your car. If you do not use proper tools for the job, you are most likely to do damage to the interior panels. Here is the process you need to follow for you to know how to remove car interior panels without doing damage.


  1. Remove the window

It is important to use the right tools. This is the first rule you must learn if you want to know how to remove car interior panels without doing damage. You must also know which parts you first need to remove. For older vehicles, you may need a special tool to remove the hand-crank window. A Phillips-head screwdriver is very handy when you need to remove the screws that keep the panel intact. Once you are done removing every screwdriver, set them aside so it will be easier to install them back later on.


If you are dealing with a much newer vehicle, you’ll encounter power windows instead of the hand-crank type. The typical screws are in their positions. The right tools to use for removing power windows are removers such as the following: pull-type, wide-edge, narrow-edge, handle, and upholstery clip remover. Test out the different plastic panel tools to know which is the appropriate remover. Once all the clips are removed, you can take out the panel easily.


  1. How to remove the dashboard panel

Part of knowing how to remove car interior panels without doing damage is knowing how to remove the window and dashboard panels. The dashboard panel needs additional effort to remove compared to the window panel. Disconnect the battery cable to ensure that the vehicle is safe from damage. Like the interior panel in your car’s window, the dashboard panel is fixed in its position with screws and clips. Check the glove box for clips and fasteners and unhook them. Inspect the lower panel for other screws and unscrew them. You can then remove the dashboard panel once all screws and clips are detached. Now that you know how to remove car interior panels without doing damage, you can use the process for future projects.


The window and the dashboard panel are the interior panels that usually need working with. In all that you do with interior panels, you must be careful with the tools you use. No one likes to have a damaged interior. Additionally, damages to the interior devalue your car. You should be extra mindful of damages if you plan to sell your car after a long time. It will also be helpful to refer to your owner’s manual so you’ll know what you will be handling. The right set of tools will set the removal process at a good start and you can keep other car parts safe as well.

How do you remove interior trims?

Interior trims are the parts of your car that do not readily serve functional purposes but for decorative ones. Like the interior panels, the car trims serve a unique purpose in your car. Some parts of the leather may have already faded. If the interior trims of your car have been damaged or have experienced the usual wear and tear, you might consider removing them. Another purpose of the trims is to reinforce the protection of your car from damages. The car trims are there to prevent minor dents or scraping. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you remove the interior trims:


  • Remove adhesive of the trim

Use a hairdryer to peel off the trim easily. Directly heat the adhesive using the hairdryer. This will help you peel off the adhesive cleanly and nicely.


  • Be careful as you remove the trim of the car panel

Peel off the trim as gently as you can to prevent the trim from causing a dent or ruining your car’s paint job. Use the hairdryer as you follow through peeling off the interior trims.


  • Clean off any leftover adhesive

Do not be harsh as you clean off any remaining adhesive although it is already hard to remove. Taking off leftover adhesive takes time and adhesive remover may come in handy for this type of maintenance job.


Just like learning how to remove car interior panels without doing damage, knowing how to remove interior trims help you keep your car’s value. If you ever decide to sell your car, most likely if you own it for many years already, it will be easier to sell if you have done a great job removing trims and panels.

What are the different panels of a car?

Your car is divided into two major panels which are the outer and inner panels and within both groups are other smaller panels that complete the car as a whole. These panels contribute to the overall structure of your vehicle. Learning the different panels of a car can benefit you in terms of knowing how to remove car interior panels without doing damage to those parts. These are just a few of the panels of your vehicle.


  1. Passenger side fender and door panel

These divisions of the car comprise the front panel of the automobile together with the front bumper.


  • Rear passenger side door panel and passenger side quarter panel

These panels are situated at the back of the vehicle.


  • Front bumper

The front bumper of your vehicle is covered by plastic or metal materials that alleviate the impact when faced with an accident.


  • Hood

This compartment is opened for easy access to the engine. It is also situated at the front of the car.


  • Trunk

The trunk is part of the panels that make up the car's body. It can also be opened for the storage or luggage area of the vehicle.


What are the car interior parts?

Your car's interior, also known as the cabin, is composed of different parts such as the side and rearview mirrors, the instrument panel or the dashboard, passenger seats, carpet or flooring, the car doors panel, and the car interior trim.


These parts can either have a specific function or are just there for decorative purposes. Some are part of the car's overall design complementing the whole design of the vehicle. Remember that each part is different when it comes to how they are handled or maintained. It will also depend upon the material they are made of if they can be easily repaired when damaged.


What materials are car interior panels made of?

The interior panels of your car are commonly made of leather, plastic, fiberglass, and wood. You must be aware of what materials car interior panels are made of to properly plan how to remove car interior panels without doing damage to them. The type of material determines what tools should and should not be used for the removal of parts.


The panel material must also be taken into consideration when cleaning the inner parts of the car. Leather and plastic materials have different methods of handling. Cleaning leather materials can be cleaned whether it is wet or dry. You can simply use a soap and leather cleaner to tidy up leather when it is wet or use a leather conditioner when the material is dry.


Plastic and fiberglass can be cleaned using the same method. Use a damp cloth when cleaning compartments made of these materials and wipe away dust or dirt. It will also be helpful if you apply cleaning detergent to sanitize the interior of your vehicle. With these cleaning methods, there is less to worry about when it comes to the materials and how to remove car interior panels without doing damage.

Is it expensive to remove car interior panels without doing damage?

Considering that there are various interior panels inside your car and if you are to replace all of them, the price will sum up to a few hundreds or thousands of dollars. With that said, removing car interior panels can be quite expensive. You might need to take your car to a professional to ensure that your vehicle would not suffer any damages due to the removal of some parts.


Special tools are needed if you plan to do the project on your own and take into account how to remove car interior panels without doing damage. Additionally, not all of those tools will be instantly available so you will have to prepare to spend some cash with or without the help of a professional.


The price range of car interior panels removal depends on what part you are going to remove or replace. The car door panel for one is quite expensive, ranging from 200 to 1500 dollars depending on the type and model of the door. The good thing is that this fee already includes the labor cost.

How do you clean the interior panel of the car?

You can try using a vacuum or a cleaning method such as steam-cleaning to tidy up the interior panel of your car. While doing this task, you must be led to wonder how to remove car interior panels without doing damage to them. You do not need to worry much about cleaning the interior of your car since very minimal materials or compartments need removing. However, you will need the right tools for cleaning to reach the inner workings of your car.


Interior panel maintenance is also known as car interior detailing. This type of maintenance applies to internal parts of your car such as leather, vinyl, plastics, carbon, and natural fibers. Working with these materials can sometimes be tricky so asking how to remove car interior panels without doing damage is justifiable. Here are simple methods of car interior detailing that you can practice doing yourself.


  • Use a gas duster

If you are planning to do the cleaning alone, then you must prepare the specific tools for the job. Gas dusters are typically used to clean areas that might seem unreachable if you are using a regular duster. Partner your gas duster with a good cleaning solution to keep the inside of your car spotless.


  • Vacuuming

This was already mentioned earlier but vacuuming cannot be stressed enough when working with the interior of a vehicle. With the help of a vacuum, you can take questions like how to remove car interior panels without doing damage to them in your mind. No removal is needed for this step. Use your vacuum for tidying seats, headliners, cargo space, shelf, and finally, the trunk. Keep in mind that you must follow up on this step by re-vacuuming the parts mentioned earlier.


  • Brush and steam-cleaning

The flooring of your car takes most of the inmost space and thus needs more effort to clean. Removing carpets is not that complicated compared to installing them back. But before you concern yourself with how to remove car interior panels without doing damage, you must first secure the needed materials for the cleaning and removal of the parts. Scrub the mats and carpets thoroughly with a brush. Make sure that these parts are fully dry before you place them back on the floor of the car. Doing so will assure that molds will not thrive inside your vehicle.


Considering how to remove car interior panels without doing damage to them can help you prepare before doing the actual project. The interior panel of your car is as important as its driving force of mobility since it is the structure between the body and the engine system. You must be careful when removing or replacing interior panels since damage to these parts can greatly affect the comfort you feel inside your car. Be mindful of the little things. Most of the time, they are the ones that count especially when it comes to your car.

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