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How much does it cost to fix engine tapping?

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Engine tapping is the ticking and rattling noises from your car’s engine. Several factors would lead to engine tapping. Because this issue is very common, you may be led to ask “How much does it cost to fix engine tapping?” The average repair cost for a car with engine tapping problems goes between $2000 to $3000. This cost typically covers labor and parts that you need to fix the problem. This article will guide you with the things you need to know about your engine. What causes engine tapping? How long can you drive with a tapping or knocking engine?

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What causes engine knocking or engine tapping?

Before you ask how much does it cost to fix engine tapping, you first need to know what causes the knocking and tapping. Engine tapping is also associated with engine knocking or noises coming from the engine. Most of the time, these noises are caused by inappropriate lubrication or low oil pressure. Here is a list of other variables you need to look into before answering the question: how much does it cost to fix engine tapping? Make sure to check your vehicle for these signs to make troubleshooting and repair more thorough and easier.

  1. Your car’s spark plugs are faulty
    Spark plugs are the ones responsible for igniting the combination of fuel and air in the cylinder needed for your vehicle to start. Spark plugs are small components your car cannot work properly without. In fact, without the spark plugs, your engine will not be able to do its job and your car won’t run. Faulty spark plugs can give a strong blow to your car’s fuel efficiency. The wrong spark plugs can also cause annoying engine tapping. Most car manufacturers suggest that you change into new spark plugs about every 49,000 kilometers or 30,000 miles. Make sure to replace the bad spark plugs with ones that are recommended for your car. If you can’t afford to have new spark plugs installed just yet, you can opt for low-cost repair.
  2. Your car has insufficient fuel or low-octane fuel
    The octane rating of gasoline differs. The octane rating, also known as octane number, indicates how much compression the gasoline could take. This rating is also known as the “antiknock rating” which shows how much knocking and tapping your car’s fuel can resist when it undergoes the combustion process. Low-octane fuel is cheaper but it can cause damage to your engine since the anti-knocking properties of this type of gasoline are lower as well. If you use a different octane rating of fuel than what your car needs, your engle will experience tapping and knocking. Sooner or later, you will be asking, “how much does it cost to fix engine tapping?” You may think that going for the regular or the low-octane gasoline is helping you save some bucks. That is not true as you will be spending more money on repairs after.

    To save yourself from engine tapping problems due to low-octane fuel, make sure to refer to your car’s owner’s manual. There, you will know the recommended octane rating for your vehicle. Remember to fill up your automobile with the right type of fuel.

  3. Your car’s cylinders are clogged with carbon deposits
    Although almost all types of fuel come with carbon cleaning detergents, carbon deposits may still build up in your car’s cylinders. When this happens, the flow of fuel and air becomes too compressed. Increased fuel compression is usually followed by unpleasant knocking sounds associated with engine tapping. Carbon deposit build-up does not only cause engine tapping but can damage your engine’s cylinders as well. If you discover carbon deposits clogging your car’s cylinders, have the cylinders cleaned professionally. Asking the cost of a tune-up or clean-up for your car is better than asking “How much does it cost to fix engine tapping and engine damage?”

Now that you know the causes of a tapping engine, then you can proceed to know how much does it cost to fix engine tapping. These signs are helpful to be sure that your car has a tapping and knocking issue. It may cause more damage to proceed to repair if you are not sure what problem you will have your vehicle fixed for.

Can engine tapping be fixed?

Yes, engine tapping can be fixed. You may have already asked, “How much does it cost to fix engine tapping?” But before you think of the cost of having the engine knocking taken care of by the experts, you may want to know what you can do for your car as well. A few of the things you can do for your vehicle are the following.


  1. Fill your car with the right octane number of fuel or add an octane booster to the mix.
  2. Take your car for a tune-up. Install new spark plugs.
  3. Focus on the cylinders as you clean the combustion chamber.

How long can you drive with a knocking engine?

Do not ignore the noises coming from your vehicle’s engine. The tapping, knocking, clicking noises from the engine may go on for six months. But that does not mean that you should keep driving your car for that same amount of time under the same issues. If your car shows signs of engine tapping, you should immediately avoid driving it. Check the lifters in your engine for damage. If you find anything suspicious, have your car inspected by a mechanic and have issues fixed immediately. You should not delay the repair. If you still wonder how much does it cost to fix engine tapping, get your car inside a garage as soon as you can.

Is engine tapping expensive to fix?

Depending on your budget, having a knocking or tapping engine fixed can be a lot. The repair costs between $2,000 to $3,000. This cost usually includes both the labor and the parts needed. However, you can never be so sure that the repair cost won’t exceed the average. Engine tapping occurs when the fuel mixture inside your car’s cylinders ignite at the wrong time. Tapping and knocking easily damage vehicle components such as the external body of the piston, the cylinder walls, and other smaller parts found in the crankshaft. All these damaged parts cost a great deal to repair.


Will an oil change stop engine tapping?

A simple answer would be, Yes. An oil change can stop engine tapping for some time. Decreasing oil pressure can indeed result in engine tapping. So for anyone who is wondering how much does it cost to fix engine tapping, an oil change can be a cheap solution. Changing oils, however, does not guarantee that the tapping or knocking sound will not return. These noises usually come from your engine's valves especially when the volume of the oil drops below the needed oil pressure.


Simply adding oil will eliminate the clattering sounds but doing so does not eradicate the root of the problem. It is better to skip debating how much does it cost to fix engine tapping and just get your vehicle checked in a shop or by a mechanic. The longer the tapping is not fixed, the more complicated the complicated could be.

How to prevent engine tapping?

You will do your car a great favor by getting more acquainted with your vehicle's electronic components. This is an important step in preventing engine tapping. Additionally, it will save you a lot of stress if you are low on budget and are concerned about how much does it cost to fix engine tapping.

Familiarizing yourself with the components of your engine can help you navigate where the tapping sounds are coming from. Moreover, you will be more guided if you plan to repair the parts yourself. Knowing the location and function of your vehicle's electronic components is the first step of prevention since you will be more aware of where to check first if a problem occurs. Keep an eye on the electronic systems of your vehicle to safeguard your car from tapping or knocking by following some of these steps.

  1. Adjusting Car Ignition Timing
    Modern cars typically have to knock sensors or tapping sensors inside the cylinder which sends signals for car trouble starting from the cylinder of the engine. This signal travels in a circuit-like path from the cylinder to the ECU or electronic control unit, then the ignition where it is commanded to stop through the signal from the spark plugs. The ECU plays the biggest role in this situation since it has a correcting mechanism that enables the delay in the movement of the ignition.
  2. Type of fuel

Wondering how much it would cost to fix engine tapping can sometimes be burdensome but it does not have to be if you applied preventive steps. Inspecting the fuel you use can also be beneficial in preventing tapping as well as answering questions such as how much does it cost to fix engine tapping. You can consider switching into high octane fuel if you are not yet using one of those. This type of fuel offers resistance to engine tapping and oil leaks.

  1. Readjust your car's compression ratio
    Car compression ratio is directly associated with the combustion of fuel in the engine of your vehicle. An increase in the compression ratio promotes the performance of the car since it enables the car to use energy more efficiently. Nevertheless, a higher compression ratio may also cause tapping in your engine. If the cylinders are involved with the damage, then the answer to your inquiry of how much does it cost to fix engine tapping would be “expensive”.

What happens when your engine starts tapping?

Tapping or knocking sounds resulted from the uneven combination of fuel in the engine's cylinder. Of course, tapping is not the only result of such an event but it can be considered as the first sign of engine cylinder damage. How much does it cost to fix a tapping engine depends on what perpetrated the tapping or knocking noises.  Tapping also occurs when the fuel burns at the wrong ignition time. This creates a shock reaction which is bad for your engine.

How to extend the life of an engine with tapping issues?

Why wonder how much does it cost to fix engine tapping, when you can extend its life even with tapping or knocking issues? Truth be told. It is not necessary to change your engine as soon as the tapping starts, but you can fortify some of the engine compartments so it can withstand the shock that comes from different factors such as low oil pressure.


Before you concern yourself on how much does it cost to fix engine tapping, you can try to consider the following suggestions to lengthen the lifespan of your engine as well as save a few bucks from expensive repair.

  1.  Replace Connector Rods
    Connector rods can get damaged over time as they collect dust and dirt. Once the connector rods get damaged, there is no helping it from causing tapping or knocking noises as your car is in motion. Replace these connector rods before they get too damaged. Replacing this part of the engine can get you spending less in the long run and can eradicate thoughts in your head like how much does it cost to fix a tapping engine and worrying if the price is just too high to afford.


  1. Avoid overloading your car

You might be tempted to bring as much stuff as you can when you travel or hit the road or you take passengers in your car too often. Whatever your reasons could be, it is best to not overload your car. Do not ignore the weight limit of your car because this will not only cause tapping but also other car damages. You might be surprised when you find out how much does it cost to fix a tapping engine and when you realize the incremental effects of the tapping on the engine as a whole.

  1. Replace damaged or faulty spark plugs

Spark plugs are part of the connecting system of both the piston and connector rods to the ignition chamber. Faulty spark plugs can create a domino effect with the rest of the compartments of the engine.

Different factors can affect the response to the question “How much does it cost to fix engine tapping?” It can be tricky if you try to find a one shoe fits all solution. The best way to tackle the problem is to search the root of the tapping noises, and start from there. Whether you are trying to put a stop to engine tapping or you are just looking for a way to prevent it from occurring in your car, this guide has got you covered.


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