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How to Open Frozen Car Door? Follow These Simple Tricks! 

How to Open Frozen Car Door

If you're wondering how to open a frozen car door? Try applying pressure on the car door to break the ice. If you don't have a car lock, you can chip out any ice around the car handle. Try unfreezing the key lock using a specific commercial deicing material or a blow dryer. Finally, if your key is made of metal 100%, you can try to heat it using a match or a lighter. 

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If you're living in a cold environment, winter can be a big hassle, especially if you drive your car frequently. Dealing with frozen car doors is a common issue around most cold environments, and inexperienced drivers continuously reach out to us for thoughts and ideas about how to unfreeze car doors?

When your car door freezes, all what happens is that water seeps between the car's frame and the surrounding sealing. When that happens, this water can turn into ice immediately once temperatures continue dropping down.

This article provides it with all in to know to answer the question of how to open a frozen car door? We will provide you with additional answers to relevant questions that can help you get through winter without needing any help or calling for towing company to help you open your frozen door. 

How to open a frozen car door? 

If you would like to get in your car in winter and find that the door is frozen, do not panic! You can follow some tips and tricks to unfreeze the door easily without needing any external help.

Here's all that you have to do

  • Use your car unlock 

If your car has unlocked, you are in a good situation because you can avoid dealing with multiple Steps. All we must do here is to use the unlock and unlock the car. Then, apply some pressure and lean on the door. Once you do that, there's a high chance that the ice around the sealings and the car frame will break down so you can get in the vehicle.

However, if you don't have an automatic unlock, you then need to skip this step and move on to the following steps 

  • Deice the car handles 

When dealing with a frozen door, the first thing you need to do is to clear out any ice from the handles. You can simply use something thick and break down any ice around the car handles. We can hold.

Be careful about the tool you will use to break down the ice because if the tool is very sharp, it can create some scratches around your vehicle's body, which is something you don't want to deal with.

After removing as much as you can from the ice around the handle, the next step is to use warm or hot water. Using hot water, go ahead and pour it around the car seals or any area with a lot of ice around it. Hot air should fast and melting down the ice around the seals and help you get in the vehicle faster. 

In most scenarios, doors freeze out because of some damages or leakage. If you were able to detect any damages within the car sealing, that's a good starting point to focus on the hot water at any method to get rid of the ice. 

You can also use a deicer or probably a hairdryer to get rid of the ice around the car handle. 

  • Remove ice from the car locks 

Sometimes the ice might also be blocking the key passage, and the car locks. Therefore, you might need to purchase a specific lubrication spray that you can insert directly inside the keyhole. 

There is a very common method using a WD40 that can help you defrost the car lock. However, by using any greasy material, you might damage the key passage.

Another thing to consider is never combining multiple lubricant or chemical materials because it might hurt the mechanical components of your vehicle. Thus, focus on only one material that you see available and works for you. 

Another thing you can try is heating your car key using a match or a lighter. Keep in mind that this recommendation is only suitable for keys made completely of metal. Never attempt to heat your key if it has some electronic components or plastic and rubber material. This could immediately damage, and if you were able to get into the vehicle before, by impacting the electrical component of your key, you might not be able to start the car at all. 

How to open frozen car doors? Can I even avoid the situation from happening? 

As we always recommend, before getting into a certain situation, it is always important to be prepared and avoid dealing with the situation in the 1st place. They are a good practice that you can follow to prevent dealing with frozen car doors in winter. You forgot here are some expert tips: 

  • Used car covers 

If you're planning to park your car overnight or for long hours outside, it is always important to consider using car covers. Car covers will not only prevent your car doors from freezing but also helps prevent any malfunctioning in your vehicle’s components.

As we indicated before, car doors usually freeze because of water seeping inside the car seals here at those; by preventing water from leaking inside the car, you don't have to worry about any ice forming around the doors to make it freeze. 

  • Use a plastic bag when closing the door

Some people found it handy to use trash bags when closing their doors in extreme weather conditions. All you must do is place a plastic bag between the door and the seals so you can pull it out when you want to get into the car next time. This way, if any ice forms around the car seals, pulling the plastic bag out helps break the ice fast and prevents your door from getting stuck Frozen. 

  • Change any damaged gaskets 

Another thing you can try is inspecting the car gaskets. As we already mentioned, if you could eliminate any water from getting inside the vehicle and around the car doors, you don't have to worry about frozen car doors. Thus, make sure that the gaskets are all in good shape before winter and keep it in mind for continuous inspection throughout the winter season. 

  • Inspect the locking rods 

The other thing you need to consider and keep in mind is your car locking rods. Ensure that these rods are not corroded, and they work properly because you might need them when getting into a situation like a frozen car door. You can also use a deicing spray to ensure that these rods work properly and respond to opening the door every time you try it. 

How to open a frozen car door? FAQs

Since frozen car doors are very common situations and can be a little challenging for inexperienced drivers to deal with such a situation, we would like to answer a couple of questions we receive continuously and have to do with the same topic. Let's take a closer look below: 

  • Does vinegar unfreeze car doors? 

Yes, many drivers found that vinegar with water is very effective in unfreezing car doors. However, we also recommended that this method works well. If you have an unlocked, we can unlock your car while removing the ice using vinegar.

Some commercial deicing materials might be a little more effective than vinegar, but it doesn't hurt to give it a try. 

  • Will rubbing alcohol unfreeze car doors? 

Yes, rubbing alcohol is another effective material that you can try to unfreeze your car doors. You might need to choose high-proof alcohol to get quick and better results. 

  • Does WD-40 remove ice? 

WD40 is very effective in removing ice but, it is not recommended to be used in the keylocks. The best location for using WD40 is around the windshields and the car windows. Automotive experts recommend that you apply a very thin layer of WD40 around the windows and windshields overnight so the ice cannot build up.

As you notice and based on automotive recommendations, WD40 is a good method for preventing ice from building up around your vehicle’s components. Thus, it might not be the best method for deicing a frozen door, for example. 

  • How do you melt ice on a car window?

If you are already dealing with frozen doors, you might also deal with situations where ice is building up around the windows, preventing your visibility.

Many drivers found mixing rubbing alcohol and dish soap as an effective solution to get rid of ice from the windows. However, when you add the tool liquid together, it is recommended that you do not overmix them if you want to get effective results.

The other thing you can try is vinegar and water along with rubbing alcohol as well. By mixing the three liquids, you can also get effective results in clearing out any ice from your vehicle's windows. Keep in mind that rubbing alcohol works fast, and by choosing high-quality rubbing alcohol, you can get faster and more effective results. 

  • Is it bad to pour warm water on a frozen windshield? 

Although we mentioned using hot water to dice your car's handles, it is not good to use very hot water on the windshield. By providing very hot temperatures on glass surfaces, there is a very high chance that the surface will crack because it can't handle the rapid increase in the temperature. Very similar to pouring hot water and cold glass; There is a very high chance that this class will break down.

Thanks, avoid extremely hot water on windshields and review some of the other methods we mentioned in the previous sections, like rubbing alcohol and vinegar, as a better method to clear out any ice from the windshields. 


Winter can be a big hassle for many drivers who live in very cold areas. Dealing with frozen car doors is a very common situation, and many drivers complained about it.

It is very important for you as a driver to familiarize yourself with tips on dealing with frozen doors, especially if you are planning to move to and or colder area.

This article provided you with a simple procedure to help you open your frozen door without requesting a towing service or any help. All you must do is chip out any ice from around the car handles, use warm water or other chemicals to help remove any ice from the car seals and the key locks. If you have a metal key, you can also try heating it using a match or a lighter.

If you realize that your car has other problems aside from the frozen doors, it might be that your car is not suitable for driving. For example, if you realized that your car stays in the repair shop more than in your garage, that’s not a good sign. To eliminate dealing with this hassle, you might need to consider selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer. 

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