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How Much Does CarMax Pay For Cars? What You Need To Know!

CarMax Hidden Fees When Selling a Car

How much does CarMax pay for cars? You might have searched this online at some point, as you are finding the best ways to sell your used car. But why CarMax? CarMax is a car retail company that provides a hassle-free method for you to sell your car. You can also buy a car there. It is usually the go-to place for people who would like to sell their car without the added stress. So how much does CarMax pay for cars? The answer can vary depending on the make, model, and the condition of the car you are selling. Your car will have to be evaluated and appraised by them, either online or in-person.

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Of course, since CarMax needs to make some profit, you will most likely get a price that is lower than you expected. They tend to make an offer that depends not only on your car’s current market value based on KBB and other websites, but also on the market and what they can sell your car for. However, Carmax can only offer up to their maximum amount which is $200,000. So regardless if you own a million dollar car, they can only offer up to that amount for it. Should you sell your car to CarMax? How much does CarMax pay for cars? If you want to know more, read on! We’ll tell you everything you need to know!

How Much Does CarMax Pay For Cars? – Is CarMax a Good Idea?

How much does CarMax pay for cars or is CarMax a good idea, are some of the questions people who are planning to sell their cars commonly ask. Of course, it is totally understandable since they would want to get the most money out of the sale.


Like most of you already know, CarMax is a used car dealer or a car retail company that promises to provide a stress free and haggle free method for you to buy or sell a car. It is headquartered in Richmond, VA and now has more than 27,000 employees, and has more than 200 physical locations all over the United States. CarMax has been around for almost 3 decades and still growing through the years.


CarMax is known for its no-haggle policy for selling and purchasing used cars. This is because they simply want to make the process easier and faster for people who don’t like to be in the area or at a dealership for many hours just to settle over prices and negotiations. Although CarMax has more than 200 physical locations all across the U.S., you can still do some of the process when it comes to selling or buying a car online.


If you want to sell your used car, you need to meet the CarMax specifications. Your car will have to be evaluated and appraised. You can do so by taking the car you are planning to sell to a CarMax location nearest to where you’re at and have it inspected. Or if your car is eligible, you can just simply get a quote online. After that, you will be given 7 days to think about their offer. You can sell your used car to them, even if you don’t buy a car from them.


So is CarMax a good idea? Should I sell my car at CarMax? If you want a stress free transaction, then CarMax is a good idea. But if you want to get more money out of the sale, you can opt to sell your car privately. If you choose to sell your car to CarMax, there are some pros to it.  It includes:


  • Getting an offer for your used car in less than two minutes when you opt to do the process online. You will just have to fill in some information about the car you are selling on the CarMax online form.


  • Once you have received an instant offer, you can think about the said offer for as many times as you need to make sure that you won’t regret it after. You will be given up to 7 days to think about it, before the said offer expires. You will be able to use the 7 days to make comparisons and inquire at other used car dealerships to see if you can get a better offer for your used car.


  • When selling your car, you have two options. You can decide which one is more convenient for you. You can either take your car to the nearest CarMax dealership location and have your car evaluated and appraised there, or you can get an online for your car by giving them your car’s details.


  • Another thing that’s good about selling your car to CarMax, is that you will be paid instantly, given that all the processes have been made and all the requirements have been met. Once everything is confirmed and good to go, you will get instant payment through a bank draft within thirty minutes.


However, like any other companies or products, nothing is 100 percent perfect. Although there are pros, there will also be some cons when it comes to selling a car at CarMax. The cons include:


  • Although CarMax provides a free valuation for your car, there are some CarMax outlets that charge high processing fees when you sell them your used car. The price can vary depending on the CarMax outlet and the state you live in, but the processing fee can cost around $100 to $400. You will have to pay for the processing fee since it is used to cover all the processes required in handling all the sales paperwork. Depending on the state you reside in, you may also have to pay state fees related to selling your used car like the tax fee, registration fee, and title transfer fee.


  • Another disadvantage in selling your car to CarMax is that they don’t offer free pick or towing service to get your used car. You will have to bring your car to any of the CarMax physical locations for you to sell your car. If you want free towing and not deal with the dreaded paperworks, you will just have to sell your car to other third party car buying websites or companies such as the Cash Cars Buyer.


How Much Does CarMax Pay For Cars? – Does CarMax Give Fair Appraisals?

When car owners are selling their used car, their greatest concern is if they will get a fair price for it. Although they can get more money out of the sale when they choose to sell their cars privately, many people won’t go that route since it will require a lot of effort and time. Then there’s the making and placing of advertisements, dealing with potential buyers, answering inquiries, and a lot of more. People just don’t have the time to deal with all of it. It is for this reason why they want to sell their cars at companies such as CarMax since they can provide a hassle free method to sell their car.

But does CarMax give fair appraisals? How much does CarMax pay for cars? When you are selling your car to CarMax, trust that the process will be quick and easy. You should also be able to get a fair appraisal. Although we can’t tell you any specific figures as to how much does CarMax pay for cars, know that CarMax is known to give reasonable prices for it.


The offer for your car can vary depending on the car you own, such as its make, model, age, mileage, accident history, and its interior and exterior conditions. The appraisers will evaluate your car, inspecting it, to determine how much your car’s worth is.


How will your car be appraised? Like mentioned earlier, you can either have your car appraised online or in-person by taking your car to your nearest CarMax outlet. If you have your car appraised online, you will have to get an online offer from CarMax. You can do this by providing honest and accurate details or information about the car you are selling.  Many of the details needed will be automatically recovered when you give either your car’s VIN or your license plate number.

You will then have to provide a list of all the options your car is equipped with. CarMax will have to know if your car has leather upholstery, sunroof, or any other features. You will also have to provide its current mileage and answer a list of questions about your car, like if it has been in an accident before or if it has been flooded, or any other issues that CarMax need to know.

When providing all the needed information, it is important that you are honest about it. After giving all the information about your car, you will then be given an offer, which you can think about for seven days. There is no need to rush and make a decision hastily. After that, your car will then be physically inspected to ensure that the car’s condition and other details match the information you have provided them.


If you choose the in store appraisal, you need to take your car to the CarMax outlet that is nearest to you. You can make an appointment for it or you can just show up there anytime as long as they are open. If you are really selling your car at CarMax, you should bring and prepare the requirements such as the title of your car or the pink slip, its valid registration, and your driver’s license. You should also bring your car’s extra keys or remote, if it has any.

If you are still paying for your car, you will also have to provide information about your car loan. If you owe more than the worth of your car, you should bring your checkbook with you. CarMax will need cash or cashier’s check, certified check or debit card if the amount you owe is greater than $250.

How Much Does CarMax Pay For Cars? – Will CarMax Buy My Car If It Doesn't Run?

If your car has some problems, aside from asking, “how much does CarMax pay for my car?”, you might also ask, “will CarMax buy my damaged car?”. CarMax is not that picky when it comes to what types of cars they buy. In fact, CarMax is known to accept all car makes and models, regardless of their conditions.

You might have asked, should I repair my car before I sell it to CarMax? You can, but you don’t really have to since CarMax buys used cars even if they are damaged. However, since they won’t be able to resell a damaged car, you should expect that you won’t get the best price possible for it. You can sell your car to CarMax even if it has issues with its transmission or other mechanical problems, engine issues, has some warning lights on, or if it is junk. However, when your car has a frame damage, flood damage, or has a salvage history, CarMax won’t most likely buy your car with this condition. It is better to sell your damaged or totaled car to other companies that buy junk cars.

How much does CarMax pay for cars? Knowing the answer to this question can help you determine where and how you should sell your used car. Although there is no specific number we can come up with to answer this question, know that CarMax will give you a fair price for it if all the requirements have been met.


Once you have accepted the CarMax offer, given that all the procedures have been done, you will have to go to their finance office where all the paperwork will be handled. You will then have to sign several forms that are needed by the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Then you will be given a check for your car by a CarMax finance manager. It’s as easy as that.

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