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Is Vroom Legit to Sell A Car?

Is Vroom Legit to Sell A Car?

Is Vroom legit to sell a car? Yes, Vroom is a legitimate company. Vroom, like many other online platforms, promises to provide a hassle-free vehicle selling service that can be completed entirely online, eliminating the need to visit a local dealership and deal with lengthy paperwork wait times. To sell your car to Vroom, simply fill out an online application and receive a free assessment. If you accept the offer, you should schedule a pickup and allow the Vroom representative to remove your automobile for free from your driveway. While selling your car to Vroom is simple and quick, it does have some disadvantages.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Again, is Vroom legit to sell a car? As a matter of fact, Vroom is a reputable car-buying firm that specializes on low-mileage pre-owned cars that are similar to certified pre-owned vehicles. Vehicles on Vroom go through a series of inspections to guarantee that they are safe and ready to sell. For one year, every Vroom vehicle comes with a limited warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance.


But despite the fast and straightforward negotiations you can expect with Vroom, it comes with a few drawbacks. For example, you can’t negotiate the Vroom offer, which can be much cheaper than if you’ve sold your car elsewhere. Vroom’s name was also tainted when it received some unfavorable press as a result of delivery delays and other issues.


While the company offers low, no-haggle automobile rates, its customer service may not meet everyone's requirements for an online car buying platform. For example, since they specialize in low mileage pre-owned cars, then Vroom is not for you if you are trying to sell a junk car. The company only accepts vehicles that are in good condition.

How does selling a car on Vroom work?


Again, not only is Vroom legit to sell a car but the way Vroom works for used car sellers is pretty straightforward. It simplifies the process of selling pre owned cars by providing you with a fixed price and purchasing a vehicle straight from you. What's more, you have the option of receiving cash for your preowned vehicle or requesting a trade-in value that you may use to purchase a new vehicle.


While Vroom accepts most car models, it exclusively accepts accident-free vehicles. Vroom's experienced inspection team also conducts testing procedures to guarantee that your vehicle meets all of the standards.


What are the Procedures for Selling a Car to Vroom? Is Vroom legit to sell a car? Let's go into the specifics of selling your vehicle to Vroom.


  • Fill out an application online.


Filling out an online application on the Vroom website is the first step toward selling your car to Vroom. Simply go to the Sell/Trade link on the webpage and supply the necessary information to the company.


The following is a list of the basic information that must be included in your application:


  • Your car's make and model
  • Manufacturing year
  • VIN (vehicle identification number)
  • Mileage
  • Present Condition


  • Obtain a Free Appraisal


Vroom will take its time evaluating your vehicle after you've submitted your online application. Within 30 minutes of providing the essential information, a Vroom agent will contact you with a cash offer for your car.


You have seven days after receiving a quote to review the offer and accept or decline it. You can proceed with the next steps if you're satisfied with the appraisal.


  •  Documentation must then be uploaded.


If you accept Vroom's offer, you will be asked to upload certain documentation. Within the next seven days, you must provide additional information such as a valid automobile registration and a valid ID. Vroom will confirm the documents and organize a convenient pick-up time after receiving all of the needed information.


  • Arrange for a pickup.


You should plan a pickup time with the corporate representative after Vroom validates your documentation. Vroom will come and pick up your vehicle for free on the scheduled pickup day. When the Vroom specialist arrives, you'll be required to sign paperwork to confirm the pick-up, so don't leave your house around the planned time. The pick-up specialist must also certify that the vehicle, like its features, are as described.


  • Now it’s time to Get Paid!


Finally, after they pick up your vehicle, Vroom will give you a check within two to three days. In truth, they usually send the check right away, but it may take two to three business days to reach your mailbox.


Alternatively, you can select a trade-in value and utilize the proceeds to finance a new vehicle from the Vroom inventory. Vroom does not impose any fees to sellers as an online shop. It's because, as a seller, you may sell your vehicle directly to Vroom rather than listing it on the open market.


Other Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it possible for me to take a vroom car for a test drive?


Vroom does not provide a traditional test drive at a dealership. But they have something they offer that you may find is better. You get 7 days or 250 miles from the time your vehicle is delivered to get to know your car.  You can take it to work to test the leg room and even see if your kids' car seats will fit.


Is there a sales tax collected by Vroom?


They add the value of your trade-in (say, $10,000) to the cost of your new Vroom (say, $25,000). Instead of paying tax on the full price, you'll simply have to pay sales tax on the difference ($15,000).


How long does it take for Vroom to pay you?


After your vehicle is picked up and you email a copy of the Bill of Lading to remotepurchase@vroom.com, they commit to completing your payment and sending you a check by overnight mail within 2-3 business days.


Does Vroom do a hard pull?


You submit an application through Vroom when you find a car you want to buy. To finance your vehicle, Vroom will match you with a lender from its network. Prepare for a drop in your credit score as a result of this hard credit check.


What banks does vroom use?


It's crucial to understand that if you pick Vroom financing, Vroom will not be lending you the money. Instead, they function as a loan broker, sending your application to lenders such as Chase, Santander, and Ally Bank that have partnered with them.


What are the reviews for Vroom?


Is Vroom legit to sell a car? Yes. But how well are they doing when it comes to consumer reviews?


For Yelp, Vroom has an average rating of 2 stars. Consumers complain of poor customer service. There seems to be little to no guidance given to their clients. Clients also report that between the sales teams and the contracts department, there is a significant disconnect. Consumers also reported delayed delivery dates.


From 384 reviews, Sitejabber Vroom has a consumer rating of 1.33 stars, indicating that the majority of buyers are disappointed with their purchases. Customers that complain about Vroom commonly describe issues with customer service, shipping dates, and next-day delivery. Vroom is ranked 119th in the Used Cars category.


Vroom’s consumer reviews at TrustPilot averages at 1.3 stars.  The negative reviews are again all about problems regarding customer service with long waiting time to get ahold of customer service reps, issues with documents handling, limited warranty not covering items advertised as covered. A reviewer mentioned that they are only good at picking out the vehicle and paying but only until that point.


Vroom does better at Cars.com with 3.7 stars rating.  One reviewer said the process of car selling with Vroom is efficient and fair. Everything was upfront and steps are easy to follow when receiving a check.


One reviewer said she was leary at first because of the bad reviews but was pleasantly surprised with the experience. The vehicle was exactly as described and her mechanic found nothing wrong with the vehicle. The offer was great with the trade in. The slow process was worth it.


Justin Brady, a writer and comms/PR man said that in general, Vroom does well on the sales side of things. They have a large assortment of vehicles that are all reasonably priced and a couple of the vendors we looked at couldn't compete on price.


He continued that if you make an account, Vroom will even phone you back to assist you. When you phone their sales department, you will get a live person in a matter of seconds. They certainly know how to make a good first impression. He opted to buy after conducting multiple web searches on the term “is vroom legit” and finding nothing of substance, but that's when things started to get odd. That experience seems to echo many other reviewer’s experiences.


Unfortunately, even their Better Business Bureau (BBB)’s accreditation was revoked last year, in February because of the influx of complaints BBB has received about the company.




What is the difference between Carvana and Vroom?


Vroom and Carvana both have similar inventory selections and prices. Both of their websites are relatively easy to navigate. But there are some differences between their limited warranties, money-back guarantees and home delivery fees.


Carvana’s Limited warranty is at 100 days or 4,189 miles while Vroom’s is at 90 days or 6, 000 miles. Carvana offers free home delivery within the local market which are commonly close to major cities in the United States. You can even go to one of their real locations across the country and use their “auto vending machines,” where you may pick up your purchase by inputting an enormous token.


Vroom's delivery service, however, costs $599 and is non-refundable. Unless, of course, you're willing to drive to their showroom near Houston, Texas to pick up your vehicle. Deals, however, vary relatively for every person and largely depend on current market value. But Carvana and Vroom are often comparable, despite Vroom's higher delivery fees and lower car selection.


Customer service is one area where they differ significantly. While a few Reddit users had bad experiences with Carvana, the great majority of complaints were about Vroom's unresponsive customer support staff. For some clients, it might be nerve-wracking. However, both sellers' return policies can help to alleviate concerns. You may expect a 7-day Money Back Guarantee from Carvana and Vroom, during which time you can exchange or return your vehicle to the vendor with ease.


Is Vroom legit to sell a car? Yes. It even has a lot of similarities with Carvana which is a top car selling company but once again their problem lies in their customer service.


Where is the best place to sell your car?


The ideal site to sell your car is determined by your specific needs. There are numerous internet options for selling your car, ranging from huge classified services like Craigslist or eBay Motors and even Vroom – up to smaller private trash car purchasers.


For example, if you want a damaged automobile removed from your backyard quickly and for top pay, your best option is to choose a junk car buyer like Cash Cars Buyer.


On the other hand, if you have a perfectly running car and want to obtain the most money for it, regardless of how long it takes, selling it to a private buyer is your best option. But considering the hassle of selling cars privately, many resort to just giving the job to dealers. Sometimes the stress of doing all the selling all by yourself is not just worth the extra money. But keep in mind that locating a private buyer online can be difficult, and you risk falling victim to a variety of internet scams. But Vroom is certainly not one of those scams.


Is Vroom legit to sell a car? Yes, and despite the many negative reviews they have, like in many other things, it’s always helpful to do your own research.